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Happy City UK are one of a whole host of astroturf groups supported by government in order to lobby government for more government.

– Perry de Havilland

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  • Paul Marks

    Quite correct Perry – these groups are Legion (Legion of devils).

    Another major lobby for ever bigger government are the schools and universities – which are financed by the government (by the taxpayers) to push the ideology of ever-bigger-government.

    Even private schools are not free from this ideology – as work (course work or examination work) by young people that opposes “Social Reform” (ever bigger and ever more interventionist government) is marked (by examination boards and so on) as “failed”.

    Collectivism-by-the-instalment-plan people such as Mrs May do not come from nowhere – they are produced by the education system.

  • Rudolph Hucker

    Statement 21.05.2019
    May 21, 2019 Happy City News

    Happy City is aware that Ruth Townsley has previously posted tweets from her personal account including one about the Nigel Farage protest. We do not in any way agree with the contents of these tweets which contradicted all of our strongly held values. We believe all politicians have a right to have their voices heard, and condemn violence of any sort at any level of society. Ruth Townsley no longer works with Happy City.

    What did she say?

  • Barracoder

    She said that she approved of throwing milkshakes at Farage but would’ve preferred it to have been acid.

  • I write a comment this morning on one thread. This afternoon I find reality has caught up with both its points.

    On the one hand, as Rudolph Hucker reports above at May 22, 2019 at 12:16, Happy City seems to be doing what I say factions should when a random lunatic embarrasses them (and, happily, Happy City’s embarrassment is over ‘assassination chic’, not an actual assassination).

    On the other hand, she was not a random lunatic – she was their chosen head of policy! “What was she thinking?”, Guido asks. She was thinking as people do in the circles that appointed her but with just a little less awareness than her friends that political correctness is not actually correct, and that PC remarks that pass without a murmur in the common room are not quite how one puts it in public.

  • Albion's Blue Front Door

    “What was she thinking?”

    She was thinking, as many on that side of the political fence think, that she would not only get away with such a comment but be patted on the back for it.

    I see the woman has been sacked, though I suspect that some other lefty-leaning ‘public body’ will take her on board and provide a salary from our money.

  • Y. Knott

    Same thing happens over here in sunny (? – what’s a ‘sun’, anyway? Been so long since I saw it last, I’m not sure anymore…) Canada. I’m unsure of the exact numbers in this one, but I remember the agencies and that the numbers, whatever they were, were exact to the penny.

    The former former Liberal government, that of Jean Chretien’s “tough new gun laws”, paid the Coalition for Gun Control, a shadowy ‘advocacy group’ in Toronto formed in the wake of the Polytechnique massacre (and that you can’t join), a not-unsubstantial sum (high-five or low-six figures, if my failing memory remembers) to study ‘gun control in Canada’. Six months later, the Coalition for Gun Control spent that same sum to the penny, to lobby the Liberal government for more gun laws.

    Coincidence? Or, something else…? And peanuts in light of the $600 million the current Liberal government is giving Canadian media to “help them weather the challenges posed by social media”; and just before an election, at that…

  • Eric

    I see the woman has been sacked, though I suspect that some other lefty-leaning ‘public body’ will take her on board and provide a salary from our money.

    There’s always a soft landing for these people. A plum job at an anodyne NGO, some position in Academia, or a government job normal people didn’t know needed to exist.

  • pete

    We need an ever larger state to provide jobs for middle class people.

    They can’t be expected to drive taxis, work in call centres or stack shelves at supermarkets just because there are far fewer decent jobs around these days.

  • Itellyounothing

    Pete if that were true we should be making cheap so we could work fewer hours for the same life style. Or pushing technology forward to keep those middle-class jobs popping up in New industries…..

  • James Hargrave


    ‘Graduates’ in bogus subjects from pretend universities require employment commensurate with their status, you know.

    My idea of what that might be, however, falls somewhat short of theirs.

  • Dyspeptic Curmudgeon

    I have come to agree with Seam Gabb that the correct thing to be done by a truly conservative and fiscally responsible government would be to stop *instantly* all grants, loans, subsidies and ‘consulting contracts’ to all and every quango and alleged charity, so that they cannot use tax money to lobby the government for more tax money.
    Gabb has listed the percentages which some of the alleged non-profit entities receive, and it is both disgusting and awesome (in the proper meaning). I remember that the RSPB receives something like 50% of its funding from you-know-who.
    If you wish an interesting view of what ought to be done (which in many respects a progressive would view as an equivalent to a ‘One Second After’ dystopia, without the deaths), read his ‘Cultural Revolution, Culture War’. Available through a pointer to Amazon at seangabb.co.uk (Books -> Politics -> Cultural Revolution, Culture War -> Description; it’s a weird UI). Or just search at Amazon… $1.69 Cdn in a Kindle version, from Amazon.ca and WELL WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION. It will make you think about the present and the proper place of government in society.
    One of his other thoughts is that the BBC should be shut down. And that everything should be announced and done in one grand announcement. Thinking of what he proposes, reminds me of the quote attributed to Stalin: one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. So ‘murdering’ a couple of hundred quangos, would be a statistic! And, the chorus cannot scream any louder for a hundred than they would for one.

  • Paul Marks

    D.C. – Dr Gabb is quite correct in this suggestion to end all such grants, loans and subsidies and “consulting contracts”, although many other people have made this suggestion over the years and decades.

    As for the BBC – there is no need to shut it down, just get rid of the BBC TAX (the “License Fee”) and then let things take their natural course.

    However, “Ofcom” must also be abolished, as must the “Press Regulator” – free countries do not have “Press Regulators” and the function of “Ofcom” is to prevent any dissenting television station. Its function is to make sure that all “independent” television stations support the establishment-left line.

    I am sure that Dr Gabb would agree with what I have just typed.

  • Alsadius

    One really amazing(in the most literal sense) thing we have in Canada is called the Court Challenges Program. Basically, the government gives money to NGOs to help offset the costs of court challenges to various laws. So the government pays people to sue the government, in hopes of forcing laws to change. Because somehow the government can’t do that themselves.

    On the plus side, it’s not always active. Any time a Conservative takes office, it’s quickly cancelled as an insane waste of money. But any time a Liberal wins, it’s just as quickly re-instated. It’s on its third iteration now.

  • Alsadius (May 24, 2019 at 10:28 am), am I too cynical in assuming that what would at first glance seem like Canadian Libs paying people to challenge their laws is in fact, on the contrary, a form of Lib lawfare – the NGOs that get the money are PC and so whatever the Libs cannot get voted in (or do not want to be seen openly voting for) they instead achieve by these NGOs calling it a human right and some “the law of today is whatever the PC made fashionable last week” judge ruling for them? Has any appreciable fraction of this money ever been used to strike down a CanLib-favoured law?