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This proves what I always said about Brexit!

Says absolutely everyone.

UK faces Brexit limbo after talks deadline missed

Britain risks weeks without trade transition plans from 1 January after missing EU parliament Sunday deadline

– The Guardian last night.

Europe shuts door on Britain over fears of mutant virus

• Countries ban UK travellers as Covid cases rise by 50% in a week • Health secretary admits new strain is ‘out of control’

Britain’s border with France was closed last night with all travellers and lorry drivers blocked from leaving and the EU ready to ban all arrivals to the bloc.

Fears were mounting of gridlock on roads in Kent as the Channel Tunnel said that its services would be suspended at 11pm yesterday amid an international scramble to quarantine Britain over a faster-spreading variant of coronavirus.

Flights, ferries and trains from Britain are expected to be banned by Brussels after a wave of European countries including Italy, the Netherlands and Ireland implemented bans on arrivals. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and Sweden also announced travel bans. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, said no flights from the UK would be allowed to land for 72 hours, a move which came into effect at midnight.

– The Times this morning.

“Hey, Brexshitters, Macron just proved that being a member of the EU does not mean you lose control of your borders. This just proves how idiotic your “sovereignty” argument was.”

“Hey, Remoaners, all the awful things you said were going to happen if we left the EU without a deal are happening anyway. Might as well make it official.”

P.S. This proves what I always said about Covid, too.

17 comments to This proves what I always said about Brexit!

  • Mark

    Our trade is going to be refocusing away from toytown Austria-Hungary going forward in any case (as I believe it has been for quite a few years now). If they want to speed that up well, as a famous Italian once said, “don’t interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake”.

    Of course, there is no impact on toytown Austria-Hungary from this (I’m sure any EU lorry drivers stuck in queues, like good Euro-samurai, will just endure anything for “the project”). And, double of course, there wont be any mutations of the virus anywhere in the EU.

    And I’m sure frog fish peasants are laughing at our “sovereignty”

  • Paul Marks

    If “nothing is agreed till everything is agreed” then Northern Ireland should NOT be under European Union law after January 1st 2021.

    “No Deal” must mean “no deal” for ALL of the United Kingdom

    As for “that would mean customs posts on the border with the European Union” – ONLY if the E.U. wants to build them (we should build NONE), there were no customs posts on that border when neither the U.K. or the Republic were in the EEC (as it then was).

    “But the Belfast Agreement……”.

    I am not interested in slow-motion-surrender to Sinn Fein – IRA.

    By the way…..

    The European Union is not in the interests of the Republic of Ireland either – it costs them money (it is not a financial gain any more) and they get ordered about.

    The politicians in Dublin (all of the parties) are traitors to the idea of an independent Ireland – and they (and the judges) have used the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland as toilet paper.

    The United Kingdom is not the enemy of the Irish people – the PUPPETS in Dublin are the enemies of Ireland. These political puppets are the enemies of everyone – apart from the international establishment elite, whom they serve.

  • Flubber

    ” the PUPPETS in Dublin are the enemies of Ireland. ”

    No kidding. With the current rate of immigration, Ireland will look like Mombassa inside twenty years.

  • Mr Ed

    The Daily Telegraph has the following headline at the moment online, reportedly reporting the words of a French EU Commissioner: “France ‘could have helped UK tackle new Covid strain if not for Brexit’ “.

    Strikes me that Alexander Johnson MP is quite happy for this contrived chaos as a cloak for some surrender deal, and if France refuses help because of its view of the UK, then it is worth any price to break free from the EU and in the process, place demolition charges in the Channel Tunnel, after letting Eurostar take its trains through the Chunnel for one last time.

  • mickc

    Mr Ed,

    I agree that Boris will bottle it…it’s his nature. But I don’t agree about the Channel Tunnel; it really is useful, and not just an EU bonus.

  • Mr Ed


    I agree that the Channel Tunnel is useful, but as Paul Marks of this parish remarked to me one day many years ago, someone said when it was proposed (or opened) that the problem is that it has a government at both ends, the malevolent French government and the increasingly malevolent British one. It is a failure monopoly and whilst ‘it’s there, so use it’ is a reasonable approach, sometimes you need a ‘futile gesture’ as the sketch put it, to show that one means business and that White Elephants are not meant to breed.

    Or put it another way, it would be in the Kulturkampf, a Hiroshima moment, when the enemy would realise you meant it.

  • Mr Ed

    And now the Daily Express have a whiff of the waving of the white kipper by Frost (not by Johnson, he is only the Prime Minister at this time) on fishing, and a ‘deal’ is near.

  • Paul Marks

    If the French government have a cure for Covid 19 and are not offering it to the British because of “Brexit” then they are dreadful people – but why does the French government not use this cure on their own people?

    So the story makes no sense.

    As for Covid 19 – as has been said since March.

    Keep up (way up) your vitamin D levels and take moderate exercise – and keep your weight down.

    If you do get Sars Covid 2 anyway – then seek EARLY treatment from a medical doctor.

    Some lesser known medicines have shown promise – see the Medical Professor from Minnesota that Senator Ron Johnson invited to the Senate hearings.

    And, of course, there are the old treatments of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulphate and azithromycin or doxycycline. If caught EARLY the disease can normally be treated.

    I do not know what is being done medically in Britain – although I live here. I have tried to watch or listen to the “mainstream media” (television and radio) but their insane ravings irritate me.

    Various officials and “experts” come on – and talk complete nonsense, gibberish.

  • bobby b

    Was a bit shocked at the Finnish MEP’s comment:

    “I find it totally pathetic to continue to talk about sovereignty in the modern world.

    “I’m sure the UK and the EU will start to discuss common issues like climate change, as soon as they get past this difficult period.”

    The LBC host interrupted: “Sorry, you think national sovereignty is pathetic?”

    She responded: “Yes, I do. You have to pool your sovereignty in the modern world.”

    Pooled sovereignty. Interesting. We’re going to break the world up into . . . one? . . . discrete nation?

  • Snorri Godhi

    Mr Ed:

    Or put it another way, it would be in the Kulturkampf, a Hiroshima moment, when the enemy would realise you meant it.

    The Battle of Mers-el-Kébir would seem a more appropriate comparison… especially since it also featured the British and the French on opposite sides.

    If I were in Boris’s shoes, however, I would just tell Ursula, a year ago, that there are going to be no more talks until she announces publicly that the EU will give up all fishing rights, unconditionally.
    That way, the Tunnel is preserved.

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    Several thoughts:

    Even EU states at present have taken decisions on a national, not EU-wide, basis. “Free movement” is a dead duck, to all intents and purposes, because of the plague.

    The French are trying to use developments over covid to turn the screws on the UK. Mr Johnson and his colleagues ought to have seen this coming.

    The French and other continental powers have a net balance of payments surplus on manufactured goods with the UK. One assumes they are happy for this to continue.

    The UK should unilaterally adopt free trade – removing tariffs and other restrictions is a good thing to do even if the other side does not play ball. We pay less for imports, and have more to spend on other things. And some imports cannot be produced in the UK except at great cost.

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    I should add that Belgium and the Netherlands, for example, haven’t shut down freight, only car passenger traffic. Shutting freight merely encourages panic buying at a time like this. Also, as Ross Clark in the Daily Telegraph notes today, the virus is already in France and so shutting lorries to France now is ludicrous. During the first lockdown, Macron imposed draconian controls on French life – you had to get a wretched permit to walk a dog – but the trucks kept rolling.

    So this looks like a classic attempt to make the UK’s departure from the EU as unpleasant as possible, at least in terms of how the Elysee Palace likes to view it. Germany, Holland and other major nations don’t want the UK to leave, but the French – who after all have long seen the EU as how it projects French power in the world when it suits – is particularly worried that an independent UK will be freer and more nimble as a global actor than before.

    Macron is also probably worried about the challenge of the political right in upcoming elections. The yellow-vest folks haven’t forgotten him, and many of those chaps drive lorries.

    In the long term, this is also very stupid of the French government, because supply chains can and will change eventually, and there are plenty of ways of shipping stuff to the continent besides going to Calais, Le Havre, etc.

  • asiaseen

    Ah! The irony if Macron has caught the English strain of WuFlu.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes bobby b – they want to end national independence, they reject the principle of independent nations.

    And it is not just a Finnish MEP – it is “President Elect” Biden and Senator Harris.

    And almost the entire Democrat party.

    And the RINOs as well – the “Republicans” who have accepted the “Sustainable Development” and “Inclusive Capitalism” line.

    I have been banging on about this for some time.

  • Paul Marks

    “Death to America!” – is no longer just a slogan shouted by crowds in the Islamic Republic if Iran – it is the plan of action of the establishment elite.

    And it is not just “Death to America” – it is “Death to the West”, and the establishment elite includes the Corporations and the other institutions (public and private).

    Do you understand WHY I am border line insane now bobby b?

    I have looked into the void – and when a person does that, the void looks back into them.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Do you understand WHY I am border line insane now bobby b?

    Paul: you have been complaining about “their” insanity for a long time.

    With good reason.

    And yet, i do not think that you are really convinced that “they” are insane.

    Why? Because if you really thought that “they” are insane, then you would not be angry about it.
    Just as i am not angry about it.
    I look at the insanity of people who eat #### (for instance, the human race) with clinical detachment.

  • Snorri Godhi

    I have looked into the void – and when a person does that, the void looks back into them.

    I too have looked into the void.
    And yet, i am recovering.
    I hope i am.
    I’ll keep you informed.