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‘Time’ to neutralise the truth

That many men were undone by not going deep enough in roguery; as in gaming any man may be a loser who doth not play the whole game. (Henry Fielding)

The temptation to go just deep enough but not too deep is very understandable. If Hillary had won in 2016, there is much we might never have suspected, let alone known, about how she was helped. It was a great surprise to the deep state to learn they had not gone deep enough.

This time round, they went deep enough. But history teaches us that that too has its problems. When you have to go deep indeed to go deep enough, even the most determined propaganda denial may have to ‘evolve’ over time.

For example, in December 1934, Stalin arranged for Kirov, head of the communist party in Leningrad, to be assassinated, and over the next few years convicted millions for being part of the ever-expanding conspiracy accused of the murder – but the story of how it happened kept changing.

Finally, in 1938, the Soviet view took the form it was to keep until 1956: … the assassination … had been facilitated by Yagoda, head of the Soviet secret police. … This change of line, which contained elements of the truth, was designed to mask or neutralise the real version, which began to circulate in the secret police within weeks of the crime … (Robert Conquest, The Great Terror)

It’s an old propaganda technique – but a risky one – to confirm a half-truth to mask the truth.

‘Time’ magazine is taking the lead in ‘evolving’ the MSM’s election narrative. As late as a week ago, it was “baseless” to claim that 2020’s huge increase increase in vote-by-mail (“the largest source of potential voter fraud) had other suspicious characteristics. But now, the “safest election ever” was in fact “fortified” by an elite cabal.

This was not news to me, of course, but the spin may be a bit of a whiplash for some. I agree with Neo’s take: it was going to come out in time, so better for the cabal that it come out in ‘Time’; someone had to neutralise the truth. It’s the past tense of the woke Law of Merited Impossibility – not “That will never happen (and you’ll so deserve it when it does)” but “That never happened (and what a good thing it did)”. As the deep state went abruptly from not existing to being the heroes a year ago, so ‘Time’ has replaced ‘baseless” with praise of this solid base.

However if I were Joe Biden, I would rather have seen this article after more than a year in the White House than after less than a month.

16 comments to ‘Time’ to neutralise the truth

  • John Lewis

    One aspect I hadn’t focused on was how following the 5 key states simultaneously stopping counting early Wednesday morning to allow for the necessary vote dumps, the news and social media and sundry officials and people of influence in each state immediately placed a blackout on any questions as to what had taken place.

    The supreme court, already with blood on their hands for failing to address the telegraphed abuses of process in individual states months beforehand, compounded their shameful behaviour by refusing to listen to any cases and hey presto it’s Biden 46/Harris 47.

    Now that Time has pretty much confirmed, justified and applauded all of this at least I won’t get into trouble for saying it.

  • Now that Time has pretty much confirmed, justified and applauded all of this at least I won’t get into trouble for saying it.

    Seems a little too optimistic to me.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – under the thin mask of explaining how various powerful forces (including the Corporations – it is so much easier to live off Progressive government subsidies, than to work to please nasty vulgar customers – and, of course, the media) “saved” the election – Time Magazine has essentially admitted that the 2020 United States Presidential Election was RIGGED.

    The establishment elite have punished anyone who has suggested the election was rigged – but, like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime to gloat, they could not resist BOASTING of the rigging. For boasting of how they destroyed democracy, is what this “how we saved the election with our SHADOW CAMPAIGN” really is.

    The thing is it is quite safe for the establishment elite to do this.

    Joseph Biden could hardly get a dozen people to his campaign events, everyone (at least in private) knowns that the election was RIGGED – but nothing can be done about it, so the establishment elite can safely start boasting of the rigging now (what is going to happen – NOTHING).

    Brave people at the “Superbowl” booed when “President” Biden made his televised speech – but they can not actually do anything.

    Puppet Biden is surrounded by tens of thousands of armed soldiers – as is the corrupt collection of evil people who call themselves the “Democrats” of Congress (“Democrats” who destroyed democracy – not that most of the “Republicans” showed any courage in standing up against the Election Rigging).

    America has crossed a line – whatever it was before, it is now openly ruled by a corrupt and ruthless Oligarchy – using the Senile Puppet Joseph Biden as their front man.

    If they stood up tomorrow and said “he did not get 80 million votes – we just rigged everything” NOTHING could be done.

    I repeat, at this point, they can actually ADMIT their crimes (including Hunter Biden’s sex crimes against children) and NOTHING can be done.

    It is only a matter of time before this sinks in and they start to boast of their crimes – or even carry them out in full public view.

    Why not? Who is going to stop them?

    Not the corrupt thugs who make up the FBI and the “Justice” Department. And the sickening scum who make up the “mainstream media” will cover everything up – and SMEAR anyone who tries to bring the truth to light.

    James McCosh, the leading American philosopher of the 19th century, attacked previous American philosophers for teaching a secular basis to morality – essentially the natural law ideas of the Stoics (such as the Emperor Marcus Aurelius) and the Aristotelians.

    But there are two great problems with the position of James McCosh – firstly Christianity (even if totally true) is not a moral philosophy, it is a religion (the two are not the same), certainly Catholic and Protestant thinkers did NOT think they could neglect the teaching of the Stoics and Aristotelians because they (Catholic and Protestant thinkers) had the Gospels.

    But also what if a man only pretends to believe?

    Joseph Biden undertakes all the outward religious practices (he claims to be a Roman Catholic – although he may well never have had anything but sneering contempt for the basic doctrines of the Catholic Church), and even K. Harris (from a Marxist family) practices the ceremonies of Christianity – in her case a form of the Baptist Church.

    If taking part in the rituals makes someone religious – then Joseph Biden and K. Harris are very religious. Just as Emperors of Rome used to undertaken Pagan rituals before ordering some great evil (such as Gladiatorial Games – or Ivan the Terrible used to take part in Christian rituals, his hands and clothing still covered in the blood of innocent people he had murdered).

    The American elite long ago ceased to have any real moral education – even most of the religious schools and universities are divorced from it.

    What passes for political morality now is “the ends justify the means” (hence the “Shadow Campaign”). As for Objective Truth – that was undermined by “Pragmatism” in philosophy more than a century ago.

    The elite, political, Corporate, even religious (hello Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago) tell themselves “we help the poor” (or some such), so anything else they do is fully justified (and – GOOD FUN).

    Of course their Collectivist policies do not “help the poor” (they massively increase poverty and destroy society), but as long as they can chant the words “we help the poor” they can feel good about themselves as the engage in their crimes – financial crimes, sexual crimes, murder, essentially anything.

    Joseph Biden did not actually need all the bribe money he took (via his son and his brother) over the years – he took the money because it was fun, and because he knew that no one could touch him (as he robbed the people of Ukraine and-so-on).

    It gave him pleasure to commit crimes (all sorts of crimes) knowing that he would never be punished. Ditto many other members of the establishment elite.

    For, in truth, the system was corrupt long before the election of 2020.

    But ignore all of the above…….

    Look at the front cover of “GQ” (once Gentleman’s Quarterly) with its attractive (and FAKE) photograph of Joseph Biden – and its cover story of how this wonderful and good man is going to “Rebuild America”.

  • FrankH

    However if I were Joe Biden, I would rather have seen this article after more than a year in the White House than after less than a month.

    Joe Biden isn’t going to be in the White House for a year.

    Hmmm… I wonder what odds I could get on Kamala Harris being president this time next year.

  • Exasperated

    Assuming it’s true, the advantage to the Biden cabal of revealing this now, eludes me. You would have thought they would have waited til after their clown show impeachment trial. This isn’t a surprise to Team Trump, only to the chumps who voted for Biden.
    I am thinking this has to be pathological, the psychopath’s “duping delight”.

  • George Atkisson

    My thought is the Times published this BEFORE Trump’s impeachment trial so that Trumps legal team would be robbed of the discovery part of their defense. “Old news”! What else have you got? Vote for impeachment by secret ballot and be done with it. The counting won’t matter. The appropriate Democrat will simply announce the results and have the ballots destroyed immediately.

  • Exasperated

    George Atkisson:
    Yes, good point, I wondered about the “Old news” shtick too.

  • George Atkisson (February 9, 2021 at 12:44 pm), I too suspect the impeachment trial affected the timing of this, though more as regards managing the narrative about the trial than the trial process itself. Just as Zuckerberg announced before the election that

    “We need to prepare the public for days and weeks counting mail-in ballots … what we and the other media need to start doing is preparing the american people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or weeks to make sure all the votes are counted.”

    so now ‘Time’ indicates before the trial that the MSM must prepare the american people to see nothing illegitimate in evidence that an elite cabal engaged in “frau – er – fortifying” the election.

  • Cesare

    As with most socialist thinking, they operate in still photograph mode when life is disturbingly cinematic. They prize the Polaroid image in the moment above all when there is always a trajectory which will always have unforeseen and unforeseeable consequences. This time they really put the pin in the party hog, as it were. There is too much statistical information out there, too many contradictions. Does that meant Trump won? Well, an honest answer and the one I hear most is, nobody knows. People who work in cloistered enterprises such as academia have deeply proscribed paths. People who create things in the world as it presents itself have a different experience. There is no magic indicator that says, ‘Drill here! Dig there! This is THE horse!’, that’s why all of that is the stuff of fiction. Life is not that obvious, there are suggestions, signs, and hints; many diminutive red flags with odd placement versus Boris Badanov caught red handed.

    This is a serious problem not just for the currently demised Republic, but for the world as well. What economic or geopolitical good comes of America being thrust into the state I fear it soon will be. Consider how long and how many people have parsed the Kennedy assassination or the shroud of Turin, whose leading proponent initially went to debunk the cloth. No, these imbeciles have sparked curiosity which is a force of nature unto itself. What exactly is the big idea in the event that the whole blasted election is shown to be a very great deal more than ‘fortified’, say, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • John Lewis

    Slightly O/T but interesting in the context of changing/delivering the narrative.

    Fox News Radio has just referred in their hourly news summary to cases of the “B117 UK Corona Virus variant”. This in a country whose media and politicians steadfastly refuse to use the words Wuhan or Chinese. Fox was until recently considered the “right-wing” alternative to the rest of the mainstream media.

  • Jacob

    What is shocking is the regime of terror that took hold in the USA. The “George Floyd” riots were the demonstration. “Beware, elect Trump and we’ll destroy America.”
    They were anti Trump political riots, and the Democrats encouraged them, believing they serve their political purpose. Which they did – but the purpose of the hard left, not of the “moderate” Democrats. (There aren’t any moderates, any more).

    And people are afraid – businessmen, corporate leaders, judges, politicians. They were intimidated. Let’s just remove Trump – they said – let’s go back to some normalcy, let’s avoid more riots and mayhem.
    The cancel culture is, of course, part of the new red terror. You can’t speak freely in the land of the Brave and the Free.

  • Paul Marks

    There were two massive scandals.

    The rigging of the Presidential Election – and that Election Fraud is already having terrible consequences, see the Executive Orders signed by Puppet Biden (who, yes, will soon be replaced by K. Harris).

    And…… (for they are connected).

    The other great scandal has been the deaths of over 400 thousand Americans (as many as with World War II) by or “with” (I am not going to argue the toss over that) Covid 19.

    High Vitamin D levels can stop many people developing the disease in the first place, and there have been (from the start) Early Treatments for this disease that can reduce hospitalisation by at least 80%.

    But Dr Fauci and the rest of the Establishment (including the MAINSTREAM MEDIA) have systematically SMEARED all this – pushing their utterly failed policy of “lockdowns” instead, which have destroyed the the American economy – and that will cost many lives, very many lives.

    And where did this virus come from?

    It came from the Wuhan research establishment in China where a natural virus was tweaked – tweaking that has led to MILLIONS of deaths around the world. But the Chinese government were not the only ones to blame….

    It turns out that Dr Fauci’s own government agency funded (indirectly) that research.

    Davos will not be denied – there must be “Stakeholder Capitalism” (Corporate State Fascism) in the name of “Sustainable Development” – and President Trump had to be removed to enable that. He was in-the-way – and (with great rashness) he had MOCKED the rulers of this world, mocked them to their faces (see the film of the Davos meeting for yourself) – they could never forgive that.

    If a few hundred thousand Americans have to be killed to achieve this objective – then so-be-it. Of course the release of the virus (the tweaked virus) may have been a total accident.

    But how was the smearing of Early Treatment an accident?

    From the start the policies pushed by the international establishment have been carefully designed to do as much HARM as possible.

    With the installation of Puppet Biden (by massive Election Fraud) nothing now stands in the way of the Corporate State agenda of “Stakeholder Capitalism” (no more pretending to serve customers – who are “vulgar”) in the name of “Sustainable Development”.

    The death of the West.

  • George Atkisson

    Paul Marks –

    Precisely. For the foreseeable future, the rest of the world is on its own. The USA is now in thrall to international oligarchy.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    Another superb post from Niall. Lots of very important links in the OP.

  • Jacob

    “The USA is now in thrall to international oligarchy.”
    No, the USA has succumbed to a Bolshevik revolution from within (not one imposed by an international oligarchy, whatever that means).

  • Snorri Godhi

    Perhaps it would be more accurate (though still not entirely accurate) to say:
    The world is now in thrall to the Sino-American oligarchy; and their lackeys in Brussels; and London; and Edinburgh.