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It appears that our existing monetary systems have run their course. Central bankers may or may not be deliberately engineering or amplifying crises in order to usher in new systems.

The World Economic Forum seems to be on board.

So shutting down the world economy in a calculated but unnecessary response to COVID has caused a monetary system crisis so profound that some kind of dramatic monetary system reset is required, and the global economy is going to go down as a COVID death.

Luckily, they had a Great Reset on the shelf. Ready for your ID card?

Alex Noble

6 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • lucklucky

    And the End of physical Money, and the Marxist/Green Social credit points , for what you say, what you think, what you do, and the end of Meat, and the end of Internal Combustion Engine and individual car, and the End of Women – they are already being valued only by their capabilities in masculine arena- and the End of Sex, like a Spanish Marxist Feminist on Spanish Government Payroll said -she is head of Women Institute- , equality will only be achieved when women penetrate men too. Children will be taught to euthanize themselves when reach about 75 years old. And obviously a electronic chip for everyone for your “safety”. And public water will have means to control people behavior and force medicines trough it…

  • Surellin

    I bought Schwab’s The Great Reset. Sometime soon I will read it – once I get a big enough bucket to gack into.

  • Dan

    Bitcoin fixes this!

  • Paul Marks

    Dan – governments and Credit Bubble bankers (not that there is any real difference between the two groups any more) have an answer for Bitcoin.

    Legal tender laws and tax demands – you must pay them X and you must pay they in the currency they say you will. Or they have your head smashed in.

    The “Great Reset” of Agenda 2030 (which used to be called Agenda 21 – the “legally non binding” totalitarianism by the instalment plan which most countries and corporations signed up to as long ago as 1992) is not a new idea. And nor is Credit Bubble banking – which finally broke “free” from any link with Real Savings in 2008-9 (but Real Savings – i.e. old style money lending, had been under attack for many decades before this).

    As I am fond of pointing out – the French thinker Saint-Simon thought up these “modern” ideas centuries ago (sorry Klaus Schwab).

    Collectivism (“you will own nothing – and you will be happy” as the little propaganda film for Agenda 2030 puts it, you better be happy or they will hit you till you are happy) with Big Business types not being shot by the socialists – but actually being IN CHARGE of the socialist society (the Tech Lords of Silicon Valley LOVE this, they get to be socialists whilst keep their billionaire lifestyle) – and at the very top (yes of course) Credit Bubble Bankers – NOT money lenders (money lenders being vulgar “non-you”), but the CREATORS of money by their wonderful book keeping tricks (now on computers).

    And everything to be in the name of SCIENCE – SCIENCE, SCIENCE, SCIENCE.

    Not real science of course – Sir Francis Bacon “The New Atlantis” Technocracy, not science as the pursuit of truth.

    Technocracy, Build Back Better, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, Stakeholder Capitalism – it has a Legion of names.

    But the objective is simple – a boot stamping down on a human face, for ever.

  • Paul Marks

    There is nothing wrong with money lending – as long as the money being lent out is Real Savings (the actual sacrifice of consumption) – and contra Keynes Credit Expansion is NOT Real Savings “as real as any other form”.

    But this did not start with Keynes – this scam goes back to John Law and co in the early 1700s, and even before that.

    And as Richard Cantillon pointed out three centuries ago – Credit Money Expansion always, in the end, benefits a small group of rich people, at the expense of everyone else.

    And these days this small group of rich people gets to call themselves socialists or Progressives – and boast of their devotion to “Social Justice”. As once independent citizens starve in the gutters.

  • staghounds

    The fact that we have to pay taxes and bureaucrats’ salaries with it is probably the only thing that gives the money any value at all.