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A fine speech by Joe Biden

Joe Biden, addressing the Senate of the United States:

“In the summer of ’37 Roosevelt had just come off a landslide victory over Alf Landon. He had a congress made up of solid New Dealers. But the nine old men of the court were thwarting his agenda. In this environment, Roosevelt – and remember this whole adage about “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – corrupted by power in my view – unveiled his court-packing plan. He wanted to increase the number of justices to fifteen, allowing himself to nominate those additional judges. It took an act of courage on behalf of his own party institutionally to stand up against this power grab.”

Video: Biden: “Court packing is a power grab.” (2005)

The title of the YouTube video might have given the game away: that eloquent speech by Joe Biden took place in 2005. The Joe Biden of 2021 does not speak as well in any sense: “Biden Appoints Court-Packing Commission – Puts Conservative Supreme Court Justices In His Sights”. The link goes to an article by Mary Chastain of Legal Insurrection, via Sarah Hoyt of Instapundit.

12 comments to A fine speech by Joe Biden

  • All that cringing to him, mooting the Pennsylvania vote-law case and etc., and they still get threatened. It’s almost as if cringing to the PC makes them more arrogant, not less.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I have always thought that the number 13 has a special meaning for americans, so 13 Judges would be an ideal number of judges!

  • John Lewis

    11 will be sufficient for them as long as Roberts is around.

  • George Atkisson

    Justice Roberts has no one to blame for this but himself. His terrified “OMG Riots” refusal to hear the Texas plus other state’s challenge to the fraud in November’s voting guaranteed this, and the Supreme Court’s irrelevance going forward. *Biden will ‘carefully consider’ the report of adjustment to the Supreme Court and immediately publicly discuss adding 6+ far left judges. The Supreme Court will do as its told. Challenges to *Biden’s gun control EO’s will never be considered by the SC. Say goodbye to that ‘not absolute’ Bill of Rights.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I saw his brief comments yesterday about Prince Philip. He wore a mask and mumbled about how PP was a “terrific guy” or suchlike.

    It was a shoddy, unclassy performance. I suppose I shouldn’t expect better from a
    politician who plagiarised a speech by Neil Kinnock. He’s a shithead.

  • Quentin

    Is this his way of knocking it into the long grass?

  • Paul Marks

    The above comments say what needs to be said.

    If the radical left (using Mr Biden as a puppet) pack the Supreme Court – the majority of the Supreme Court are themselves to blame.

    The Supreme Court could have made a stand against the rigging of the 2020 Presidential Election – but they did not, whether out of cowardice (fear of the cities being burned by the left) or because of Chief Justice Robert’s snobbish dislike of Donald John Trump (the Trump family have always been considered “common”, regardless of their wealth – Donald John Trump’s Queens NYC accent would make establishment Country Club Republicans utterly despise him).

    Whether fear or snobbery (or both) the judges (“justices”) did nothing. So whatever happens now – is on their own heads.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Since there was no rigging of the election, there is no problem. Trump lost fair and square. Get over it.

  • Mr Ecks

    I presume that is irony Gray.

    Biden needs to be removed along with Harris. Americans should be looking to their dispositions for civil unrest.

    Perhaps a national Covenant that–since Biden is a false usurper President–no laws from his crew are henceforth accepted as valid. Perhaps a local takeover of local police forces–some may be willing to co-op –but if not quick moves to seize their weapons and esp military gear might be a good start. And a plan for any Fed or troop movements out of bases.

    Or watch Senile Joe’s gang destroy all.

  • Jacob

    For a senile old gent Biden seems to act fast and efficiently in pushing the far-left agenda (which was never, until now, his agenda). I wish Trump was as efficient while in power as Biden.
    It is amazing how well organized and fast moving this administration is.

  • Paul Marks

    Jacob – I respectfully disagree.

    I think that the Senate voting record of Mr Biden shows he was never the moderate he is claimed once to have been. I think he was always a Collectivist.

    However, you are correct about the present – Mr Biden is now puppet of the far-left.

    Nicholas (the unlicensed joker) Grey – you are mistaken, Sir.

    And I will “get over” the Election Rigging (which most certainly did occur) when Hell freezes over.

  • Allen

    Jacob, they’ve been planning this since Trump won.