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Aunt Agatha threads her needle through the eyelids of another unworthy seeking advice

I spot you’ve never been short of cash, from your days of ‘golden sacks’ to your current take-home of over £800,000 a year. So what you need is the satisfaction of a role that fits your character. With your dark suits, unsmiling face, and the air of gloom you spread like a fog around you, you have the demeanor of an undertaker. You should capitalize on that by setting up a chain of funeral parlours. Your slogan could be something like, “Pass on with certainty into that uncertain future.” People would flock to sign up for your sombre services, knowing that, once dead, they’d be beyond the reach of your gloomy predictions.

– The wise and sagacious Agatha Antigone casting yet more pearls of wisdom before the Gadarene swine on line.

4 comments to Aunt Agatha threads her needle through the eyelids of another unworthy seeking advice

  • Paul Marks

    Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, has left us a Credit Bubble economy with massive asset bubbles in such things as the stock market and the property market.

    I do NOT wish him a happy retirement – but (sadly) it will be a rich and comfortable retirement with the money he has taken from the TAXPAYERS.

  • Derek Buxton

    Yes, he has certainly made sure that we are all poorer than we were. You would have thought that Osborn could have got a better man than that, or is he following his orders? Can we now have proper Governor of our National Bank, someone intelligent and a money guru perhaps, not another “yes” man.

  • Taylor

    I think this is pretty pathetic. Remember, good Hayekians, central banking is a priori an impossible task.

  • Chip

    “The governor of the Bank of England has warned of the “catastrophic impact” climate change could have for the financial system unless firms do more to disclose their vulnerabilities.”

    That’s Carney in the Guardian earlier this year. Most countries seek central bankers who take careful and cautious steps after analysing a mountain of data. Others make hysterical and sweeping predictions based on the nuttiest speculation.

    His wife is even less grounded in reality.