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If it saves just one life…

We have to do it, right? Politico reports,

Some U.K. lawmakers think they’ve found a way to reduce British smoking deaths: Brexit.

Large numbers of British cigarette smokers will switch to vaping once the U.K. leaves the bloc, they argue, if looser British tobacco laws replace tighter EU limits on nicotine advertising and packaging.

6 comments to If it saves just one life…

  • And I’ve already pointed out in another thread that Project Fear assures us the UK economy will nosedive, which will be wonderful for reducing our carbon emissions. It just keeps looking better and better. What’s not to like about Brexit?

    Yes Paul, I know – you hate the word ‘Brexit’. Well, if we get the thing, I can live with the name. 🙂

    BTW am I right that we are now scheduled to leave at Halloween? Get your jokes and costumes ready. 🙂

  • Stonyground

    Am I missing something? Relaxing restrictions on advertising tobacco is going to make people smoke less? Or is it that suppliers of vaping accessories have more to gain?

  • bobby b

    “Relaxing restrictions on advertising tobacco is going to make people smoke less?”

    Not restrictions on advertising tobacco – restrictions on advertising nicotine. The stuff that vaping delivers, without the other 2400 nasty compounds that one gets from cigarettes.

  • Stonyground

    It is interesting that some of us are hardly influenced by advertising at all. The only exception in my case is when an ad informs me about a product that I didn’t know existed. Exhortations to change my car, my television or my mobile phone, just because I’m bored with it tend to fall on stony ground. I change my car when it gets too expensive to get it through it’s MOT or when something really expensive breaks.

  • bobby b

    “It is interesting that some of us are hardly influenced by advertising at all.”

    What’s really interested me lately is how advertising, in this tracking age, has become so useful for me.

    If you do any searches – Amazon, Bing, whatever – suddenly the advertising that gets delivered to you is relevant and pertinent and sometimes even interesting. I’ve been educating myself on setting up an RV for boondocking – living well out in the middle of nowhere – and spending time on solar systems. After a few searches, I was inundated with ads for solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, shunts, lithium iron phosphate batteries – everything I want to know about. It’s helping me, and I will undoubtedly spend money as a result of these ads.

    But, (and here’s where I get back on topic), the vaping people in the EU currently don’t get access to this ad-delivery system. They’ve developed possibly the most effective quit-smoking system to date, but cannot target advertising to people whose internet history indicates that they smoke, or (even better) would like to quit smoking. They’re stuck with word-of-mouth, or point-of-sale ads, and so aren’t reaching their target market.

  • Gavin Longmuir

    “… and so aren’t reaching their target market.”

    It can be argued that they have already reached their target market — and lost. As someone pointed out, there is now a clear path for Young Turks who wish to stick their finger in the eyes of our feminized namby-pamby Establishment — join the military; go to church; and smoke.