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The ugly truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns

I strongly recommend this reality check in which no punches are pulled. A very good use of 27 minutes of your time, so please share this with others.

Update: reposted from Vimeo after toxic YouTube removed the video. Also available on Odysee.

Update 2: and to hell with Vimeo as well as they also removed the video. Reposted from Odysee.

37 comments to The ugly truth about the Covid-19 lockdowns

  • Nemesis

    I’ve listened and read a lot about this virus and still feel non the wiser. I would feel much better informed if there was less reliance on statistics and more emphasis on mechanisms…which in my book would apply to most things.

  • John Lewis

    Very interesting.

    Still every day, today being no exception, there are multiple articles of pure venality on the front page of the BBC news site relentlessly pushing the agenda of misinformation and fear.

  • Bell Curve

    It’s amazing how many people are so invested in the “wu-flu is dangerous to everyone” narrative that they’re willing to act like cowardly sheep. That Oxford University risk estimator you linked to earlier snapped a couple people I know out of it (which preventing me strangling them for the good of humanity), but we’re still knee deep in chicken shit.

    My risk of snuffing it was 0.017% which is probably less than a typical trip down a bleary Glasgow boozer, given I’m a loudly opinionated English git living in Scotland who thinks Nats are cunts.

  • Paul Marks

    I disagree on one point – Early Border Closure does seem to be an effective policy, but then (as Tony Heller and others asked last year) – congratulations you have kept the virus out, do you now intend to cut yourself off from the world? Imprison your population?

    But lockdowns and mask mandates – clearly no effect. At least no effect in relation to the virus – there are massive effects of these policies on other matters. As people say of masks “the mask does not stop the virus (chain link fence does not stop flies – the virus is vastly smaller than the holes in the fabric of the standard masks), but it shows that the mask wearer is SUBMISSIVE” – and that applies to me to, I go through the ritual submission to the state (ritual humiliation) whenever I enter a shop as I put on a mask – out of fear-of-punishment (nothing to do with health).

    The lockdowns served the purpose of showing that the state could order most of Civil Society to shut down – without any real resistance. From this point of view, the point of view of Klaus Schwab and the rest of the international establishment, the lockdown policy was a brilliant success. If the state can order this (and be obeyed), it can order ANYTHING and be obeyed.

    The international totalitarian agenda (whether it be called “stakeholder capitalism”, the Corporate State, “sustainable development” or whatever) can proceed without fear of anything more than token resistance. The experiment of mass lockdowns (planned out long before Covid 19 existed) has been a success, a brilliant success.

  • Paul Marks

    As is well known, although normally NOT said, Mr George Floyd died of drugs – but what is less well known is that for a period of time he got OFF drugs and seems to have sincerely repented of his violent past (holding a knife to a pregnant women’s throat during a robbery to get money for drugs – and all the rest of it). Mr Floyd made a real effort to turn his life around – he not only got off drugs, he got a job and joined local support organisations (not “Black Lives Matter” – Mr Floyd was never a member of this Marxist group, he went to a local religious charity for support).

    So what went wrong? How did Mr Floyd fall back into his old ways of drugs and crime? Perhaps it would have happened anyway, but we do NOT know that – what we do know is that Mr Floyd lost his job because of the LOCKDOWN in Minnesota, and then everything fell apart in his life. The lockdown killed him.

    There was nothing inevitable about the lockdown in Minnesota – many near by States did NOT lockdown, not just South Dakota (they just made more of a thing of not locking down than other States that did not lockdown) – there were several States that did not lock down.

    One of the little errors in the film is that mentions North Dakota as lockdown State – it was not really (there were token measures – and eventually a mask mandate that made no real difference in terms of health). Other States in the area did not really lockdown either – Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming…, but Minnesota DID, and that destroyed Mr George Floyd and destroyed a lot of other people as well.

    Minneapolis is not going to “come back” – New York City is not really going to “come back” either, no matter how many TRILLIONS of Dollars the vile (and NOT elected) Biden/Harris regime throws at the lockdown States and cities (looting the areas that did not lockdown in the process).

    The damage has been done – as it has been done to many other countries as well, including this one. In theory nations, States and cities COULD INDEED RECOVER but to recover nations, States and cities would need a dramatic policy of rolling back government, mass deregulation and the dramatic reduction of government spending.

    Reader – do you think that a policy of mass deregulation and the dramatic reduction of government spending is likely where you live?

    No I do not think it is likely in the country I live in either.

    Such things are POSSIBLE – for example in the late 1930s (in the teeth of New Deal ideology) the State of South Dakota elected a Governor who followed a policy of rolling back government spending (what in the 19th century would have been called “Retrenchment”).

    I rather doubt that the international establishment (and the education system and media) will allow such policies today – the modern agenda is that of “stakeholder capitalism” (Klaus Schwab’s 1971 name for what used to be called the Corporate State or Fascism – the state and a few pet corporations) and “sustainable development” (agreed by the “do not worry it is not legally binding” Agenda 21 back in 1992).

    Of course, it is possible for a politician to go against “expert advice” – but then they will face the fate of President Donald Trump.

    An establishment that will sit by and allow HALF A MILLION Americans to die of a disease when they knew that about 80% of these people could have been saved by Early Treatment with a Combination of existing medications, would not think twice about Election Rigging – and, of course, the 2020 Presidential Election was massively rigged.

    “President Trump should have fought back – he should have signed that piece of paper and……”.

    Then President Trump would have shared the fate of the President of Tanzania. “The President of Tanzania died a natural death” – and so would President Trump have done.

    I remind readers that it is not just the FBI (which persecutes the innocent and covers up the crimes of the guilty) that is institutionally corrupt – the Secret Service is institutionally corrupt as well.

    It was the Secret Service (not just the scum, and they are scum, of the FBI) who turned up demanding that Hunter Biden not be arrested for buying a gun after lying on the form one has to fill in. Crack Addicts are not supposed to buy firearms in Delaware, it is illegal, so Mr Biden wrote that he was not on drugs in his firearm form.

    Think about it, the security and intelligence services regularly cover up such crimes as TREASON (the money that Mr Joseph Biden gets from the People’s Republic of China) and sexual crimes (Hunter Biden) – why would killing (via an “accident”) Donald John Trump bother them?

    I repeat – half a million Americans died of a disease when most of them could have been saved, and the establishment did not bat an eyelid about smearing Early Treatment (they seem to have enjoyed doing it).

    So “Trump should have fought back – he should have signed the paper and ….” rather misses the point that if Donald John Trump had done that, he might well have been signing his own Death Warrant. The man is 74 years of age – a “heart attack” or other such would not have attracted much real suspicion.

    To comfort readers I would suggest they think about a Convention of States to get the Federal Government back under control – it is not going to happen, but it is comforting to think about it.

    There is no comfort in relation to the United Kingdom – nothing one can think about that might fundamentally reduce the power of the state.

  • Paul Marks

    If the BLM Marxists were consistent they would say the following….

    “George Floyd was a drug addict criminal, Hunter Biden is a drug addict and a sex criminal – why is George Floyd dead and Hunter Biden alive?” As for the young persons trafficked for the use of Hunter Biden and others – are they still alive? I do not know – and the FBI DOES NOT CARE.

    But BLM are Marxists first and interested in black people second (if at all) – so BLM do not say any of this. At least not yet – it is always possible that they will work out that the Biden family are white, and are actually closer to Fascism (the Corporate State – “stakeholder capitalism” for “sustainable development”) than Marxism, in their beliefs.

    K. Harris comes from a Marxist background – but the lady seems to have evolved closer and closer to Fascism (Corporate State) over the years, as Mussolini did himself.

    It is often forgotten that Mussolini was the leading Marxist in Italy and believed, to his dying day (when he was killed by Orthodox Marxists who regarded him as a heretic) that he was modernising Marxism – not betraying it.

    I am sure that K. Harris also believes that she is not betraying Marxism – just modernising it. An Orthodox (Classical) Marxist, would profoundly disagree.

    Classical Marxism (as “Stalin” and others explained as back as the 1930s) regards all of Frankfurt School Marxism, with its obsession with race, gender, sexual orientation (and so on) as a betrayal.

  • Jon Eds

    It’s a decent video but ultimately ‘nobody will be reasoned into a position he wasn’t reasoned into’. Having watched it, I knew it might rub some people up the wrong way so I road tested it on a quasi-friendly audience. One erupted into a knee-jerk anti-right-wing-patriarchy rant. One was a bit more measured. Unfortunately, I consider the road test failed and won’t distribute to anybody I can’t afford to upset a little bit. That reduces the pool significantly, mostly to people who at least half agree with me already.

    I also sent the test (not the video) to some people at work, including some I know are not anti-lock-down (not necessarily pro either, although they are largely with the narrative). It’s harder to be offended by the test than the video. Finally, I road tested some anti-lock down remarks with some less important colleagues – didn’t go awfully but not a success either.

    Anyway, be judicious about what you say to whom. I’m certainly glad I didn’t go on a rant about putting the entire cabinet on trial (and what the potential outcome of that might be). The cool aid has been drunk very deeply.

    What do we do about starting our own country? I don’t think we can all fit into Perry’s garden.

  • Bulldog Drummond

    What do we do about starting our own country? I don’t think we can all fit into Perry’s garden.

    It would have to be a big garden. I’ve been going to a covid speakeasy for months now, and at least half the people I know go to parties and other gathering. There’s a whole lot more sceptics than many people realise & my neighbours have people around all the time: we agreed last year that we’d put a brick through anyone’s window who called the filth & we made sure people on our street got the message. I’m done being nice about this.

  • Paul Marks

    It should be pointed out yet again…..

    About 80% of the people who have died in the United States, the United Kingdom and many other Western countries, could have been saved with Early Treatment with a Combination of long standing medications.

    People who deny that – are not speaking the truth.

    The international establishment knows the above very well and made a decision to smear Early Treatment. The conclusion is horribly clear – the international establishment wanted a high death toll in order to justify a political agenda. Indeed the plans (including for lockdowns) were laid out BEFORE Covid 19 existed.

    No “tin foil hat” Jacob – just the facts.

    “But the world can not be that bad” – YES IT IS.

  • I’m waiting to see the modelling showing that the so-called UK variant, the one that’s 70% more transmissible than the original, was largely caused by the lockdowns. Of course lockdowns could have stopped the disease … if it could somehow, impossibly, have been enforced to a literal 100% extent, regardless of starvation and other disasters. But it was enforced only somewhat sternly. That sets up an environment which favours more transmissible variants, disfavours less transmissible ones.

    Good old evolution at work.

  • APL

    This site puts the death rate ‘associated’ with the COVID vaccine (US) at 4.6% of those vaccinated.

    On the back of my fag packet the percent US deaths due to COVID ( 550K / ~361m ) gives 0.15

    Am I correct to think that 0.15% of the US population who catch COVID-19 might die have died, compared to 4.6% of the population who get vaccinated against COVID-19 might die have died?

    So there seems to be a significantly greater risk of death associated with the anti COVID-19 vaccination compared to plain old COVID-19 death?

    Not one for learning my lesson, having already been ridiculed for my lack of aptitude at arithmetic, it’s an actual question.

  • APL

    Stephen Dawson: “Of course lockdowns could have stopped the disease … if it could somehow, impossibly, have been enforced to a literal 100% extent, regardless of starvation and other disasters.”

    The people who should have been locked down were the very people we were encouraged to clap in the street in April ’20.

    And it was suggested on this blog at the time, that instead of allowing these people, who by virtue of their jobs were greatly exposed to COVID-19 back into the community they should have been confined to NHS premises until they had either been vaccinated or caught COVID-19 and recovered from it.

    Otherwise, they simply acted as a vector to transmit this ( supposedly highly infectious and deadly ) condition into the wider community.

    You might have thought it was planned.

  • Gingerdave


    I think your fag packet has lied to you!

    Of 44,606 adverse events reported to the VAERS database, 2,050 were deaths. That is indeed 4.6% of the adverse events.

    The US has administered about 146,000,000 doses. About 3 million people were vaccinated by 3 months ago, so that’s about 143,000,000 people that have been vaccinated. (https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/cumulative-covid-vaccinations?country=~USA)

    2,050 deaths out of 143,000,000 people vaccinated is 0.00143%.

    0.15% of the US population have died of covid, but the whole US population hasn’t all caught covid.

    The US has had 30,400,000 cases (google), so 550,000 out of 30,400,000 is 1.81%.

  • APL

    Gingerdave: “I think your fag packet has lied to you!”

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Gingerdave: ” but the whole US population hasn’t all caught covid. “

    Or have been exposed to COVID-19 but a sizeable fraction have some form of immunity. Therefore don’t need and won’t benefit from vaccination. But are now exposed to an additional and unnecessary risk.

  • Gingerdave

    APL: Or have been exposed to COVID-19 but a sizeable fraction have some form of immunity.

    Can you send me any data you have on this? I’ve not found anything conclusive yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  • APL

    I’ll put this here.

  • Gingerdave

    APL – thanks, that’s an interesting video, but I’m not sure it’s correct on all points. Nor does it include the data on pre-existing immunity!

    I agree that vitamin D deficiency appears to be associated with covid, though I think his numbers of deficient people are high: “white Caucasians across the UK need nine minutes of daily sunlight at lunchtime from March to September for 25(OH)D levels to remain ≥25 nmol/L throughout the winter. ” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5946282/

    Ivermectin – I’ve not read enough about that to decide yet. Some says yes, some says no.

    mRNA vaccines – medical devices are less reglated than vaccines, so the idea that the mRNA vaccines are really medical devices that have been renamed vaccines to dodge the regulation is wrong. It’s a common anti-vaccine claim though.

    He claims that the mRNA vaccines are a gene therapy. Given that gene therapy involves permanent changes to the nuclear DNA, and mRNA is part of the normal protein production mechanism, how does an mRNA vaccine modify the nuclear DNA and so count as gene therapy?

    It doesn’t matter how a vaccine works, as long as it stimulates the body to produce an immune reaction.

    I can’t find any trials that report the association with cancer or autoimmune disease that he claims.

    Though the most interesting part (to me) is the gene therapy question – for an mRNA vaccine to act as gene therapy would require a complete rewrite of our understanding of cellular mechanisms and protein production. I spent 15 years in molecular biology, so I’d love to know how this works, biochemically speaking – do you have any references?

  • It doesn’t matter how a vaccine works, as long as it stimulates the body to produce an immune reaction.

    That might not be true, which is the crux of why some are concerned about the risk of ADE in people with T-Cell immunity.

  • APL

    Gingerdave: “It doesn’t matter how a vaccine works, as long as it stimulates the body to produce an immune reaction.”

    The immune reaction should be to the virus. There is some indications that the immune response induced after vaccination is distinct to that produced by the bodies response to the COVID-19 virus. Suggesting, the immune response is to the vaccine not the virus.

    Anyway, according to MSM and establishment medical opinion – the anti COVID-19 vaccines do not work. Since even after you’ve been vaccinated you still need to shield and wear a mask and self isolate, yada yada yada.

    It seems people who have contracted and recovered from COVID-19 are being encouraged to get vaccinated, which at very least is deceptive, if they have recovered from COVID-19 – then they will already have natural immunity. QED do not need to be vaccinated

  • It seems people who have contracted and recovered from COVID-19 are being encouraged to get vaccinated, which at very least is deceptive, if they have recovered from COVID-19 – then they will already have natural immunity. QED do not need to be vaccinated

    When the misses & I went to get blood tests in Wembley a few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to get into a conversation with the chap who ran the commercial testing clinic. He said he had been told that antibodies against Covid-19 were short lived, and yet his own testing of people infected a year ago showed exactly the opposite was true. He was mystified why people were still saying that. There is so much official disinformation out there, it is hard to escape the notion hardly any of this is actually about public health anymore.

    Oh and I was offered inoculation (repeatedly) in spite of my local surgery knowing I’d already had covid-19 back in March 2020. I declined the offer, but the calls & letters did not finally stop (so far at least) until I finally declined rather forcefully.

  • Gingerdave

    The immune reaction should be to the virus. There is some indications that the immune response induced after vaccination is distinct to that produced by the bodies response to the COVID-19 virus. Suggesting, the immune response is to the vaccine not the virus.

    What indications – in a published, peer-reviewed journal?

    The vaccines do work – try this study of nearly 600,000 vaccinated people and an equal number of matched unvaccinated people. Shielding and masking is stil required until enough people have been vaccinated. Herd immunity, remember?

    Any word on the gene therapy question?

  • APL

    Gingerdave: “Herd immunity, remember?”

    Herd immunity has been achieved for quite some time.

    One of the reasons why the bait and switch from people dying from COVID-19 to people testing positive to COVID-19 which occurred some months ago.

    Gingerdave: “Any word on the gene therapy question?”

    Try this let me know how you get on.

  • Gingerdave

    APL – that just gives me a samizdata ‘page not found’ that looks like it links back to this page, and the video doesn’t work! I don’t remember it explaining gene therapy, but I didn’t get a chance to wtch the whole thing.

    Perry – I can’t find any information on ADE actually happening. It was specifically looked for during the trials, and given the number of people that have been vaccinated there should be some numbers already. Again, do you have any peer-reviewed data?

  • Perry – I can’t find any information on ADE actually happening.

    Of course not, and based on what happened with the Dengue Fever vaccine, we won’t know for another 18-24 months. That is why people like my partner, who almost certainly has T-cell immunity, refuses to get vaccinated for at least a couple years.

  • […] 2: Screw YouTube, the original video now reported from Vimeo. It is also on Odysee. Will report this one (Part 2) when it is also […]

  • Gingerdave

    Perry, reading further around the subject, it seems that there is some data showing ADE in naturally generated antibodies, but these all target the N protein. The vaccines are all targeted on the spike protein.

    There’s currently no data that it is a problem, nor any that suggests that it will be.

    No sign of ADE during the preclinical animal studies. No sign during the human clinical trials. No sign during the initial vaccine rollouts into the population. And (so far) no sign of ADE even with the variant strains in different parts of the world.

  • No sign of ADE during the preclinical animal studies

    So far. It did not show up for well over a year with the Dengue Fever vaccine, so that proves nothing. A vaccine that hardly anyone under 60 needs anyway is being rolled out for everyone without the usual testing why exactly? It might be safe. Or it might not. Given how low the risk from covid-19 is for most people, is there some reason to rush to get it if you don’t have cofactors putting you at meaningful risk?

  • Gingerdave

    That table’s hospital deaths only, the latest UK numbers are 149,000 with covid on the cert.

    The vaccines have had the usual testing. The reason it’s happened so fast is that the production was started while development and trials were ongoing.
    It was all based on existing tech – mRNA vaccines have been in development for 20+ years.

    Vaccine development isn’t 10 years of science, it’s 1 year of science and 9 years of bureaucracy and inefficiency. In 2020 everyone dealt with the covid work first, it wasn’t put off until the next meeting in 6 months.

    One research group I work with were tasked with covid work a year ago – we did 18 months of bureaucracy in a week because everybody dealt with covid first.

    It’s getting rolled out so quickly because covid spreads unusually quickly due to the asymptomatic spread. A small percentage of the population is still a lot of people.

    The concern about ADE feels like something that folks who don’t want the vaccine have discovered and are using as an excuse for not taking it. Seriously, did you decide you didn’t want the vaccine before or after you heard about ADE?

    There’s an awful lot of unofficial disinfomation about as well. Gene therapy?

  • Pat

    Sure the pharmaceutical industry wants to sell vaccines ( though I note that ASTRA Zeneca are supplying at cost- perhaps that’s why their product is being criticised- they’re taking profits from their rivals).
    But every public health institution, PHE, CDC, WHO, justifies its existence on dealing with pandemics, and are just gagging to get into the limelight at all times.

  • Seriously, did you decide you didn’t want the vaccine before or after you heard about ADE?

    I don’t need the vaccine, I’m antibody positive. My partner was agnostic on the vaccine before reading about the ADE risk but doesn’t need the vaccine because she has T-cell immunity (& she’d like to keep it that way). So I rather suspect the good faith & motives of anyone acting as if us not wanting to take a vaccine with zero health benefit to us or anyone near us is somehow peculiar behaviour.

    Moreover, even if she wasn’t T-cell immune & I wasn’t antibody positive (more that a year after having had covid-19), this is a disease posing a neglectable risk to people without cofactors. We have no cofactors. We don’t live with anyone with cofactors. I’m quite willing to run a 1 in 4,405 chance of snuffing it (although in truth my chance is now essentially zero), and her chance is vastly lower than mine as she is younger and female.

  • Bell Curve

    That table’s hospital deaths only, the latest UK numbers are 149,000 with covid on the cert.

    What difference does that make? Cases not needing hospitalisation have even lower death rates among the young (unsurprisingly). Obviously the point being made with these figures is if you’re under 60 & don’t have any pre-existing condition, this whole damn thing is not a serious threat. This is the biggest exercise in intentionally induced mass-hysteria in global history,

  • lucklucky

    Vimeo also deleted the page today

  • Doug Jones

    The slides and the video are available on Panda’s google drive at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lEVRiv-Ij3-oIa3jJm6j_vbdjvJJFqbE

    I’ve known that the media and all governments are dishonest bastards for a long time now. This has just let them show their true depravity.

  • Reposted again this time from Odysee as Vimeo also removed it.

  • lucklucky

    Other places to put videos are https://rumble.com/ https://newtube.app/

    I found Odysee not working very well, yesterday some video not even started.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Anyone here have any thoughts on Urbit? Either in theory or in practice?


  • Shlomo Maistre


    Not sure how accurate some of the assertions made in that video are. But it’s interesting.