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Li’s anti-government behaviour

Austin Bay at Instapundit:

Li’s anti-government behavior was using a private internet chat group to tell a handful of doctors and medical students that he was seeing signs of a viral epidemic.

Rather than listening to the message and taking immediate action, the government of China instead spent crucial days suppressing that message and punishing the messenger. Dr Li Wenliang and seven other doctors were arrested for spreading rumours, rumours which turned out to be accurate observations. Li has since died of the very disease that he noticed starting to spread.

China: Don’t just get mad, get even.

11 comments to Li’s anti-government behaviour

  • bobby b

    They have to destroy the village to save it.

  • CaptDMO

    Leonardo DaVinci
    Ignaz Semmelweis.
    OTOH-tens of thousands of delusional/ fraudulent “credentialed experts”
    That is all.

  • NickM

    Is this enormously different from this?

  • It is enormously different – the difference between non-feasance and mal-feasance. Nobody did anything about the breast surgeon. The Chinese did plenty about the doctor that hinted they might have a problem.

  • Steve D

    ‘Li has since died of the very disease that he noticed starting to spread.’

    I don’t think he died of the disease. It only kills the weak and unhealthy.

  • Marius

    I don’t think he died of the disease.

    It seems he did. My assumption was that he succumbed because he was working 24/7 right up to the point he became sick.

    There is another, more sinister, possibility. TPTB became tired with him being lauded as a hero and felt martyrdom was more appropriate.

  • Tim the Coder

    Why do you assume this corona virus kills only the old and weak?
    Is that because the Chinese authorities are releasing numbers to show that?
    Well they would, wouldn’t they!

    The 1918 one targetted the young and fit, sometimes in only a few hours.
    Not saying this one’s the same, just that in the absence of any trustworthy figures….
    And that doc was in his thirties.

  • Mr Ed

    It’s clearly not above a good socialist to kill someone and make a martyr of of them by lying about how that person died, like with Kirov. I think that we can all agree that the Chinese Communists are good socialists, but that is not proof that Dr. LI was killed by them.

    But only a fool takes the Chicoms at face value, step forward the British Prime Minister.

  • Tim the Coder

    Mr Ed,
    If you are referring to the Huawei thing, I think you are being a little unfair.
    There is more scrutiny on their stuff than anyone else’s, but regardless of vendor, it’s all built with Chinese components, through and through.
    You either accept the risk, or you do something about it, but it is a lot bigger than the logo on the sticky label stuck on the cabinet.
    That boat sailed a while ago, sorry. It’ll take a lot of sinking, and at huge financial, ethical and political cost.
    Or as a US president might have put it: if you don’t want to follow, first you must free your balls from their grasp.

    Having the Government tell private sector companies exactly what to do and who to buy from, I suspect that would generate equal protest here. A command economy?
    I don’t have an answer, but putting a Nokia sticker on a box of Chinese parts will achieve what exactly?

    Then again, you may be referring to something about the pandemic I’ve missed?

  • Tim the Coder

    Thinking more on the two themes: as this pandemic grows, the world dependence upon Chinese parts will become clear for all to see.
    That may have some beneficial effect in terms of waking up the complacency.
    You cannot be sovereign if you & all of your allies are utterly dependent on a non-ally for your entire technology supply chain.

    Hyundai has already shut their Korean car factory ‘cos they just assemble Chinese bits, and they have run out.
    It takes 3 weeks apparently, to ship to USA west coast, so in a week or two, the impact will be huge.

    We will start finding out just how dependent we are. Better late than never I guess.

  • Paul Marks

    Sadly the international establishment elite would like to see the same control of the expression of opinions in the West that the People’s Republic of China already has.

    It really is that bad – generations of “elite” students have become adults (at least biologically), and have carried the evil they have been taught into high positions into most institutions, including private business enterprises.