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How does this ban fit with that rename?

It can be hard to keep the narrative consistent.

It appears that BLM enthusiasts love anti-police murals but just hate the idea of a mural claiming that ‘Black preborn lives matter’. Evidently the limit on whose lives can be said to matter is strictly defined indeed.

So why is the Marie Stopes clinic renaming itself? It is true that the current racial ratios of US terminations would gladden the heart of the clinic’s eugenicist nazi-sympathising founder. But if that doesn’t bother BLM supporters, why should it bother the clinic?

5 comments to How does this ban fit with that rename?

  • Paul Marks

    Marxism is divided into sects – and the sect of the founders of “Black Lives Matter” is Frankfurt School Marxism (intersectionalism, Critical Race Theory, “Wokeness” that the insane totalitarians of the Corporations love), nothing could annoy them more than the term “Black Preborn Lives Matter” for they ADORE abortion.

    Think of it – a totally helpless baby being torn to pieces, what could be more wonderful. If one is Frankfurt School.

    Saying how horribly RACIST it is that so many black babies are torn to pieces – yes that is going to make their heads explode.

    So keep pointing out how RACIST it is.

  • Phil B

    @Paul Marks – And profitable. Don’t forget the lucrative income derived from body parts sold internationally for “research”.

    Greenbacks matter, apparently.

  • John


    A little publicised fact about the VP elect. Just 5 years ago she used her position and the power of the state to suppress undercover recordings detailing the sale of body parts from aborted foetuses by the likes of the largely government funded planned parenthood organisation.

  • bobby b

    Choice (TM) is one of the US Dems’ passionate secrets.

    Used to be, Choice was a driving force in campaigning. You couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Choice! bumper sticker.

    Then, they realized that this was costing them black support. Blacks weren’t fans of the scraping. This was true for both religious and cultural reasons. Bill Clinton was really the first major guy to realize this – he then came out with his “safe, legal and rare” coinage (1992?) to begin the explanation process that they didn’t really WANT to be killing black babies, it was just a coincidence . . .

    So now it occupies a much smaller and quieter place in Dem campaigning. It’s still there – heck, for many white Dem women, it’s still THE issue that matters – but they no longer preface every platform plank and party gathering with Choice rallies. They’re trying to not drive the blacks away.

    And so, for the same reason, we see them explicitly abandoning eugenics, by jettisoning the eugenisists. It’s quite inconvenient for them that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a noted and ambitious killer of black babies.

  • Paul Marks

    I agree with the comments of Phil B, John and bobby b.