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A new update issued by watchdog groups on climate change indicated this afternoon that we only have 12 seconds left until climate change destroys the planet.

We previously thought we had just 12 years, then 10 years, but the latest update indicates that we have well under a minute.

“The earth will be totally destroyed in the next, oh, 12 seconds,” said Beto O’Rourke at a rally. “If you don’t give the government a bunch of money and power, it will happen. Trust me.”

“So hand over the cash, guys,” he said. “Like, now. I’m super serious.”

This tragic development means that humanity won’t have time to correct climate change, and our writers probably won’t even have time to finish thi…

The Babylon Bee

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  • Julie near Chicago

    Thank the Great Frog the B-Bee is on the case! 😆

  • Edward Spalton

    This morning on the Beeb a Russian chap was explaining that the soot particles from the present forest fires were settling on the arctic ice and causing it to melt.

    Funnily enough in the early Seventies, climate activists were sure that factory emissions were causing global COOLING and one of their suggestions was that soot should be strewn on the arctic icecap to prevent us all getting buried under glaciers.

    In 1972/3 it looked as if a TIPPING POINT had been reached. The Autumn-sown Soviet grain crops had been almost totally killed by a combination of unusually hard frost and low snow cover . I remember it very well because the Russians conducted a very successful buying raid on the Chicago market and the price more than doubled.

    Unfortunately for the theory, the next few years were extremely hot. So the activists convened a conference in 1975 and decided to switch their propagandising to global WARMING, ensuring that all the “scientific” findings they sent to the UN and other authorities would be coordinated around this narrative – which they have followed since.

    The CLIMATEGATE revelations in emails of some ten years ago showed a group devoted to discrediting and suppressing any authors whose work contradicted their views. It was like a glimpse into the spinning and weaving sheds for making the Emperor’s new clothes. They called themselves “the hockey team”after the graph in the shape of a hockey stick which purported to demonstrate the theory.
    It was concocted by suppressing evidence of the Mediaeval warm period.

  • The OP bee article complements today’s bee article saying we have only 12 years till warming activists change the timeline.

    I guess that captures the contrast between the true believers and the “essentially true” scammers. The first really do go up the hill with the guru expecting the earth to end at dawn. The second prepare in good time to switch to boosting a guru with a slightly longer timeline – short enough to frighten but long enough for the “hand over your money and your freedom” stuff to be effected.

  • Nemesis

    I often ask warmists ‘what percentage is CO2 of the atmosphere and what do you think it should be?’. Frequent guesses hover around 25%. The fact that it is 0.04%, most of which occurs naturally, normally comes as a surprise.

  • Agammamon

    With the way the timeline to destruction keeps getting shorter you’d think people would notice that they think we’re living in a Roland Emmerich film.