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We don’t need state planning to recover from the bug – we need the opposite

“Though you can’t move for pundits and politicians demanding more public spending, the big lesson of the postwar recoveries is that with robust consumer and investor confidence there is negligible need for government stimulus. History, not abstract theory, shows that the best way to boost growth after a ‘wartime’ period such as the pandemic is for the state to take a step back. This is particularly true with unemployment, which is undoubtedly a top priority, given the millions who have been furloughed or laid off in the last year. There will be countless calls for schemes and subsidies to support various groups. But we should take our cue here from post-war America, where household spending and private investment were the key ingredients for getting people back into work. Ministers should also be hard-headed about withdrawing support from companies which are no longer viable, especially once restrictions are removed. Overall, the lesson of the postwar recoveries is a simple one: with robust consumer and investor confidence, there is negligible need for government stimulus. The best way to repair the damage is not through schemes, subsidies and special treatment, but by getting out of the way and giving markets the flexibility they need.”

Jethro Elsden

We are going to get a lot of folk claiming that recovering from COVID-19 justifies a bigger state. We see this sort of commentary from the likes of former UK policy advisor Nick Timothy, who constantly talks about how Tory MPs must shed their suspicion of “industrial strategy” (translation: getting politicians and bureaucrats to support sectors they favour and predict what will be hot and what will not). Given the UK’s sorry history in this regard, it is hard to have to summon breath to point to the foolishness of this.

31 comments to We don’t need state planning to recover from the bug – we need the opposite

  • pete

    Times have changed.

    What has worked before might not work again.

    Economic booms don’t mean jobs booms any longer, and if they do they often mean lots of low paid, insecure jobs with terrible terms and conditions, plus a few more good jobs on the public payroll.

    New circumstances demand new solutions.

  • New circumstances demand new solutions.

    So back to 1970s state planning, eh? Yeah that’s new 😜

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    Pete, no, I would say that wartime, given the devastation and the sort of massive widening of state power that occurred during it and in some countries, afterwards, is an excellent subject for study so that we don’t make the same mistakes. “Those who ignore the lessons of history…..”, etc.

    You claim that “economic booms don’t mean job booms any longer”. Every time there is a new type of tech, the Luddites predict misery, crap jobs, low pay. They were wrong before and I confidently predict, will be wrong next time. When the dotcom era came along, there were gazillions of jobs in programming, engineering, etc. Many were very well paid. And a damn sight safer than shoveling coal underground or hitting metal with a hammer.

    There is this mistaken assumption about the “good old days” where everyone worked in big factories with supposed jobs for life. As shown by your previous comments about Uber drivers, you evince a pathological dislike of anyone who isn’t working in a fixed job, not in a trade union, not being taxed to hell, etc.

  • Jon Eds

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” should have all of us fleeing in terror.


    “I’m a scientist and I’m here to help”

    Where did I leave my lamp post?

    With Brexit and the damage from the lockdown (not Covid) to recover from, the very last thing we need is the government trying to direct the economy. Keep taxes and interest rates low for a year, temporarily reduce the scope of labour laws, to allow people to discover new ways to make a living.

  • Mr Ed

    I was thinking of posting something along the lines of this post, the ‘Covid-response’ is a perfect example of central planning: Gross output indicators, diktats, agitation and propaganda to the point of absurdity, censorship, pointless rules harshly enforced, ceasing of non-approved activities, opinions of ‘scientists’ treated as ‘science’, targets moved to suit political whims, concealment of errors, total indifference to human nature and suffering, and of course, mass death. And it seems students and the young and the new kulaks, to blame for ‘the virus’ even as care homes are seeded with the sick.

    Welcome to today’s Conservative party.

  • bobby b

    “Economic booms don’t mean jobs booms any longer . . . “

    When did that stop? Unemployment was quite low and dropping in the US until Covid hit. Especially unemployment amongst historically unemployed populations.

    “New circumstances demand new solutions.”

    “Agree entirely!”, he said as he oiled his weapons.

  • Paul Marks

    Endless government spending – and Corporatism, “public private partnerships” in an international Corporate State (“Stakeholder Capitalism” for “Sustainable Development”, “Build Back BETTER”, “Great Reset”).

    It will, eventually, come to an end – but not by political debate. It will be ended by economic collapse – as I have said before “the end will be terrible (I will not survive it), but at least it will be the end”.

    I remember being very unkind to Mr Putin’s employees Max Keiser and his wife Stacy Herbert (I think I once, in a comment, called her Rosa Klebb – people had been poisoned in the United Kingdom on the orders of Mr Putin, but that was NOT the fault of Stacy Herbert, so I am very sorry indeed for my thuggish manners), however, they are no longer saying that the ever expanding Welfare State can be carried on if only we get rid of the “banksters” – they are now noticing that the public are much the same as the “banksters”, in the sense that Frederick Bastiat noticed two centuries ago.

    If “free money” is on offer, at first to the elite (the bankers and so on) soon EVERYONE wants the free money – and at that point society collapses.

    Contrary to the Sky television “Devils” (Disney owns Sky entertainment) Greece was not bankrupted by greedy banksters – (crooks though they may be) – Greece was bankrupted by the government trying to provide all the “basic needs” of the population.

    The “banksters” just played along (in return for a share of the wild spending) – and they are doing the same in essentially every Western country now.

    In short – Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser are more correct than incorrect.

    Yes we have reached that stage – the wildest anti Western propaganda that “RT” could find (and pay for) is now mostly TRUE.

    It may not have been true when Max Keiser started broadcasting (originally on Iranian television – at least I think so), but it has become true (mostly true).

  • Paul Marks

    “Virus” – Agenda 21 (“legally nonbinding” till it is legally binding – via “Policy” and national and local regulations) was passed in 1992, so it has nothing to do with Covid 19.

    And Klaus Schwab’s book on “Stakeholder Capitalism” (his name for Fascism – the Corporate State) came out in 1971 – so it is nothing to do with the Global Warming theory (which did not exist in 1971 – it was Global Cooling back then) – but Klaus Schwab, and the rest of the international establishment, will pretend “Sustainable Development” (government and corporate control of every aspect of life) is justified by Global Warming – even though their plans were written before this theory existed. The “solution” was created before the problem.

    No one will dissent – after all if you dissent you go the way of President Trump, OUT (in his case by a rigged election) and then legal persecution, more and more of it.

    A bullet in the back of the head would be less sadistic – but the international establishment elite are not “into” mercy, they prefer sadism.

  • Paul Marks

    Covid 19.

    The nations that did not lockdown do NOT have a higher death rate than countries such as the United Kingdom, that did lockdown. So the economic damage did NOT “save lives”. Whether it was a poor northern country like Belarus, or a poor southern country like Nicaragua – not locking down did NOT lead to piles of dead people in the streets.

    High levels of Vitamin D3 would have reduced the number of people who developed the disease by about half – governments did NOT suggest this to the people (Fauci in America did it for himself – but was rather quite in relation to other people, he “talks a lot – but says little”).

    There are also Early Treatments for Covid 19 – they could have saved at least 80% of the people who died, the international establishment did not push these treatments, it systematically SMEARED them.

    I will type that again – they had Early Treatments that could have saved at least 80% of the people who died, and they systematically SMEARED Early Treament.

    And then there is the virus itself – a natural virus, tweaked a bit in “Gain of Function” research in Wuhan, it then “escapes” the lab (or was released).

    But who funded that Gain of Function research?

    Indirectly (via a corporation) Dr Fauci’s American government agency (the same agency that smeared Early Treatment) funded that research.

    Official Death Figures.

    In the United Kingdom over 121 thousand people have died, in the United States it may be over 500 thousand – almost 50 thousand in New York State alone (Governor Cuomo did everything he could to increase casualties – that is not a typo, INCREASE casualties).

    From a natural virus that was tweaked in Gain of Function research – and for which Early Treatment existed, but was SMEARED. They did not even tell people to increase their Vitamin D3 levels – on the contrary they locked people down which meant that Vitamin D levels FELL (if you are not out every day your Vitamin D level drops almost at once – unless you are getting a lot in your diet, or from supplements).

    Think about the nature of an international establishment that would do all the above – what would they NOT to, to achieve their “Reset”?

    There is nothing they would not do – nothing at all.

  • djm

    We don’t need state planning to recover from the bug – we need the opposite…

    The best of luck with getting the political class on board with that.

    Now the present incumbents in UK Government have discovered how easy it is to rule by edict – no need to involve the tiresome electorate – expect more of the same. And the Opposition must be wetting themselves in anticipation of being able to get themselves onto the controls.

    Road to Serfdom beckons

  • staghounds

    The best way to increase your votes,power and patronage is through schemes, subsidies and special treatment, not by getting out of the way and giving markets the flexibility they need.


  • Pete the Other

    “… policy advisor Nick Timothy” – of course, if his advice was not to have a strategy he’d be out of a job.

    To put it another way, firing all the policy advisors (looking at you, SAGE) sounds like a pretty good way out of the lockdowns.

  • GamecockJerry

    Pete is an adherent to the “It’s different this time”. Sorry Pete, it’s not. Humans and human has not changed for thousands of years.

  • George Atkisson

    Paul Marks –

    Excellent summary. The International Ruling Class has its own objectives, and feel that they now have the tools and power to achieve them. No need to conceal their goals and disdain any longer. Everyone outside their ‘club’ is just a resource to be manipulated and used.

  • Nessimmersion

    Not just the USA, learn the lessons of:
    1) Ludwig Erhard – 1948》W German booming economy.
    2) Cowperthwaite- Hong Kong boom.
    etc, once we can admit there are lessons to be learned, the likes of Pete who wish to emulate Venezuela can be ignored.

  • JohnK


    As you are no doubt aware, Boris Johnson has called himself the “Brexit Hezza”.

    So there we have it. Johnson, elected above all else to achieve “Brexit”, which he did, albeit in a most unsatisfactory way, has now decided he is to be a modern Heseltine.

    I despair of Johnson. As a journalist, he seemed to be a cheerful libertarian who mocked the green lunacy. As a prime minister, he has adopted the Great Reset with alacrity, and now poses as the heir to Heseltine, the great corporatist, who did everything in his power to destroy Margaret Thatcher, the most successful prime minister the Conservative party ever had, or will have.

    What are we to make of him? Has he absolutely no guiding principles whatsoever? That is how it appears. He seems totally cowed by his Green girlfriend. He airily announced the end of petrol cars as if it was something akin to charging 10p for a plastic bag. He claims to think Britain will be the Saudi Arabia of wind power.

    Seriously, what is to be done with this man? I have never put much faith in politicians, but I have never felt quite so let down as I have been by Boris Johnson. If the Conservative party cannot get rid of him, then they have my complete contempt.

  • APL

    “We don’t need state planning to recover from the bug – we need the opposite”

    We don’t need to recover from the ‘bug’ ( it was a virus, but heh! ). The per capita mortality as reported by the ONS is less last year than 2003. What happened last year was a devastating bout of mass hysteria. I blame women having more influence in societal organization – being by nature, more risk averse, and wanting everyone to ‘stay safe’, ( an insipid phrase ), but most of all, I blame the BBC.

    The BBC is a domestic terrorist organisation and should be shut down.

    We need to recover from the ruinous policies of the last year. Take heart, Neil Fergusson has already told us it will take decades.

  • APL

    Paul Marks: “people had been poisoned in the United Kingdom [allegedly] on the orders of Mr Putin,”

    Fixed that for you, Paul.

    The Tory party is not a political party, it is an extension, like the Labour party of the ‘deep state’. They acted for the deep state in the Skripal affair. Labour would have been just as obedient.

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    APL writes: “We don’t need to recover from the ‘bug’ ( it was a virus, but heh! ).”

    A lot of people have died with/of covid. We will not know the final death toll and see how it stacks up against bad flu seasons of the recent past. I think some of the coverage of it has been hysterical, but the toll amongst the elderly/vulnerable has been particularly severe. Even without lockdowns, a lot of people would have practiced social distancing, etc, so there would have been a hit to economic life.

    “I blame women having more influence in societal organization – being by nature, more risk averse, and wanting everyone to ‘stay safe’, ( an insipid phrase ), but most of all, I blame the BBC.”

    That women are making society more risk-averse might have credibility, I don’t know. It is probably more about ageing, in my view. We do increasingly live in what the US commentator Rollo Tomassi has called a “gynocentric social order” and sees an increase in emotionalism/risk aversion. That said, a lot of bureaucracy and the instruments for squashing risk taking arose a long time ago before more recent trends. We are just seeing its full effects now. And as for the ladies, it’s not as if there are not a lot of risk-averse men making life worse. Unlike the reactionaries out there, I don’t support keeping women confined to the home. I happen to believe in the right of humans to flourish to their fullest extent, regardless of their sex, and do so in a way that respects the normal freedoms of interaction in civil society.

    “The BBC is a domestic terrorist organisation and should be shut down.” That is insane. The BBC is an imperfect, biased organisation funded from a tax, which should be ended forthwith. But calling it a “domestic terrorist organisation” is so mad that it is the sort of rhetoric that makes you look barmy. (I knew two BBC journalists there who were killed by actual terrorists, not ones in the heated imagination of blog commenters.)

  • APL

    Johnathan Pearce: “A lot of people have died with/of covid.”

    Big difference between with and of, my personal favorite was Eddie Large, who according to the BBC died with COVID. Just gotta ram the COVID reference into the headline to drum up the fearsome hysteria.

    Two thirds of the way down the page, you find out he went into hospital suffering from heart failure from his second heart.

    And then you learn that he caught COVID in hospital.

    Or the motorcycle accident victim who died with COVID.

    Or right back at the beginning of the hysteria, the government slipped through that a mere pronouncement of COVID, was sufficient on a death certificate, no examination necessary.

    But I’ve posted in the archives, the breakdown of so called COVID victims,supplied by the ONS. Dimentia, diabetics alongside age as the primary comorbidity.

    Johnathan Pearce (London): “And as for the ladies, it’s not as if there are not a lot of risk-averse men making life worse.”

    Outside of the CIVIL Service or the Local authority administrators, risk averse men don’t usually go too far. Almost every organisation is a rough triangle with the apex at the top. Most men never ( can’t, by definition ) get half way up the hierarchy – You have to have a certain aggression and determination and ruthlessness that many men don’t have.

    Nowadays if you’re in possession of a vagina, you get the express elevator to the top. Regardless of your abilities, where you are free to wreck havoc ( Ms Sturgeon ) or Cara Fiorina or Elizabeth Holmes

    Johnathan Pearce: [BBC] “That is insane.”

    That is factual.

    Johnathan Pearce: “I knew two BBC journalists there who were killed by actual terrorists, not ones in the heated imagination of blog commenters.”

    I don’t really know what relevance that has to the price of fish? There is terrorism where you shoot and blow people up, the BBC has supported a fair number of those, and there is terrorism where you terrorize a given population, the BBC is guilty of the latter.

  • Paul Marks

    APL – Mr Putin does order the murder of political opponents, including in the United Kingdom.

    Just because “our team” (Britain and the United States – including the intelligence and security services) have been revealed to be bad (bad to the bone) – that does not mean that Team Putin are any good (they are not).

    George Atkisson – thank you Sir.

    JohnK – all I can do is “hold my hands up”.

    I voted for Mr Johnson to be leader to the Conservative Party – even though I was warned that he was not Conservative on such things as government spending and regulations.

    I, very stupidly, ignored the warmings.

  • JohnK


    It was hardly your fault. You were given the choice of Johnson or a man so dull I cannot remember his name, but who had been a remainer.

    After the Mrs May debacle, it was obvious that the next PM had to believe in Brexit, which Boris Johnson gave every appearance of doing. We now have a form of Brexit which is unsatisfactory in many ways, especially the Irish Sea border, but at least it has been done.

    Now Boris Johnson has turned into a Green control freak, which is absolutely not something anyone could have seen coming. If you had ordered him on Amazon you’d send him back, but for the time being we are stuck with him, more’s the pity. The sooner he’s gone, the better.

  • Paul Marks


    Some of what you say makes sense, but some does not fit the facts.

    For example, governments being “risk adverse” does not fit with them NOT telling people to increase their Vitamin D3 levels. And cowardly people would be grasping at any treatment – not SMEARING Early Treatments as the Western establishment have done. Even after a year into all this governments are STILL getting in the way of both the use of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin, and getting in the way of the use of ivermectin and dexamethasone. Far from being desperate to save lives – they (the international establishment – for this is very much “top-down” from international bodies) seem to have other interests.

    You seem to have accepted the idea that they were out to save lives – but that theory does not fit their behaviour. As you know, when a theory does not the fit the facts – we need need to find a different theory to explain the international establishment behaviour.

    Their behaviour, their orders, are not about saving lives – so we need to try and work out what their objective actually is.

    As for being female or being old.

    Well Klaus Schwab is male – and he certainly was not “old” when he published his book on Stakeholder Capitalism in 1971.

    “Who says what is happening now is connected with the 1971 book?” – well he does, after all he has openly said (many times) that his “Great Reset” book is an updating of his existing (Corporate State – Fascist) ideas (going back to 1971 – indeed to before that).

    This is why “conspiracy” is the wrong word for all this – after all, for example, the Great Reset Agenda 2030 (used to be Agenda 21) video was on the World Economic Forum website – till only a few months ago. It was not hidden away – it was shoved in our faces.

    “You will own nothing – and you will be happy” (or else!). Governments and a few vast “pet” Corporations are to control everything – and we are to be “happy” serfs.

    They do not hide the fact they want to use Covid 19 (and the Climate Change Emergency, and “anti racism”, and ……_) for this purpose – they shout their objective from the roof tops.

    That does not mean they deliberately created Covid 19 (although they may have done – “Gain of Function” research), or that they released it on purpose (it may have been a accident – although they were roleplaying these events a few months before they happened), but they have certainly taken advantage of all this.

    There has been no “oh we can reduce deaths by 80% – not perfect, but that is something we really must do!”

    It has been “f*** off – we need this to be dramatic”.

    Come to think of it…..

    Mass killing (or, at least, smearing ways of reducing the deaths) in order to inspire TERROR in order to get POLICY CHANGES.

    Is that not the definition of terrorism J.P.?

    Large numbers of deaths, to inspire terror, in order to get the policy changes (the Great Reset) they want.

    Remember the World Economic Forum may have started out as “entirely private and voluntary” – but it is now joined at the hip with the United Nations (1992 is when Agenda 21 started to get pushed) and United Nations agencies such as the “World Health Organisation” – which is not headed by a medical doctor, it is led by a Marxist doctor of philosophy from Ethiopia who does what the People’s Republic of China tells him to do (and always has).

    There was a big event in Wuhan about all this – that event occurred in 2019. Yes (yes) that could have been a coincidence. But clearly China was very much on board with the international governance agenda – and “President” Xi is clearly seen as very senior in the international order (because he is very senior in the international order – no one takes Puppet Biden seriously).

    As for terror….

    To be fair, I see no sign of terror around where I live.

    People outwardly obey, whilst inwardly being rather annoyed.

  • APL

    Sir Graham Braidy “I don’t think it’s necessary, I think what we’ve got at the moment is a great many people who are quite afraid, who have been frightened by a communications strategy over the last eleven months that has been extraordinary effective and has left a lot of people worried, so we have a lot of people who are quite worried about going out and doing things ..[ ].. I’m not at all sure it’s necessary ” ( more reasonable sentiments, perhaps – but saying essentially the same thing ).

    The government enlisted the BBC, a willing participant, in it’s operation to terrorize the British population. It’s why the government will never do anything ‘about’ the BBC.

    Paul Marks:”Just because “our team” ”

    The group currently running the UK is not ‘my team’.

  • The biggest difference between C-19 and the state, is that you will usually recover from the C-19.

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    Perry, you wrote: “So back to 1970s state planning, eh? Yeah that’s new.”

    That’s the problem, isn’t it? Anyone much under sixty simply isn’t going to remember the 1970s. Ask a young person about the 1970s and their response is most likely to be something about terrible fashions. The general economic chaos of that time has largely been forgotten. The narrative – if not the reality – is that, for the last forty years, we’ve been living in a deregulated world. For them state planning is new, unfortunately.

  • APL

    Jen Psaki single handedly giving red heads a bad reputation.Believe me, around this manor that’s an up hill task.

    Don’t worry if your business in drowning in red ink, no longer has any customers. Joe Biden has nominated a woman to lead the small business administration.

  • Katy Hibbert

    The best thing the State can do is to butt out. As for Boris, he should ditch the woke, green babymomma and get himself a younger – or older – sexier climate-change sceptic. Of course that won’t last – he’s a total cad, but if he’s going to be led by his wotsit, then it may as well lead him to someone halfway sensible. Munira Mirza if she’s not already taken – better looking than Princess Nut Nut and vastly more sensible and intelligent.

  • Paul Marks

    APL – I must confess that when you say the government agencies of the United Kingdom (and the United States) are not “our team” I have some sympathy with what you say. My point was not to trust Mr Putin’s team either – they are very bad people, they really are.

    My own opinions have changed a lot in the last couple of years – if you had told me 2019 that government agencies and international corporations would do the things they did in 2020 (the “lockdowns” and so on) I would have thought you were insane. But they have done these things so it is pointless someone like JP (or me) saying “you sound mad” when government agencies and corporations have done what they have done – there is no “prediction” here, there is just reporting what-has-happened.

    For example, “doctor” Fauci’s agency, indirectly, funded the “Gain of Function” research in Wuhan – why is the media not demanding that this man resign? Even if what happened was entirely accidental (although it has certainly been taken advantage of) Fauci was guilty of gross negligence and has not resigned, many other international officials (such as the utterly despicable people who make up the “World Health Organisation”) have been guilty, at the very least, of gross negligence – yet there is no campaign to make them resign either.

    Nor is it “just” Covid 19. A “little” matter of TWO MILLION DEAD (thanks to Fauci and others).

    The crimes of Mr Joseph Biden and his son Hunter Biden were known to the FBI since at least 2019 – yet Mr Joseph Biden was not arrested, indeed he is now “President” (at least officially – who knows who is really in charge).

    And we expected to believe that a man who could barely get a dozen people to watch his speeches on line got “80 million votes” – why not say 80 BILLION votes it would be no less absurd. And not everyone who watched Mr Biden on line voted for him – I know that because I (yes ME) am one of the tiny number of people who watched Mr Biden’s events (this is why I am NOT shocked about the child sexual mutilation stuff – he was talking about “eight year old” “trans” children during the campaign, I watched and listened to him talk about them) and I did not vote for Mr Biden – indeed I do not have a vote.

    I think it is quite likely that most of the (tiny number) of people actually watched the speeches of Mr Biden did NOT vote for him – so where are these “80 million votes” supposed to have come from?

    Mr Mark Zuckerberg openly admits spending almost 400 million Dollars on the election – he (the organisation he funds) decided where the polling stations would be, and how votes would be counted. This is all ILLEGAL – it goes against the State laws of such States as Pennsylvania. Yet the courts have done nothing – they have not ordered the arrest of Mr Zuckerberg and Mr Biden, they have done nothing at all. Even the gloating of Time Magazine (the “Shadow Campaign” article) has not shamed the “Justice” authorities into arresting the “Cabal” (not my word – Time magazine’s word, and they SUPPORT them).

    The FBI was given (I repeat) clear evidence of the bribes taken by the Biden family (for “the Big Guy” Joseph Biden) – it had that evidence in 2019 – yet it did not arrest Mr Joseph Biden. Mr Hunter Biden did more than take bribes and extort money – he engaged in depraved sexual crimes, including against under age people, and yet he has not been arrested either.

    And the “mainstream media” seems utterly disinterested in such things as the rigging of the 2020 election or the fact (and it is a fact) that Mr Joseph Biden is a criminal – who has been taking (and demanding) bribes for decades, and that his son, Hunter Biden, is a drug addict (Crack) and sexual criminal.

    No the FBI and so on are certainly not “our team” – and the British government goes along with all this, the British government treats the regime in America as a legitimate and law abiding government – which it is NOT.

    By the way I am well aware of the DEFENCE of both Joseph Biden and Hunter Biden.

    The defence of Joseph Biden is that he is no longer mentally competent – and, therefore, can not be charged with any crime (because he could not defend himself – and so a fair trial would be impossible) and the defence of Hunter Biden is that, as a Crack Addict, he is sincerely unaware of what he does sexually – that he has no idea of the age of the persons he is using, and whether they have been trafficked.

    I felt it only fair to put the DEFENCE of Joseph and Hunter Biden in this comment.

    However, I still find it disturbing that the mainstream media have covered all this up, and covered up the sexual crimes of many other members of the establishment. Although we now seem to be at a tipping point – what used to be denounced as “Conspiracy Theory” is now, almost, admitted and one is told that one is a “bigot” if one denounces their activities.

    And I also find it disturbing that the FBI and the “Justice” Department have done nothing either about the crimes of the Biden family, or the rigging of the 2020 election, or even about the illegal activities in relation to the 2016 election.

    It is now quite clear that Donald John Trump was SMEARED by American security and intelligence agencies in 2016 – that their “Steele Dossier” (from ex MI6 officer Steele) was a pack-of-lies. And it is also clear that operation “Crossfire Hurricane” and the follow up to it (the Mueller investigation) FRAMED such people as General Flynn and Mr Roger Stone.

    So the problem with the American law enforcement (“justice system”) agencies is two fold.

    They persecute the innocent, and they cover up the crimes of the guilty.

    I will repeat that – the American law enforcement (“justice system”) agencies, persecute the innocent and cover up the crimes of the guilty, and they do all this for partisan-political-reasons.

    Yet the mainstream media are indifferent to all the above.

  • Paul Marks

    To be fair to the mainstream media – there is increasing interest from them in at least one Democrat. Governor Cuomo of New York.

    Governor Cuomo deliberately ordered care homes to accept infected people – in order to spread infection in these care homes and increase the number of deaths. The more people die the more “Trump” will be blamed – was what Cuomo boasted to his staff (or did he? for although there is hard evidence of his insane orders, there is no recording of his comments – NONE AT ALL).

    Some of these members of staff are also claiming that Governor Cuomo sexually abused them and threatened them with various things if they resisted his advances – however, unlike with Hunter Biden, there is no filmed evidence of this (just what the ex staff members say – and they could be lying, one must be careful to maintain the presumption of innocence in the case).

    Is Governor Cuomo a monster responsible for many deaths on purpose – or was it just incredible incompetence and stupidity?

    Also is Governor Cuomo really a sexual criminal – or are various ex members of staff LYING about him?

    The media, or at least some of them, seem to be interested in finding out.

    It is even possible that the other Cuomo (CNN Cuomo) will have to look fo another job soon.

  • APL

    Paul Marks: ” however, unlike with Hunter Biden, there is no filmed evidence of this (just what the ex staff members say – and they could be lying, … )

    Well, yes Paul. They are most likely Democrats, so they could be lying. But in any case, as Joe Slow himself said, ‘If a woman said a thing, she should be believed’, bit of a hostage to fortune for ‘handy Joe’ but – at the moment, he’s also Teflon Joe so far as the US Press corp is concerned.

    Cuomo’s problem, is that Kamala doesn’t like him. It’s that, rather than the thought that he may have deliberately killed ten thousand helpless old folk, that’s the source of his current problems. (IMO)

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