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As George Monbiot is pointing out, but cannot bring himself to say, the government is not your environmental friend.

Tim Worstall

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  • Paul Marks

    Supposedly the most “Green conscious” government is the government of Germany.

    The German government is closing down all nuclear power stations – and Germany is now dependent on brown coal (lignite) and imported oil and gas from Putin’s Russia.

    This should tell people all they need to know about governments and the environment – but there are a vast number of other evidence.

    For example, the major cause of the destruction of forests is the denial of long term PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS – collective ownership of forests has utterly failed in Indonesia, Brazil and so on.

  • England got private, for profit, water companies, Wales a social enterprise (which then changed to that non-profit), Scotland a government owned company and NI stayed with the local councils.

    I will grant this advantage to Labour’s creation of subordinate parliaments for the UK’s Celtic fringe. It has caused some comparative studies to be run over long enough timescales to show informative results.

    Of course, history has also done this on a much larger scale in cases not so very much less comparable than the four countries of the UK. The George Monbiots of this world have always been in the business of spinning away from the results.

  • Tim Worstall

    “It has caused some comparative studies to be run over long enough timescales to show informative results.”

    Quite so. As in the more market orientated, contracting out, NHS England has improved faster than the less market orientated, contracting out, NHS Wales and NHS Scotland.

    Do note that that is a relative measure, not an absolute one, about NHS England.

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