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“Two decades of the precautionary principle as the key policy tool for managing uncertainties has neutered risk management capacities by offering, as the only approach, the systematic removal of any exposure to any hazard. As the risk-averse precautionary mindset cements itself, more and more of us have become passive docilians waiting to be nannied.”

David Zaruk, writing in an online science website which I hadn’t come across before until a commentator on this blog flagged it. Thanks!

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  • Paul Marks

    Much though I have argued AGAINST “Black Pigeon Speaks” on many matters – he has a valuable insight into this.

    In a recent Youtube film (I do not do “links”) BPS laid out how Japanese culture has developed to deal with a dangerous world, including a world of disease.

    If they have a disease they wear a mask (a good one) to prevent infecting other people. They wash their hands with germ killing chemicals before touching things in a shop – and they wash their hands with germ killing chemicals afterwards.

    They do not shake hands or kiss each other – they bow.

    They do not (apart from a few lunatics) shout and scream at each other – no spittle in each other’s faces as in the West.

    And on and on.

    In this way they do NOT get rid of risk – risk still remains, but they MANAGE risk, they prevent it destroying their society.

    And they were doing all the above BEFORE the present virus.

    This is, partly, why it did not spread much in Japan. The shops are not shut in Japan, the people are not (unlike myself) under house arrest, and so on. “But Paul you can still go out once-a-day” (for the present).

    Of course the Japanese also prevented (when they understood the threat) masses of people entering their country.

    Some Western governments (blinded by their “Diversity is our strength” delusions) did not even try and seal the borders – they kept them open for months.

    So people with damaged lungs (such as myself) are likely to be killed by the virus – thank you very much “diversity and inclusiveness”.

    “But Paul we are like the Japanese in one respect – we will all help each other in a crises”.

    Well let us hope that is correct – let us hope that the United Kingdom is still, at heart, the same country it was in (say) the 1950s.

  • Roué le Jour

    I say bring it on. More lockdowns, more tyranny increase the possibility of jolting people out of their complacency just as a near death experience will. It’s as if the heat is suddenly turned up on the simmering frog which then abruptly realises the danger of its situation. When this is over there will he much less sympathy for the climate scam, men in frocks, toxic masculinity and so on. Without some shock to the system we will trudge to our end without so much as a whimper.

  • Fred Z

    I suggest it’s more properly “more and more of us have become passive docilians waiting to be neutered“.

  • Philip Scott Thomas

    My man Steve Baker was in fine form in the Commons yesterday.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    It’s an interesting action-learning test-case/example unfolding in real time.

    The self-employed and sole traders (goats) have always had to be the more agile, nimble and resiliant parts of the population. While employees (sheep) can be passive and rest easy, assured that the good shepherd will make sure they get at least 80% of their daily ration.

    Who would still choose to be a goat? Or a sheep? It might depend on whether the shepherd survives…

  • Paul Marks

    Philip Scott Thomas.

    As I understand it, if I am mistaken you will correct me, Mr Baker explained that a terrible Bill was before the House.

    He then voted FOR the Bill and the Bill is now an Act.

    I am reminded of the time when Mr Baker, for the best of motives, took the side of “The Squad” against President Trump.

    It turned out that Mr Baker, quite sincerely, had no idea who “The Squad” (four far left Congresswomen – two of whom try and mix Marxism with Islam, which is an illogical thing to do, and all four of whom practice ANTI WHITE RACISM, in spite of Muhammad being a white male) are.

    Mr Baker just thought (quite honestly thought) that nasty President Trump was being mean to four nice women-of-colour and gallantly took to Twitter to defend them.

    To be fair, anyone who based their knowledge of the United States on the “mainstream media” and the education system would have come to the same conclusion that Mr Baker did.

    I was a little irritated by it – because “The Squad” would like to see people like me dead, but there you go.

    “But Paul you are only half Jewish” – in which case “The Squad” might only burn half of me, still not a pleasant experience.

  • Julie near Chicago

    O/T, but:

    It’s amazing how many voices familiar to this parish are also to be heard on ChicagoBoyz.net.

    Some of them have generated a bunch of comments from the folks in my home state of Illinois, our immediate northern neighbor Wisconsin, and good ol’ Gov. Cuomo’s star city of New York, New York.

    Suggest reading the postings and comments from Mar. 21 (U.S. date), at

    https://chicagoboyz.net/archives/62190.html ,

    and forward through whatever time it is wherever you’re reading right now.


    One regular poster and commenter there is “Mike K,” who is a doc with pulmonary fibrosis. I forget just where he is, but he’s also a regular commenter at

    https://thenewneo.com .

  • bobby b

    I did enjoy his “behind the cheddar curtain” comment!

    (You have to understand Wisconsin to enjoy it, I think.)

  • Nico

    Sorry, no, I refuse to give up on handshakes, hugs, cheek kisses, partner dancing. And we all should refuse to for the simple reason that if we fail to expose ourselves to these pathogens, we’ll not be able to train our immune systems against them.

    BTW, I’ve been away from this site for a while. I hope this finds all of you well!

  • Rudolph Hucker

    The self-employed and sole traders (goats) have always had to be the more agile, nimble and resiliant parts of the population. While employees (sheep) can be passive and rest easy, assured that the good shepherd will make sure they get at least 80% of their daily ration.

    Unexpected news today that shows how literally true it is (goat opportunists).


    Rewilding Britain?