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Y’all need to remember that heteronormative whiteness is the discursive cultural mechanism by which an oppressive hegemonic discourse of phallogocentrism serves to delegitimise a black/homoexclusive modality and reinscribes a proxi-fascist rearticulation of power structures.

Titania McGrath

That’s the entire Tweet, but the replies are worth a look too. This one is my favourite so far.

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  • Stonyground

    Presumably writing in clear and easily understandable prose marks you as some kind of white supremacist.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Those tweets can perhaps be best appreciated by people familiar with the concept of supercazzola.

    I am not sure that ‘gobbledygook’ is the proper translation. A proper supercazzola happens when the speaker is fully aware that (s)he is speaking nonsense. Also, the intent is not so much to deceive as to confuse. (Although deceiving might be part of the fun.)

    The best example in the English language, that i am aware of, comes from Monty Python.

  • There was once a competition held to write poetry as bad as McGonagall’s. Despite many entries (I have written a spoof McGonagall myself), it was universally admitted that William McGonagall remained undefeated.

    Similarly, I think Titania McGrath and other would-be parodists of woke analyses must admit that the real thing can outdistance all parody.

  • bobby b

    Ms. McGrath is indeed a treasure. The mark of the true parodist is, how many responses assume seriousness? She gets her share.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Rule on, Titania! Titania rules the waves….

    & great comments…

  • Zerren Yeoville

    Titania has missed possibly the most important point here:

    If one examines the dialectic paradigm of reality, one is faced with a choice: either accept patriarchialist poststructural theory or conclude that sexual identity, perhaps ironically, has objective value. However, if the dialectic paradigm of reality holds, we have to choose between dialectic situationism and subconstructive rationalism. It could be said that the subject is interpolated into a dialectic situationism that includes art as a paradox, while using the term ‘dialectic situationism’ to denote not discourse, but subdiscourse. However, the subject is contextualised into a nationalism that includes consciousness as a reality.

    It is not so much narrativity that is a legal fiction, but rather the defining characteristic, and subsequent collapse, of narrativity. Dialectic situationism implies that the establishment is part of the paradigm of consciousness. If nationalism holds, we have to choose between capitalist sublimation and neopatriarchialist capitalism. However, a number of desituationisms concerning the fatal flaw, and eventually the economy, of textual reality exist. Any number of appropriations concerning postmaterialist cultural theory may be revealed. Therefore, the characteristic theme is the failure of neocapitalist society.

    It could be said that the futility, and hence the economy, of the dialectic paradigm of consensus emerges again. The subject is interpolated into a capitalist paradigm of discourse that includes truth as a reality. But cultural objectivism states that sexuality, somewhat paradoxically, has intrinsic meaning, given that the premise of realism is valid. The subject is contextualised into a cultural destructuralism that includes culture as a reality.

    … no, don’t fret, I haven’t shoved my head into a microwave oven and zapped my brain for three minutes. This randomly-generated stream of utterly meaningless faux-academic bafflegab comes courtesy of the Postmodernism Generator.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Thank god, Zerren! I was seriously afraid that the cyborgs had taken over what used to be your brain! 😆

    PS. Say, y’know, I’ve always sort of regretted that I never went for my doctorate. Now, time is short. But the Postmodernism Generator may solve my problem. I’ll simply switch my doctoral goal to something in the Inhumanities, and let the Postmodernism Generator write my thesis.

    Thanks for the inspiration! 😎

  • Flubber

    I liked:

    It’s layered like the onion skin of oppression men have encased woe-people in since the age of woe-ceratops.

  • Itellyounothing

    No need to be woe-faced.

  • Zerren Yeoville (October 11, 2019 at 10:19 pm) your (generator’s) first sentence almost makes sense. The first sentence of your second paragraph also comes dangerously close to being able to be assigned a meaning. The rest lives up to (down to) expectations, but, as with McGonagall’s imitators, this demonstrates how even a random phrase generator has a hard time paralleling the (low) level of a mind that has repeatedly iterated itself through successive degrees of wokeness, using each one to define the next.

    The Turing test is failed again – though in this case, I am not sure by whom. 🙂

  • Frederick Davies

    That is the longest way to say “I have penis envy” I have ever seen 😉

  • That is the longest way to say “I have penis envy” I have ever seen

    Quite how any intelligent person (M,F or Tx) would envy “The last turkey in the shop” I have no idea.

  • Brian Micklethwait (London)

    Looking at it some more, I think my favourite bit of this TMcG tweet is how it starts: “Y’all …”

    I can’t quite explain why, but I find that especially funny. I think it’s maybe that this “deplorable” verbal usage (surely no PoMo academic would say such a thing) thereby reduces everything that follows to the banal dronings of a bar-room bore. Which is harsh, and fair.

  • Ted Schuerzinger



  • Fraser Orr

    The problem with this is that today’s reductio ad absurdum is tomorrows “nice idea”, the day after’s public policy, and next week’s “you are vile and evil if you don’t agree” and next month’s “send the deniers to jail for fifty years”.

  • Rob Fisher

    I have a whole book full of stuff like this. Some sort of collection of left-wing essays that I bought just for morbid curiosity. I’ll try to find it and bring it to one of your Fridays. 🙂

  • The use of Y’all is brilliant. It puts to rest and doubts anyone might have that a PhD from Alabama is in any way inferior to one from Harvard.

  • bobby b

    “I think it’s maybe that this “deplorable” verbal usage (surely no PoMo academic would say such a thing) thereby reduces everything that follows to the banal dronings of a bar-room bore.”

    “Y’all” is my own frequently-used personal pronoun for “all of you”. Y’all are making me feel unsafe and marginalized. Please check your privilege.

  • Julie near Chicago

    bobby: J’accuse!

    You have appropriated a part of another culture’s culture! You have chosen to use the dialect of those who are south of the Mason-Dixon line, namely “y’all,” instead of our own Midwestern “you all,” which after all is not a pernicious dialect but rather the proper pernonciation of this here English toim.

    In this case, however, you get off wit’ a mere slap on the wrist, onaccounta I often writes “y’all” when I am moved to do so in the name of what I like to think of as humor.


  • Fraser Orr

    bobby b
    “Y’all” is my own frequently-used personal pronoun for “all of you”. Y’all are making me feel unsafe and marginalized. Please check your privilege.

    If I’m not mistaken you are up north in one of those unpleasant snowy states. I have spent a fairly large amount of time in Mississippi, and “y’all” has taken on the role of the singular second person pronoun. So often if you go in a restaurant and the waitress is addressing a group she will say “Y’alls should try the fried catfish”, and frequently also the genitive form: “How was y’all’s supper”.

    FWIW, I love the English language. It is the libertarian language because people do what they want and don’t have to genuflect to some socialist regime like Real Academia Española or those elites arrogant enough to call themselves les Immortels. No, no we English speakers just kind of do what we want and allow our new ideas to compete, and allow the invisible hand to determine what works best.

  • Lloyd Martin Hendaye

    This concise, cogent, poetically phrased statement will echo down the ages– if by “age” you mean a thumb-sucking 2-year old’s attention-span from diaper-change to formula.

  • Snorri Godhi

    The postmodernism generator has a major flaw: it doesn’t let you put your own name on the generated paper.

    By contrast, SCIgen lets you do just that — or used to. When it was new, i used it to write a paper together with Claude Shannon, Alan Turing, and John von Neumann. I tried again today, but it does not seem to work. Claude, Alan, and John must have been as disappointed as i was.

    If it works for you, please let me know.

  • Paul Marks

    Mocking the left is good – but they have an answer.

    They have you banned from social media, and they have you driven from your job.

    It is an effective answer.

    The left (or some lackey of their’s) can rant at you for three hours – but reply for a few seconds using any word they dislike (such as “mislead”) and they put in a complaint in against you.

    “But can you not complain against them?” it does not work that way.