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The initial claim of media bias is not that there’s a cabal that nays no darkie jokes no never, rather that the people doing the defining think that no darkie jokes should ever be made therefore that’s what they describe as being impartial. It’s a cultural censorship not a cabalistic one. As such it’s also quite possibly unthinking, not self-aware of what it is doing. Things that cannot be said in Islington drawing rooms may not be said on TV sorta thing. Which leaves rather a lot of people who don’t hold Islington drawing room opinions outta luck.

The very proof of this being that if a TV station starts up saying non-Isling.dr things and succeeds like wildfire then we know those views were being censored by that unconscious bias.

It’s all going to be rather fun, isn’t it?

Tim Worstall

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  • And if it starts up and is censored, that is evidence of the cabal, yes?

  • it’s also quite possibly unthinking, not self-aware of what it is doing

    I think it is both, each reinforcing the other. They enforce cancel-culture and then cancel-culture enforces itself on their minds and so round and round.

    The BBC director-general, stepping down today, was asked whether the BBC was a woke organisation. He replied: “That is not a description I recognise at all.” I hear conscious spin, unconscious self-deceit and genuine lack of awareness in that reply.

    He spent his last day in office listing things the BBC should do – and seems not to have anticipated being asked, “So why didn’t you do them then?”

  • Flubber

    Why are there so few right wing comedians?

    Because they cant get on TV, the bookers cancel them and the theatres cancel them.

    This is despite the left wing comedians being as funny as a cactus enema.

  • This is not just about challenging the BBC though, is it? This is about laying the foundation for a post-license fee world where the BBC has to compete for viewers on a mixed government funding/subscription/advertising model.

    If they can get some good objective reporters and analysts who don’t simply regurgitate the narrative of the leftwing or the propaganda of the right then they might have something interesting to say.

    Then again, I thought that about The Independent in 1986 and that went to shit quite rapidly.

    Still, I wish them the best against the Islington/Westminster bubble.

  • Turnip

    post-license fee world where the BBC has to compete for viewers on a mixed government funding/subscription/advertising model.

    The issue is not the BBC (or ABC in Australia), it is the media generally. All the FTA newsrooms and stations are staffed by people who could just as easily work at the State sponsored broadcaster. In fact I’m sure that most are angling for such a spot to avoid layoffs.

  • Itellyounothing

    As we have seen with many issues, normal people in tiny numbers standing up is enough to panic the purveyors of the supposedly all powerful narrative.

    The Culty Marxists have a few dedicated nutters, a lot of astroturf and many hostages forced into the front lines. In the face of normal people insist ing enough is enough, the Lefties cannot hold!

    They are weak and terrified of waking a sleeping giant, but forced ever onward like a shark, lest they collapse from internal contradictions before external resistance.

    The only question is how much pain will they inflict directly and by long delayed backlash?

  • Dr Evil

    BTW it is not an actual fact of Elasmobranch physiology that sharks must swim to avoid asphyxiation. Just sayin’.

  • Itellyounothing

    Analogies are imprecise and momentum is important for conspiracy theorists like BLM or Antifa.

  • Paul Marks

    “darkie jokes”?

    People have been dismissed from their jobs for saying “coloured person” rather than “person of colour” – and forced to make grovelling apologies before being dismissed anyway.

    We are a bit beyond banning “darkie jokes” – the Frankfurt School of Marxism dominated Western World is way beyond that.

    In America it is “educated” Big Business – which is the same just about everywhere, and by “the same” I mean they are TOTALITARIANS just about all over the United States (not just in New York and California), the Corporate Managers are taught to be so at school and university.

    As for Britain – there is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT to follow the “Diversity Agenda” of the Frankfurt School of Marxism, there has been since Prime Minister Blair.

    A television station making “darkie jokes” in the United Kingdom?

    Someone who tried that would be punished so fast their feet would not touch the ground.

    This is not just a “cultural” thing – the United Kingdom is Frankfurt School BY LAW.

    “But Paul the Conservative Party has a majority in the House of Commons, it could repeal the Marxist laws”.

    So it could – but that is about as likely as Paul Marks being put in command of “Central Office”.

  • Paul Marks

    It is not a small group of people in London – it was indeed in the days of the Bloomsbury Set, but that was long ago.

    Today every state school in the United Kingdom is under a legal obligation to teach this stuff – and not just on race.

    In 2016 the “Conservative” government made it a legal obligation to push the Frankfurt School line on “sex and gender”.

    It is not the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” in San Francisco – it is every state school and many private schools to.

    Did Justine Greening, the government minister formally “in charge”, know what she was pushing?

    I do not know – I have actually met the lady, but I have no idea.

    Sex, race whatever – the Frankfurt School Agenda is THE LAW now.

    When an old film comes up on a station the viewers are warned it has “outdated cultural attitudes”.

    What does “outdated” mean?

    It means “not Frankfurt School”.

    The next step will be to edit old films (and books and so on) or just ban them altogether.

    To destroy capitalist society one must first destroy its cultural basis – the family and so on.Reactionary cultural attitudes, for example that Western culture is superior to other cultures, must be exterminated.

    And “capitalist big business” cheers this on – after all Corporate Managers are “educated” people.

    Still not everywhere is this bad – for example Poland is putting up some resistance to “the agenda”.

  • Paul Marks

    This is not just a theoretical thing for me.

    I am (presently – not for long now) a councillor – and the council on which I serve is committed to pushing the Frankfurt School of Marxism “Diversity” Agenda – committed BY LAW.

    All “public bodies” are committed BY LAW in the United Kingdom to pushing the Totalitarian “Diversity” Agenda – it is not optional, it is the law.

    And it is everywhere……

    For example, I recently looked at a training scheme to be a security guard again.

    When I was a security guard there was no such thing as a “license” as the United Kingdom was still, in some ways, a free country. I am no longer fit and healthy enough to do this job – but I thought I would look at the “training scheme” anyway.

    The very first section of the “training scheme” was Frankfurt School of Marxism “anti racism” indoctrination.

    So, no Sir, the future is not going to be “fun”.

    “It’s all going to be rather fun, isn’t it?”

    No it is not – not unless Hell on Earth is one’s definition of “fun”.

    “But the Conservatives could repeal all these Marxist laws and policies”.

    Yes indeed they could.

    Good luck waiting for that to happen.

  • Itellyounothing

    Once repealed, good luck getting councils to give us wasting obey on it……