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If you need a bit of a giggle…

If you need a bit of a giggle, not to mention some informative bricks to throw at certain people, occasionally take a peek at the Extinction Clock.

Blog it, Gab it, Fakebook it, Twatter it, email it to green-inclined folk you know. This is absolutely perfect for dinner party discussions and family gatherings as well, as you do not need to explain it, just get them to read it and stand back with a smug expression saying nothing 😁

21 comments to If you need a bit of a giggle…

  • Fraser Orr

    I’m sorry Perry you obviously made a mistake. You forgot to post the list of predictions that came true, that were correct. Can you fix that please?

    Something that I wonder though is when we read this type of prediction:

    “‘I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival,’ said Prince Charles, speaking at a reception for Commonwealth foreign ministers recently”.

    By Jugg Ears, though he is far from the only one.

    My question is if this is true: if climate change has reached the point of no return, then why are we still killing ourselves to fix it? I mean if it is at the point of no return and we are all screwed, should we not take St. Paul’s advice “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die.”

  • Myno

    to·​mor·​row | \ tə-ˈmär-(ˌ)ō , -ˈmȯr- \ by-and-by, some date in the future further than the listener’s attention span

  • bobby b

    The Greenie response to this has always been, of course there was exaggeration involved, it’s needed to get the dumb public’s attention, but that in no way diminishes the crisis we face. If we published the true timeline, it would be beyond the three-day attention span of most people. But we’re still existentially threatened even if on a longer schedule.

    Our lies are justified. Always.

    (It’s the exact same response you get showing people the true history of communism. Or graphs about Covid lockdown results. Or Peak Oil. Or . . .

    “They can’t handle the truth, and ought to be thankful we’re willing to lie to them for their own good.”)

  • Myno

    Anyone maintaining a similar list of resource exhaustion predictions, i.e., Malthusian Catastrophes, for resources other than climate related issues? I find individual articles (Cato, etc.), but no concise list like PdH found for climate madness. Then again, I’m nowhere near as accomplished at searching as certain individuals in this parish.

  • Phil B

    @Myno – not a complete listing but note the number of times peak oil has peaked …


    Then there is this one – a longer read but worthwhile:


    just because you have been wrong for 60 years doesn’t discredit your latest ZOMG!!! end of the world prediction. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. ONE day they’ll get it right. Eventually.

  • Phil B

    What the computer modellers COULD do (but certainly will not) is take conditions (say) 70 years ago – 1950 – and as we know the climate conditions then (temperatures, winds, precipitation etc. all recorded and compiled virtually worldwide), use those parameters as the input to their computer model. We could then see how well their model predicts the actual, recorded and known weather and climate that actually occurred year by year.

    But that’s me talking crazy talk again. Trust the science … or something.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Some aspect of our make-up likes catastrophes. Books that predict new types of doom are likely to sell. Even Mark Steyn thinks the world might be doomed- isn’t he worried about Muslims increasing in numbers?

  • Stonyground

    Another reply to pointing out these lists of failed predictions is that we have cherry picked, only reporting the ones that didn’t happen and ignoring the vast majority that did. This defence of course hits the rocks when you ask them to name even one prediction that turned out to be correct.

  • You forgot to post the list of predictions that came true (Fraser Orr, March 4, 2021 at 4:55 am)


    On the contrary, it seems to me Perry did post all the ones that came true – or rather (AFAICS after a quick look) the one that was and remains true. Almost a year out of date now is the prediction that

    Rare snowfalls will ’cause chaos in 20 years time’, humanity will be ‘unprepared’.

    My only criticism of this prediction that humanity – or at least the Scottish government (and doubtless others) – will be unprepared to avoid snowfall causing chaos is: why was it dated as late as 2020? Surely many an earlier year displayed the phenomenon.

  • Paul Marks

    None of their predictions came true – but that will have no effect, the policies will carry on. Costs will continue to be piled on people – the poor (full disclosure – I am poor) will be hit the most, unemployed and with the costs of life far beyond our means.

    Did they ever really believe in their predictions? If they did believe they would have massively deregulated NUCLEAR POWER (which would have made it less expensive – and safer, yes safer not less safe, the endless regulations lead to nuclear power stations being too big and too complex), but that is not what they did.

    For example, Joseph Biden was not always the senile shell of a man he is now – back when, as Vice President, he was supporting the CLOSING DOWN of the United States Nuclear Depository he was not senile at all, he knew perfectly well what he was doing.

    Wind turbines and solar cells are often made in China (hence Mr Biden’s support for them – his family have been paid servants of the People’s Republic of China for years), but China does not rely on them for its own energy. Nuclear power (if deregulated and massively expanded) could be an alternative to hydrocarbons in the United States – but Mr Biden and others have essentially cut off that alternative.

    Now Mr Biden (or those who control him) seeks to smash oil, coal and natural gas – and the Democrats control both Congress and the regulatory agencies.

    Nothing really to laugh about Perry – as it is not just America it is going to be destroyed, most of the West is going the same way.

    “But their predictions have been shown to be false” – they are not Karl Popper, they DO NOT CARE that their predictions have been shoen to be false.

    They also predicted that nations that did not “lockdown” would have piles of dead people in the streets – well it has been more than a year now…..

    Where are the piles of dead people in the streets in poor Belarus, or poor Nicaragua, or rich Sweden or in ANY of the nations that did not lockdown?

    Where are they? It has been more than a year.

    Do you think the international establishment care that this prediction has been proved wrong? Of course they do not care – they will carry on with their plans (Build Back Better – Great Reset) as if their predictions had been correct.

    At some point the Covid predictions will turn into Climate Change Emergency restrictions – but the point is the restrictions (not public health or global warming), the objective is, and has always been, power and control. Klaus Schwab (and many others) were pushing the Corporate State (“Stakeholder Capitalism”) long before the Global Warming is caused by C02 emissions theory.

  • Nemesis

    Peak oil – nothing new. Read about peak wood in Elizabethan times.

  • Paul Marks

    Exposing their lies does not work.

    For example one of the most popular tweets on Twitter is supposedly from Senator Ted Cruz.

    “I will believe in Climate Change when Texas freezes over”.

    Senator Ted Cruz NEVER SAID THIS – the “tweet” is FAKE, but Social Media pushes it (as these vast companies push endless other lies).

    Think about it – how would Texas “freezing over” prove Global Warming? And why the change of language from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” (any weather can be described as “Climate Change” – especially if one pretends that extreme weather events did not happen in the past – which they did).

    One can even show American government agencies faking past temperatures so that their curve fits – pretending that today are hotter than, say, the early 1930s when their own figures show it is not. One can actually get out the old books (published by these agencies themselves) and show that what they present “on line” is FALSE – and it makes-no-difference-at-all, indeed one will just be laughed at.

    No amount of evidence will make any difference – not on the Election Fraud of 2020 (the courts refuse to even hear the evidence), not on Covid 19, and not on American government agencies rigging (engaging in fraud) even on such basic things as past temperature readings (making their curves a fraud).

    The present state of affairs is not funny, it is nothing to laugh at, it is terrible.

    Think about the SCALE of this – the education system, the mainstream media, as well as governments and vast corporations, all engaged in a campaign of lies. Not just on one area of policy – but on, essentially, every area of policy.

    And these lies are what policy is based upon – not just in one area, but in every area.

    All this may well destroy the West – or reveal its inner death.

    When the institutions of a society (public and private) no longer care about objective truth (indeed dismiss, “Cancel Culture”, anyone who tells the truth) that society, that civilisation, is doomed.

    In the United States the rise of the “Pragmatist” School of philosophy (which denied the existence of objective truth) was more than a century ago – a great society takes a long time to die, but even the greatest societies eventually die when they reject objective truth and embrace lies.

    And it is much the same with the rest of the West – the dominate schools of thought in the modern West, such as Frankfurt School Marxism and French Post Modernism, share a deep HATRED of the very concept of objective truth.

  • Paul Marks

    I repeat – exposing their lies will not lead to a change in policy in any area (not on Covid 19, not on Global Warming, not on the 2020 election – not on anything), it will just lead to the person who exposes the lies being PUNISHED for telling the truth.

  • Snorri Godhi


    What the computer modellers COULD do (but certainly will not) is take conditions (say) 70 years ago – 1950 – and as we know the climate conditions then (temperatures, winds, precipitation etc. all recorded and compiled virtually worldwide), use those parameters as the input to their computer model. We could then see how well their model predicts the actual, recorded and known weather and climate that actually occurred year by year.

    The model parameters were tuned by something like the procedure that you suggest: the modelers searched for the model parameters that would best ‘predict’ climate over the years based on the conditions (CO2 etc) in preceding years.
    (At least, that is the only way they could have tuned the model parameters, that i can think of.)

    As a consequence, the test that you suggest would show that the models are close to infallible.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Fraser wrote:

    I’m sorry Perry you obviously made a mistake. You forgot to post the list of predictions that came true, that were correct.

    Not that i failed to detect and appreciate the sarcasm, but i’d like to point out that we simply don’t know about the predictions that came true, because they were not newsworthy. We’ll never know how many scientists predicted no major changes in mean temperatures, because no newspaper would have published an article with a headline such as:
    Study: climate 20 years from now to remain very similar to what it is today.

    Added in proof: we DO know that Julian Simon made correct predictions in his bet with Paul R. Ehrlich.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes Snorri Godhi – Julian Simon was correct and Paul R. Ehrlich was wrong, and the powerful people in the world (government and corporate) continue to follow the ideas of EHRLICH – Club of Rome style people such as Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (whose economics is from David Ricardo – who was REFUTED long ago, both his Labour Theory of Value and his theories on LAND).

    “But they were proved wrong about everything” – they know that, and they DO NOT CARE. This was never about making accurate predictions – it was, and is, about POWER, about CONTROL.

    As for lies – the lies continue today.

    Sky News attacked the Chancellor of the United Kingdom as “scrooge” not spending enough money.

    Have a look at government spending in the United Kingdom – be careful that your head does not explode. The coverage of Sky News (owned by Comcast) is totally dishonest – and there will be no consequences for their lies.

    I remember the media saying that the Czech Republic was doing everything right on Covid 19 – the prediction being that the Czech Republic would have a very low death rate.

    Have a look at the Covid death rate (deaths per 100 thousand in the population) in the Czech Republic – do not take my word for it, look it up for yourself (it is very HIGH – higher than anywhere on Earth bar tiny San Marino).

    Do not hold your breath waiting for the media to apologise.

  • Sigivald

    “November 8, 2019
    80% of Emperor penguins will be extinct by 2100 without Paris Agreement.”

    And the same number, with it, BECAUSE THE PARIS AGREEMENT IS POWERLESS.

    Jesus, these people.

  • Sigivald

    (Also, in the failed section, “Arctic Ocean to be ice-free by 2004.
    From the The Argus (AAP), quote: “The ice-packed Arctic Ocean might become navigable in another 25 or 50 years if the present ‘warming-up’ tendency of the Polar region continued”.”

    “Might be in 25 to 50 years” isn’t a prediction, it’s just noise.

  • JohnK


    Sadly, I have to agree with you. The whole “global warming/climate change” scam is nothing more than a scheme for the elimination of liberty and a massive transfer of wealth from the many to the few.

    Prince Charles may well believe it, but then again his class will benefit from it massively.

    How else can we explain the sudden change of Boris Johnson, from a freedom loving writer who mocked greens, to a middle aged eco warrior who bans petrol cars?

    It is easy to see where the money is for the likes of Boris who get into bed with the greens (literally in his case), and equally that anyone who stands up to them, such as Donald Trump, will be eliminated.

    Anyone who thinks that this has anything to do with the possibility that the earth may, or may not, raise in average temperature by 1.5 degrees in the next 50 or 100 years is missing the point. They may as well try to play chess armed only with draughts.

    Whether the planet is warming or not is a complicated scientific question. It cannot be declared to be “settled”, but it has been, and now the entire MSM is embarked on massive agitprop on its behalf.

    Lenin was a bad man, but he posed a good question: “who, whom?”

  • Paul Marks

    JohnK – what has long concerned me is that the solution was created before the problem.

    For example, Klaus Schwab’s book “Stakeholder Capitalism” (essentially the return to the Corporate State of Mussolini – now updated as the “Great Reset”) was published in 1971 – Global Warming theory was not a big thing then.

    The control of everything by a vast government and allied pet Corporations was a “solution” looking for a problem – and it found one, indeed two. Covid 19 and the Climate Change Emergency.

    If we need to reduce C02 emissions then let us have lots more NUCLEAR POWER – not (NOT) totalitarian control of every aspect of life.

    As for the virus – whether it was “tweaked” in “Gain of Function” research is a question that needs to be investigated.

    But the neglect of EARLY TREATMENT was (and is) terrible – it, and the neglect of Vitamin D3, has cost vast numbers of human lives. This should not (not) be forgiven.

    And if another disease appears soon – that just happens to kill vast numbers of human beings. That is not acceptable.

    That is not acceptable “Stakeholder Capitalism”, “Sustainable Development”, “Great Reset” international establishment elite.

  • JohnK


    It seems in retrospect that the Great Reset was going to use global cooling as its excuse back in the 1970s. Somewhere along the line this was dropped, and global warming became the justification. Since the planet does not appear to have warmed in the last 20 years, this has morphed into climate change.

    What is missing is any sort of agreement by the population that their entire economic system should be turned upside down on the basis of a scientific theory. In the 2019 election, Labour stood for a green new deal and the end of petrol car sales by 2030. I was very much opposed to that, and voted Conservative. I seem to have ended up voting for a green new deal and the end of petrol car sales by 2030. In all honesty, what is the point of voting any more? All any major party is offering me is the Great Reset.