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Earth Day thought for 2020

Just imagine the current Wuhan Coronavirus lockdown, not for a month or two, but forever, with government telling you when you can go out, when you can travel, who can work and what jobs are ‘essential’. Welcome to the NetZero future some people want for everyone.

If this message lodges in enough minds, the Chinese Bat Lung pandemic might actually have a substantial upside.

8 comments to Earth Day thought for 2020

  • Aetius

    Of course, the lockdown is only half-way to the Greens dream future for all of us. To get the full effect you have to turn off your gas central heating (as they want to ban it) and switch off your electricity (as when we have no real power stations left, electricity will become a luxury item).

  • NickM

    As I have often said the Greens are utterly evil . I have a modest proposal. We get them an island somewhere where they can set up their utopia. It can be self-funding – like a safari park. We can go and laugh at Monbiot feeding time when they tear Pippilongstocking limb from limb and guzzle the giblets. It will be such fun! And it is afterall what they want.

  • Mr Ecks

    We are a long way from the green freakshows Universe. Mass deaths and reduction of the survivors to utter misery would be the reality.

    Of course the globo-elite think they will step in with their Agenda 21 offer of techno-serfdom for surviving 1 billion of mankind.

    Except not.

    Once you start the wheel of real progress ( not “progressivism”) going backwards–it won’t remain in your control to stop where you like.

    The inheritor of the Greenfreak future will be the Lord Humungus –not Polly fucking Toynbee.


  • Stonyground

    The greens should be given constant reminders of the failed doomsday predictions of the first Earth Day.

  • NickM

    It has gone way past that. Way past that… I won’t say how far past in my mind because it would be very illegal. Or immoral – but I’m beginning to have had enough of that as well.

  • george m weinberg

    Unfortunately I think a lot of people will “learn” exactly the wrong lessons. The only thing I’ve learned for sure from all of this is, if you got to a restaurant that has a jar of mints by the entrance, never ever ever eat the mints.

  • Mr Ed

    Turns out that one of the Earth Day founders, Ira Einhorn, was a convicted murderer who died in prison this month, he murdereed his ex-girlfriend, let her body decompose in his flat and fled to Europe for 23 years before his extradition., which the French Greens opposed.

  • Paul Marks

    What “upside” Perry?

    People may not like the current totalitarian system – but, at least in Britain, there is no real resistance to it.

    I do not now believe that the “experts” were ever really doing this because of the virus – if the virus was their concern, the first thing they would have done is prevent people from bringing in the virus from outside the United Kingdom, and they never did that. Why did you not stop people bringing in the virus? Why are you STILL allowing people to bring in the virus (there are no medical checks on the people who are coming into the country)?

    The answer is simple – “that was not in the report” – the government did whatever the “expert report” told them to do, and if it was not in the report they did not do it (democracy exposed as a hollow sham – with the “experts” having the real power).

    So if the “lockdown” was not about the virus (and it is clear now that it was not) what was it about?

    It was about seeing what the public would accept – just how far the “experts” could go in imposing totalitarianism.

    And it turns out that the British public will accept ANYTHING – anything at all.

    From the point of view of the “experts” the experiment has been a total success.

    To use the language of Aristotle – the population have been exposed as “natural slaves”, and the “experts” are drooling over that.

    The “experts” wish to be Slave Masters (the “public servants” want to be Slave Masters) – but to safely be Slave Masters they need a population of “natural slaves” – not “Rednecks” who will shoot them in the face when they start to order people about. By the way – welfare and drugs (drugs from China – a nice irony there considering 19th century Chinese experience) have done-for a lot of the American “Rednecks” – they are not the proud independent people their ancestors were (and the American “experts” are delighted with this cultural collapse).

    So far (so far) the British population have proved to be ideal – from the point of view of the “experts”.

    “But …. – the present “lockdown” totalitarian economic system can not be sustained, if it continues there will be economic breakdown and millions of people will starve to death”.

    Why should that bother the “experts”? It did not bother them in relation to the Soviet Union, or the People’s Republic of China, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

    Will the elected government ever wake up and start fighting back against the “experts”? I do not know.

    Will the British people themselves start to fight back? Again I do not know.

    But the signs so far – the population nodding at the endless LIES of the BBC and mindlessly clapping under drawings of rainbows – are not good.

    Or course I may be mistaken – the “experts” may have done everything they have done out of a sincere belief that it would help against the virus (even though the evidence is now clear that lockdowns do NOT help), they may have no desire to be Slave Masters at all.

    But it does not matter. The intentions of the “experts” are not relevant at this point – even if I am totally mistaken and they are actually really nice people.

    Even if the intentions of the “experts” are entirely good (even if I am being totally paranoid) the terrible results of their policies will be exactly the same – regardless of their intentions.