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Aunt Agatha gives some wise career counselling

Dear “Switcher,”

No. You need a new career because you obviously have no future in politics since your current party lies second in only 37 seats. I know you are getting on, but your onetime colleague Menzies Campbell took on a new career as a University Chancellor and a peer when he was only a year older than you are now, so take heart. I thought the ideal and undemanding job for you might be flower arrangement, in that everything you do there lasts only a few days before it wilts, and you have to start all over again with something new.

On reflection, though, I think you should start a shoe company, concentrating on sandals. Your name has such good brand association that flip-flops bearing your name would sell like hot cakes.

Agatha Antigone. I wonder who this week’s unworthy supplicant is?

2 comments to Aunt Agatha gives some wise career counselling

  • Paul Marks

    Vincent “Uncle Vince” Cable – whose only loyalty is to his master the European Union.

  • I see Aunt Agatha’s latest advice, to a certain “tartan-trews”, is to solve the shortfalls in his economic projections for an independent (island off the coast of) Scotland by going into fish farming.

    Salmon would be too obvious, and it’s a crowded market, but have you thought of doing sturgeon?

    Selling sturgeon would fit well with his RT gig – though perhaps his successor would allege he was again abusing a female political colleague, albeit in an unusual way. 🙂