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“Delivering the vaccine to the highest risk groups will dramatically reduce the impact on our health. We have already seen in Israel the number of infections falling, especially among the vaccinated, as well as significantly fewer serious illnesses and deaths. Once the UK has reached the stage where those most at risk have received both doses of the vaccine the argument for keeping all of us locked up disappears. We have struggled through a year more difficult than most of us could have ever imagined, and we owe an enormous debt to those who have struggled to keep others safe. Young people have lost jobs and livelihoods – not to protect themselves but to protect their loved ones, their colleagues, and complete strangers. Many will be left with fewer job prospects, fewer friends, more debt, and developing mental health concerns as a result of their sacrifice, and the least we can do to repay them is to not lock them up for a moment longer than necessary. The government needs to return our liberty to all of us, not just those who have been vaccinated.”

Emma Revell

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  • Not enough to just end these monstrous lockdowns. We need to work toward ensuring this can never happen again next time someone shouts “plague” when they want to massively extend state power.

  • SteveD

    ‘We have already seen in Israel the number of infections falling’

    Infections are falling everywhere and in many places far faster than Israel.


  • We are being chastised for being bad voters. For one reason or another, soldiers and razor wire will remain in DC, we will be told to keep the masks on and not go out, and four years from now, the Democrat candidate for President will get 97% of the vote. As for the rest of the planet, most of it seems unanimous about this, except for the name of the party that will get the 97%.

    It will be interesting to see which countries repurpose their lampposts.

  • APL

    SteveD: “infections are falling everywhere”.

    Because nearly ‘everywhere’ has achieved herd immunity. We could have had it ( herd immunity ) in May last year, but for our insane politicians, malignant ‘civil service’, and the lock-downs.

    Just ignore the PCR tests, they are up to 50% inaccurate. So when the BBC blurts out, ‘We know of X number of cases’ you know they know nothing of the sort.

  • Flubber

    Just ignore the PCR tests, they are up to 50% inaccurate. So when the BBC blurts out, ‘We know of X number of cases’ you know they know nothing of the sort.

    Oh they’re much worse than that.

    Thats why we have 100k deaths within 30 days of a test that will give a positive result for practically anything.

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    Among some of the other conclusions of this whole shitfest is that teaching unions, such as those in the US and UK, have behaved in a disgusting fashion. Even among “liberal” (in the misleading American sense) commentators have had enough with them.

    The Democrats’ support from labor unions, or at least those in the public sector, is a weakness, as it is for the Labour Party in the UK. Interestingly, blue-collar union members in sectors such as energy and manufacturing are less and less likely to vote Democrat because of that party’s wholesale Green agenda, which is terrible for jobs in areas such as fracking, transportation, engineering and forms of manufacturing.

  • John B

    Cases and deaths are falling everywhere because that’s what happens with epidemics – exponential rise, peak, decline. It is what happened last Spring. It had nothing to do with lockdowns or masks, because whether or not such measures have any measurable effect, the peak and decline started before any measures could take effect and the trajectory of the epidemic was identical in all Countries irrespective of what measures were introduced, when or at all.

    Winter ‘flu epidemics peak around year-end and decline through January and February – just look at the data for other years. That SARS CoV 2 is doing the same was predicted. Israel because of regional differences, started its Winter ‘flu season in early December, two months after Europe, so its peak and decline also are behind Europe.

    To correlates the natural decline of a Winter season virus with vaccination programme to prove causal relationship is sophistry. Nowhere has a vaccine been available long enough to produce measurable effects on admissions and deaths.

  • John B

    ‘ “Delivering the vaccine to the highest risk groups will dramatically reduce the impact on our health. ’

    The highest risk group is average age 80, with one or more debilitating comorbidity, therefore immobile, bed-ridden in institutions or at home with 12 months or less to live.

    The risk to anyone under 65 in good health is approaching zero, and above 65 and in good health, moderate to low. The data shows this. 95% of deaths in the high risk group.

    How on Earth can vaccinating the dying dramatically reduce the impact on ‘our’ health?

  • Paul Marks

    The countries that did not lockdown do not have a higher death rate than the countries (such as the United Kingdom) that did. So much for the virus – and if governments and Corporate media were concerned about deaths why did they not stress keeping up Vitamin D3 levels (that would have reduced development of the disease by about 50%), and why did they actively SMEAR Early Treatment – which could have saved about 80% of the people who died.

    But do not be silly Perry – you know a new (or rather not so new) excuse for unlimited government power is to hand. The Climate Change Emergency.

    The Economist Magazine will explain it all to you – you must be controlled in every aspect of your life, for your own good. Otherwise the planet will burn – and we will all die horribly.

    If you dissent then you are a “Conspiracy Theorist” – but people will have compassion for you, you will be sent to a nice place where you will be helped.

    Big Business, the education system, the media, and international government – are all agreed.

    What about nuclear power to reduce C02 emissions? SHUT UP! – nuclear power must also be destroyed, the enlightened ones have decided this.

  • Paul Marks

    No hydrocarbons and no nuclear power – that would mean about 100 million dead in the United States alone.

    Covid 19 – that virus that escaped (hopefully accidentally) from the Wuhan research lab, a virus that may well have been tweaked by “Gain of Function” research funded (indirectly) by Dr Fauci’s agency.

    400 hundred thousand dead – from a virus that would not have been about without government intervention, and which Early Treatments always existed for – which could have saved the vast majority of the people who died.

    Sorry but “vaccines” are not going to make me forget about all the avoidable deaths.

    And people who kill 400 thousand people by their policies, now plan policies that would kill a hundred million.

    No nuclear power in the United States and no hydrocarbons, on oil, gas or coal.

    That is a 100 million dead people – in the United States alone.

    A 100 million death people – due the same Progressive attitudes that killed 400 thousand people (in the United States alone) last year.

    And the media think it is all wonderful – as does the education system.

  • APL

    John B: “How on Earth can vaccinating the dying dramatically reduce the impact on ‘our’ health?”


    Paul Marks: “Covid 19 – that virus that escaped (hopefully accidentally) from the Wuhan research lab .. “

    Reports that COVID-19 vaccine appear to produce a distinct immune reaction in the human body, that is the human body identifies it as an intrusion distinct from COVID-19, might go someway to explain why the authorities seem to have been a pains to forewarn us that the vaccine will not confer immunity to reinfection, nor will precautions against COVID-19 be rendered unnecessary after vaccination. The British government, and all other governments that are mandating ( or attempting to mandate ) vaccination against COVID-19, are effectively ‘tagging’ their populations with a unique marker.

    After all, even Jen Psaki admits that continued precautions will be necessary after the population has been vaccinated. Whatever benign reason ( giving the benefit of the doubt ) our government has for introducing a unique identifier to its population, there is no reason to think China ( which kicked this whole charade off ) may have the same intention.

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