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Samizdata quote of the day

If socialists really wanted to help people they’d be capitalists.

Andy Puzder.

Spotted by Stephen Green of Instapundit, to whom thanks.

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  • CaptDMO

    In the US, a meme making the rounds……
    What did Socialists use for light before they had candles?
    Photos from Venezuela seem to be bearing out that ….”joke”.

  • Paul Marks

    Sadly many capitalists are socialists – the Woke Billionaires and Woke Corporations. They do not believe in economic liberty – pushing ever higher taxes, government “entitlement” spending, and ever more regulations. And they do not believe in civil liberties – as they, for example, support CENSORSHIP which they justify with LIES (“he said that followers of Muhammed should be beheaded”).

    And some other capitalist are NOT socialists, but back them for corrupt reasons (hello Mr Jeff Bezos – with your policy of tax everyone else, tax them to destruction, but not ME or MY company). And anyone who denies that the Washington Post does not push socialism-by-the-instalment-plan (Fabianism – what Americans call Liberalism or Progressivism) has not been paying attention.

    Capitalists who are NOT shits do exist – but, sadly, they are not the norm. Perhaps they were in the past and (hopefully) non-shit capitalists will be the norm in the future – but they are not the norm right now.

    Hopefully “go woke – and go broke” will prove to be true, with the book banning bastards (hello Amazon, hello Jeff Bezos) and the Woke film and television companies (hello Disney) going bankrupt – but it will take time.

    They may even REPENT – especially when a certain book banning bastard finally realises the left are out to destroy him and his company anyway (no matter how much he crawls to them and kisses their boots).

    “Gratitude is an emotion felt by dogs” (Joseph “Stalin”) – no matter how many books you ban (“it is selling very well but…..” – no non shit capitalist would add the “but”), and no matter how much you push the Washington Post, the left are still going to come after you and your company Jeff Bezos – they are going to destroy you, and all your money will not help you.

    One would have to have a heart of stone – not to laugh.

  • Paul Marks

    CaptDMO – Mark Z of Facebook (a typical “Woke Billionaire”) thinks that California is on the correct path, and that NEW JERSEY is to – he personally put many millions of Dollars into the Black Hole (P.C. police no racial point intended – I am referring to astronomy) that is the New Jersey government school system.

    And he is a friend and ally of such people as Senator Cory Booker.

    Now CaptDMO what is the logical end point of the policies that New Jersey follows?

    Yes – you have got it, VENEZUELA is the logical end of such policies.

    And, no, I am not joking.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Paul — Why do you give Zuckerberg the assumption that he’s sincere in his alleged beliefs in even-worse-than-Progressive policies?

    This is a sincere question, not a challenge of some sort. I’d just like to know how you think about the difference between him, Dorsey, Schmidt, et al, and Amazon Bezos. (I don’t dispute that the man’s a louse.)

    Welcome thoughts on this from anybody, of course. Thanks.

  • Henry Cybulski

    A businessman that doesn’t believe in economic liberty is NOT a capitalist. That’s one of the big lies: that business equals capitalism. That’s how capitalism is always blamed when some business or businesses, almost always heavily government-regulated, does something horrid or doesn’t achieve some sort of desirable outcome (usually defined by the socialists).

  • Bilwick

    Or: they could just practice that long-forgotten subset of socialism, “Voluntary Socialism,” and just give their money away to poor people. And then–and this is the beauty part to those of us who value liberty–LEAVE THE REST OF US THE HELL ALONE!

  • Paul Marks

    Julie – I take Mark Zuckerberg (and the other “Woke” rich – such as Dorsey and so on) AT THEIR WORD, they say they believe in all this far left stuff, and I am nice enough to believe them.

    However, with the case of Jeff Bezos the case is quite different. There are people connected with Samizdata who have met Jeff Bezos (indeed they have known him for years), they KNOW he is not a leftist.

    In short Mr Bezos is indeed a “louse” – he supports a leftist movement (such as the Fabian “Washington Post”) he does NOT believe in. And he supports them for the corrupt reason of hoping that they will ignore the tax avoidance schemes of him and his company (which means that one of the largest Corporations on the planet pays less tax on its profits than many small enterprises). He is NOT a sincere leftist – he is a just a scumbag. And when the left betray their “friend” (and they WILL betray him) I see no reason why anyone should have any sympathy for him.

    “But Paul – Jeff Bezos is only making money by ultra corrupt means, in order to take us to another planet where we will have a Free Market!” – certainly he is my dears, now have a nice rest and keep taking the tablets.

    What I would like to see are more rich capitalists (and more managers of big Corporations) who are NEITHER sincere leftists or corrupt scumbags. I do not like EITHER of these alternatives.

    But I am not going to hold by breath waiting for the Woke Disney Corporation (or Viacom or Comcast or….) to start making anti leftist films.

    The ideological hegemony of the left is almost total.

    For example, we do not have a “W.H. Smith” (books and magazine seller) in Kettering – but I looked at the ones at the airports at East Midlands, and in Jersey and Guernsey (not known as places controlled by the far left) in my recent trip to the Channel Islands.

    Far left books Julie – really off the wall stuff, being presented as “best sellers”. Old crap by Owen Jones (a socialist homosexual), “Becoming” about Michelle Obama (a gold digging nonentity presented as some sort of saint) and on and.

    I questioned this “surely these publications can not be best sellers” , but Mr Ed (who was with me) pointed out that these are the books that W.H. Smith’s sells – so they are “best sellers” IN RELATION TO WHAT IS SOLD IN THESE STORES (as only leftist stuff is sold in such stores).

    Now why should I care if Mr Corbyn nationalises W.H. Smith’s?

    What difference would it make to the far left stuff sold in their stores? As the left already has ideological hegemony over “Big Business” formal nationalisation would make little difference.

    “But competition” – what “competition” does W.H. Smith’s face in railway stations and airports?

    Still I am hoping for competition in some areas – for example for men to stop buying Gillette razors and other products.

    My fellow men – Gillette HATES you (they have made that very clear), Gillette firmly holds to Frankfurt School of Marxism Third Wave feminism. You do not have to buy Gillette stuff (there are many other razor makers) – PLEASE stop giving money to a Corporation that wants to castrate you in the name of Social Justice.

    If men keep buying Gillette stuff (on their way to bow down before “Captain Marvel” at the local cinema) whilst wearing shirts saying “Death to Capitalist White Males!” then it is hard to know what to do.

    Since at least the 1960s the West appears to be more-and-more engaged in mass cultural SUICIDE.

    Great Civilisations are not destroyed from outside – not till they have decayed from WITHIN.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Paul, thanks very much. While I don’t really know how much Bezos concerns himself with the WaPo (I read that he owns 16% of the stock), I understand that the rules Amazon sets are not appreciated by many of the Associate sellers and some of the customers as well. Personally I rarely buy anything through Amazon. Not that eBay and PayPal are such bastions of corporate godliness. I wonder what Peter Thiel privately thinks of PayPal nowadays.

    Sorry for not responding sooner — I only just saw your comment above.