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As it is International Women’s Day

11 comments to As it is International Women’s Day

  • Mr Ed

    Mrs T diagnosed a feature as a bug there. Perhaps she was too kind on them.

  • Itellyounothing

    Pinochet cured Socialism with helicopters. Maybe she was too kind….

  • Julie near Chicago

    Nominated for Famous Quote of the Century.

  • Mr Ed

    Pinochet cured Socialism with helicopters.

    I don’t think that he did, he used Hawker Hunters (another feather in Sir Tom Sopwith’s cap) (or rather the FACh did) to ensure the removal of the already impeached incumbent of the Presidential Palace. I’m not doubting that some Commies came to a sticky end in Chile, and there were crimes such as assassinations in Washington DC by the DINA, but the scale of repression in Chile was relatively minor and initially it had an element of self-defence. In Argentina the whole thing was a long, brutal war which degenerated into lawlessness and utter barbarism kidnapping and ‘disappearing’ a 17 year old au pair.

    I believe that it was the Argies (fond of their Keynesian ‘sweet money’ and dealing with the uncooperative Montoneros) who dropped people they disliked out of helicopters into the River Plate, some of whom turned up as bloated corpses in Uruguay, so they started to slit their stomachs open before dumping them. The Argy Junta did effectively align itself with Cuba and Gadhaffi during the Falklands War, and getting some Montoneros to try to attack the Royal Navy in Gibraltar.

  • Itellyounothing

    Ooh. Thanks for the interesting insight into history.

  • A third of the UK’s national debt was paid off in her final year — which should not have been her final year. Imagining where the UK would have been in 1990 without her is depressing in one way, but it is depressing in another way to reflect where we might be if the Tory parliamentary party had been less treacherous (and/or less europhiliac). We vote for them – even you Perry, like me, voted for them – but if we needed more reasons for being keen to shrink the state, not just those bits of it that explicit lefties control, those events could help motivate us.

    I read Heseltine’s autobiography once (discarded – I did not of course pay a penny that he could have profited from). His ability to be vaguely aware that he had shot himself in the foot by not waiting till it was legitimate to compete to succeed her, while nevertheless retaining his immense arrogance about what he did, was one of several unwittingly hilarious moments.

  • Zerren Yeoville

    Progressives: ‘We need more women in positions of political leadership.’

    Conservatives: ‘Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May were Prime Ministers. Currently, Priti Patel is Home Secretary and Suella Braverman is Attorney General, both of whom are not merely women but ‘women of colour’ as well. Meanwhile, your precious Labour Party, for all the blather about ‘diversity’, looks certain to install yet another middle-aged white bloke – with a knighthood to boot – as the next party leader.’

    Progressives: ‘When we said we need more women in positions of political leadership, we didn’t mean just any old person with XX chromosomes. By ‘women’ we meant ‘clones of Millie Tant from Viz.’

  • Roué le Jour

    Regardless of what they might say to the contrary, socialists are invariably of the “Better to rule in hell…” mindset.

  • Sam Duncan

    International Communist Women’s Day, that is, invented by the Socialist Party of America in 1909 in deliberate opposition to the Women’s World Day of Prayer (inaugurated 1887), which was still the more prominent celebration in the West, despite the UN’s adoption of the former, into the 21st Century. I don’t know when it became simply the “World Day of Prayer” and moved to September, but it was certainly still in March, just before WWD, around 2001/2 or so. (I think it happened in stages. The “Women’s” might already have been dropped by then, in fact, but the women in my local church were still calling it that.)

  • llamas

    Remember that cover well.

    ” . . . and what about the vegetables . . ?

    Oh, they’ll have the same as me.”




  • Paul Marks

    Excellent images Perry – thank you very much for posting this.