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Not literally Hitler

“Piers Corbyn has been arrested over leaflets comparing the UK’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout to Auschwitz”, the BBC reports.

The 73-year-old brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he voluntarily attended a police station on Wednesday.

He was then arrested on suspicion of malicious communications and public nuisance.

The leaflets were offensive. A recent headline in the Evening Standard described vaccination against Covid-19 as a “safe path to freedom”. The leaflets implied that this was a lie by photoshopping a picture of the entrance to the Nazi concentration camp so that its gates appeared to bear the phrase about vaccines rather than “Arbeit Macht Frei”.

Tacky. But if we took to arresting every fool who compares their political opponents to Nazis there would soon be more people in the nick than out of it. Calling people Nazis is not illegal. Being wrong is also not illegal.

If we want to convince people that vaccines are safe, try convincing them that vaccines are safe. As in try to change their opinions by argument. The only thing the arrest and silencing of anti-vaxxers does is make people wonder what the government is trying to hide.

33 comments to Not literally Hitler

  • Hermkens Philippe

    I am Belgian But pehaps less in Belgium , there is no more freedom of expression We are in a soft dictatorship with a majority supporting it ..

  • Sigivald

    Are you sure those aren’t illegal?

    You’re speaking of modern Britain, after all.

  • APL

    Natalie Solient: “If we want to convince people that vaccines are safe ..”

    And what if they aren’t? Should we still be convincing people that they are?

    I hesitate to post the following but, what the hell. For the first time during a ‘pandemic’ that is apparently so terrible that all social activity must be restricted, all private businesses curtailed – essentially, the whole private sector nationalized. I find that, I am three degrees of separation away from someone who has died.

    An elderly lady, who got through the worst of COVID, died today. Just ten days after being inoculated with one of the anti COVID ‘vaccines’.

    I suppose this will be one of those ‘adverse health events’.

  • Natalie Solent (Essex)

    APL, safety is always relative.

    The question is, is the vaccine safer than not having it?

    My point is that the suppression of open discussion of the risk from vaccination leads people to increase their estimate of the risk.

  • APL

    Natalie Solent: “APL, safety is always relative.”

    I agree, and the risk posed by COVID-19 in no way justifies the draconian totalitarian measures implemented by this filthy government.

    Natalie Solent: “The question is, is the vaccine safer than not having it?”

    Not for me, and probably not for the vast majority of people under 65. So, No.

    But it wouldn’t matter, if the decision to take the vaccine was left to the individual. But as I posted this morning, a post which appears to have been zapped. The government is planning to blackmail people to take the anti covid vaccine – ” Lock-down will not be lifted until everyone over 60 is vaccinated “.

    Paving the way for, you can’t open your business because Mr ZYX has refused to get inoculated, it’s his fault you are going bankrupt.

  • Flubber

    If COVID is so serious that vaccines need to be pushed so hard, why are all the alternative therapies suppressed?

    After all the “vaccines” are not vaccines in the clinical sense. They’ve already said, masks, social distancing etc will remain.

    So why not push Invermectin, like India, or use HCQ like we have for the last 60 years?

    The only answers to these questions to me are troubling. So I will not touch these so-called vaccines with a shitty stick.

    As for the “reductio ad Hitlerum” – man, that ship sailed a long time ago.

  • itellyounothing

    I can’t find it in my heart to condemn tacky leafleting compared to all the Conservative Cancer victims.

    But let’s keep being nice and that will surely work in the end.

  • Mr Ed

    Piers Corbyn is a very brave man, he has time and time again, defied the British state. He has, unfortunately, a number of propositions to put with which I fundamentally disagree, but, knowing what I now know, I would have preferred that his brother won the 2019 General Election rather than Mr Johnson and his gang of sinister buffoons, as that would have given the possibility that Piers Corbyn would have talked his brother round from some or possibly all of the tyrannical measures that the Conservative party has so readily imposed and maintained. I am reminded of John Major boasting in 1997 ‘We have spent more than Labour promised to spend’ (in 1992) as if that were an achievement. Mr Johnson could have boasted ‘We have spent more, and regulated your lives in a more totalitarian way, than Labour could possibly have dared hope for.‘ again, as if that were an achievement.

    Long live Piers Corbyn, a man of physical and moral courage, whatever his faults.

  • Paul Marks

    It is strange – in the United States the anti lockdown movement is a movement of the right (my “tribe”), of people such as Governor Kristi Noem and Governor Ron De Santis – and the leading people in the Senate who are arguing for a different medical approach are people such as Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ron Johnson (also people of the right – of my “tribe”).

    In Britain the anti lockdown movement is led, at least publicly, by people of the LEFT such as Piers Corbyn (also an opponent of the C02-emissions-control-the-climate theory) and people with a history of mental illness – such as Mr David Icke.

    This is not so odd internationally – as such historically left wing dictators as the rulers of Belarus and Nicaragua refused to “lockdown” and destroy their countries.

    Mr Ed knows that historically I was no friend of Daniel Ortega (to put the matter mildly) – but now I find myself on the same side as this brutal and corrupt dictator on several things.

    I would rather prefer it if it was someone like David Davis M.P. or Steve Baker M.P. who had led the anti lockdown movement over the last year – rather than Mr Piers Corbyn.

    I am an old man, used to my tribe, but this great matter does seem to go beyond tribe.

  • Paul Marks

    I am reminded of an old Spiderman cartoon.

    The forces of evil are taking over the Earth – controlling minds and seeking to turn human life into that of an insect nest.

    Spiderman finds that only a few very powerful minds (such as his own – or perhaps his Spider element gives him immunity) can resist the mind control – very powerful minds AND criminal (yes CRIMINAL) minds.

    If I remember rightly there is no long lasting alliance between Spiderman and the criminals – but even as a child I thought it would be more interesting if they had been.

    If Spiderman had found that he had to ally with criminal minds, with thieves, rapists and murderers, to defeat the greater evil – the evil of the Hive Mind Control.

    For, make no mistake, the aim of “Davos” (for want of a better word), of the international governmental and Corporate elite (going right back to such things as the “nonbinding” Agenda 21 agreed in 1992 – by JOHN MAJOR, GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH and all the other establishment types), is totalitarianism – gradual at first, but total later on.

  • Bruce

    ALL of the civil serpents, politicians, churnalists, “A-Listers” and academics should set an example and go first.

    That should provide a suitable “beta” testing of the product.

    I am as far removed from being an “anti-vaxxer” as is possible, HOWEVER, this entire caper has been purely POLITICAL from BEFORE “Day 1”.

  • staghounds

    I would be ashamed to admit that I feared anything that Piers Corbyn cared to say.

  • APL

    For a brief instant on reading the article headline a thrill of delight ran up my spine, of course it was Piers Corbyn and not Piers Morgan that got arrested. Ah well, one can hope.

  • APL

    It’s not a vaccine, it’s an experimental form of gene therapy.

    It’s an experiment.

    Oh, and by the way. I’m going to send £10 to the victim of this instance of Police stupidity.

  • Penseivat

    If, as you suggested, the civil servants, etc, had the jabs first to prove the vaccines are safe, what makes you think that these people will receive anything more than distilled water? There will be a loads of publicity and a lot of politicians saying, “See, there’s nothing to worry about.” and they will then bring out the real vaccine for the rest of us.

  • JohnK

    I read that Boris Johnson is boasting that he is the “Brexit Hezza”, in other words that his policies are those of Heseltine with Brexit attached.

    Is Johnson really Heseltinian? Does he even know what it means? Maybe. He has massively expanded the reach of the state, in ways which have literally never been done before, even in wartime. Heseltine believed in government intervention, but Johnson has taken it to another level.

    So perhaps the fat oaf of Downing St really is a Super Heseltine. He doesn’t really believe in anything much, apart from his own personal march to greatness. When he was a journalist he used to make fun of the green agenda, now he is prime minister he is all for it. Why? I don’t know. Apparently he finds it hard to rub along on his £150k salary, what with all the kids and exes to support, and there will be a lot of money for him in Big Green when he leaves No 10. Does he have any other agenda than that? I don’t think so.

    Let’s face it, he won because he said he would get Brexit done, and Corbyn, a true Brexiteer, was hijacked by the likes of Starmer into offering a dog’s breakfast of a “renegotiation” and a second referendum. Who couldn’t beat that? Well, Brexit has been “done”, in an unsatisfactory way, and Johnson has turned into a Big Government machine politician somewhat to the left of Joe Biden. The best thing I hope to see in the near future is the door of No10 closing on his fat arse.

    Fuck off, Boris. You won’t be missed.

  • APL

    JohnK: “Fuck off, Boris. You won’t be missed.”

    I am APL, and I endorse that message. Although, I would add, ‘and take the Tory party with you’.

    And by the way, stand by for the government fascists to be knocking on your door, if you choose not to take the vaccine.

  • Some on this thread seems to be venting a bit – very understandable, but not very helpful.

    There are worse things than Boris in the world. Corbyn is one of them. Sturgeon is another. (And there are worse things than them in the world too.) I live in Scotland. Some readers live in the US; we in the UK are not still living in the EU after a second vote, well garnished with fraud, reversed Brexit – or after our elites ruled that no second vote was needed, the first being merely ‘advisory’.

    It is very objectionable that much liberty has been taken, only to be returned after many have taken a vaccine. It would (could?) be worse still if that liberty were not to be returned for any excuse. There is less reason to think the vaccine itself phoney than much other science around this; it was developed in haste but by people who wanted it to work. That haste means it doubtless has a bit more risk than the annual flue jab but clearly not that much. As far as that very slight danger is concerned, we would surely endure more to get freedom back. I understand the humiliation of its sometimes seeming a part of taking all this more seriously than we should but I advise each pick their redline with more care.

    Meanwhile, the vaccine is the gift that will keep on giving for a while yet as regards exposing the EU and the remoaners. It’s not the part of this I would make too much fuss about in itself (unless far more evidence for a net harm versus protection emerged).

  • John B

    Was his point about safety, or the fact vaccination has been promoted as the path to freedom from masks and lockdowns: freedom to travel abroad, get on a plane, go on a cruise, to keep your job, to associate, enjoy your property?

    It is not offensive at all, it is parodying political deceit. Of course the political class and their acolytes (includes the police these days) are not amused.

  • lucklucky

    What is the point of Brexit if Boris and who whatever will came after him are also a proponent of the Administrative State?

  • pete

    The suppression of the views of odd characters like Mr Corbyn doesn’t make me wonder what the government is trying to hide.

    Our increasingly intolerant rulers, elected and unelected, don’t seek to conceal the truth. They are convinced they are right about everything, cleverer and more caring than us and that they are telling us the truth. They just want our unquestioning obedience.

    If free speech and democracy stand in the way of this obedience they can be dispensed with.

  • JohnK


    You have my sincere sympathies for having to live under Scottish National Socialism. My hope would be the Salmond v Sturgeon infighting will tear the SNP apart. Nicola tried to do a Trotsky on Salmond and failed. Big, big mistake Nicola. Huge.

    Sadly, many of your fellow Scots seem to be so attached to big government and hatred of the English that a bedrock of support for the national socialist party seems assured no matter what. A very bad situation all round.

  • Sigivald

    After all the “vaccines” are not vaccines in the clinical sense.

    What clinical sense is that, specifically?

    A substance that causes the immune system to react appropriately to an infectious agent sounds like a “vaccine” in every respect that can possibly matter.

    This is verging on the level of the ludicrous 20-plus-year-old-arguments that “HIV isn’t a real thing because you can’t get it to breed in a petri dish”, because the people who were arguing that simply could not comprehend the idea of viruses, or a model of infectious disease that pre-dated their discovery was not an eternal gold standard.

    (I am absolutely willing to believe vaccination for Covid is overhyped, just as the dangers of Covid itself have been.

    But I want data before I believe things like “vaccine more harmful than disease” for this one, and “an old lady died ten days after it thus it caused her to die” is not data. It’s barely even !@#!@ anecdote.)

  • bobby b

    “What is the point of Brexit if Boris and who whatever will came after him are also a proponent of the Administrative State?”

    Isn’t the point that it is YOUR Administrative State, to shrink or grow as your own citizens see fit?

    Steps. It’s all about steps.

  • Paul Marks

    Agreed bobby b – eventually Mr Johnson will be gone, and (if I am not kicked out of the party again) I will get a vote on who will be the new leader.

    I still believe that if David Davis has defeated David Cameron for the Conservative Party leadership this would be a better country today – David Davis is a “details man” he does not sign agreements without READING them (you may be astonished – but it is standard practice for a politician to sign whatever officials put in front of them, without reading it). And he has openly expressed doubts about Covid policy – for example the chronic neglect of Vitamin D in the British diet.

  • SteveD

    ‘I am absolutely willing to believe vaccination for Covid is overhyped, just as the dangers of Covid itself have been.’

    Of course the vaccine is hyped. Vaccines in general have always been hyped, although they have wiped out two strains of wild Small Pox and one strain of Wild Polio. But hyped doesn’t mean useless. Those who are less susceptible to Covid are also much less likely to see harmful effect from the vaccine. Based on the data I’ve seen, I will eventually get the Covid vaccine although since Covid itself isn’t that dangerous to my demographic (age 55-60), I can afford to wait until those who need it more than I do, get it.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr P. Corbyn may say some silly things at times – but he did NOT create Covid 19.

    We now know, indeed we have known from the start, that the Covid 19 virus was worked on at the Chinese research centre in Wuhan – before it “escaped” (or was deliberately released – that part is uncertain).

    But who funded that research? Astonishingly it was NOT the Chinese government (even though the research centre belongs to them) – the work was funded, indirectly (via a corporations – outsourcing) by TONY FAUCI’S American government agency.

    Will Dr Fauci be arrested?

    Do not hold your breath (no Covid pun intended) for that.

    Fauci and the others are not going to be arrested – no more than Election Riggers are going to be arrested.

    400 hundred thousand dead Americans – as many as World War II, and Dr Fauci is a treated as a Media Darling.

    By the way – Dr Fauci takes large amounts of Vitamin D. every day, the ordinary population do not (because he does not tend to stress this in his media interviews).

    High vitamin D levels reduce your chances of developing the sickness.

    But say that Tony Fauci got the disease anyway?

    Then he would rush for the Early Treatment that he knows reduces the chance of hospitalisation by at least 80% – the same treatment he SMEARS for everyone else.

    I repeat there is no chance of Dr Fauci being arrested – any more than there is a chance that the “SAGE” people who have done such terrible harm in the United Kingdom will be arrested.

    “Look people, here is Piers Corbyn – he is a VERY BAD man. SAGE? Oh they are wise and noble – obey all their orders, on Covid and on the Climate Change Emergency”.

  • APL

    Sigivald: “and “an old lady died ten days after it thus it caused her to die” is not data.”

    No, it is not. But that wasn’t really the point. This is the first death I have experienced, and I live in a modest sized city, and as I said, that three degrees of separation ( someone I know, knows someone who knew someone who died ). Yet we’ve supposedly just lived through the 21st century equivalent of the ‘black death’*, a pandemic so terrible, that the Tories, supposedly a freedom loving, free-market party, confined the population to their homes, just took control ( effectively nationalized ) all private businesses in the country, and started printing cash like it was going out of fashion.

    Yet at the end of the pandemic, which I’ve miraculously survived. I know one person who’s death is remotely connected to COVID.

    And all this, to save the NHS – or variants around the world, thereof. And, that was going to take three weeks.

    * Perhaps you’ll remember the MSM waxing lyrical about all the temporary mortuaries the government was setting up all around the country. Yet the ONS reports the death rate for 2020 was actually lower than 2003.

  • Mr Ed

    Paul, a correction, if you please.

    he does not sign agreements without READING them (you may be astonished – but it is standard practice for a politician to sign whatever officials put in front of them, without reading it).

    I offer you Kenneth Clarke QC (i.e. One of Her Majesty’s Counsel, an eminent (political) barrister). it is standard practice for a politician to sign whatever officials put in front of them, without reading it, and to effectively brag about voting for something they haven’t read, as he did with respect to the Maastricht Treaty.

    Not reading what you approve (Clarke voted for it without reading it) is a badge of honour to them, methinks.

  • bobby b

    The little people read it.

  • Gingerdave


    Most studies show that hydroxychloroquine has no effect on Covid-19, with or without azithromycin – whether on survival, duration of hospital stays or need for oxygen therapy.
    Several other studies show that although HCQ can affect Covid in vitro, the doses required are hazardous when administered to patients – a high incidence of heart failure.
    At best, there’s no proof that HCQ is effective. At worst, it’s dangerous.

    Vitamin D deficiency is observed in Covid-19 patients – but there’s no evidence that elevated levels (compared to normal) are protective.

    Ivermectin is another uncertain one. No significant effect on viral loads, but possible earlier recovery from loss of sense of smell.
    Like HCQ, ivermectin is effective in vitro but in vivo there’s no consensus.

  • JohnK


    I agree with you about David Davis, he would have been a much better PM than Cameron. For some reason, after Cameron gave a vapid little speech about sunlight and flowers to the Conservative party, the press all rushed to support him. It seemed a bit suspicious even at the time.


    You are right about the temporary mortuaries. One was set up in my area, and a few months ago it was “mothballed”. The local paper reported it was going to be manned by a “skeleton staff”. Honestly.

  • Surellin

    Sigh. Hate speech = speech somebody hates. That’s pretty much all speech, including “It’s a nice day, isn’t it?”.