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I am puzzled so many Guardianista race obsessed identitarian socialist commentators are alarmed by the sight of the British Union of Fascists in Trafalgar Square. After all, what are the BUF if not race obsessed identitarian national socialists? 🤣

– Perry de Havilland

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  • Be careful what you ask for. You may get it.

  • ap

    Pepsi truly hates Coke.

  • Flubber

    The International Socialists hate the National Socialists.

    What else is new?

  • Yeah, well the International Socialists just think the National Socialists are a bunch of Trotskyite revisionist traitors…or splitters as they are more traditionally known in the Pythonesque.

  • They aren’t “alarmed”. They are focussing attention on white racism, white racism being what they now want, and have done ever since the working class let them down by not wanting to join their revolution. They want a race war, because they reckon their side might win that.

    The way to react is to frame this not as these races versus this race, but as civilisation versus barbarism, with all the socialists, national and international, on the same barbaric side. The recent Republican Convention would appear to have done this splendidly.

    Also, Perry de Havilland isn’t really “puzzled”.

  • Perry de Havilland is indeed not really “puzzled”. 😉

  • […] what’s happening? Well, I just put a comment on Samizdata which says a little of what I think about this […]

  • The demand for non-politically-correct hate greatly exceeds the supply – so (alongside the straight-up hoaxes) the PC must act their ‘alarm’ at any they can find with all the exaggerated grimace of a Commedia dell’Arte mask – and with every bit as much sincerity, too.

  • Pat

    Socialists always promote equality.
    To tell a national socialist from an international one ask what the equalised income should be. If the answer is £5000 pa he is an international socialist. If the answer is the average wage within his country he is a national socialist.
    Support for international socialism in the West might decline if this got better known.

  • Paul Marks

    Nothing to add – other than the obvious.

    For black people to hate white people and for everyone to hate “whiteness” (capitalism) is noble and just.

    But for white people to hate black people is evil.

    This is what your children, if you have any, are being taught.

    This is why so many Black Lives Matter Marxists are white.