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Jeremy Corbyn and his party of enablers have mainstreamed anti-Semitism in Britain in ways Oswald Mosley could only dream about, so I hope the Brownshirt Left will understand why their grimaces and posturing about ‘extremism’ might not be awfully credible

– Perry de Havilland, referring to this.

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  • Paul Marks

    Most people do not like Jews – who are considered “too clever” (to have idiots promoted over your head is a common thing in Britain) and “rich” (even when they are actually poor). Mr Corbyn seems to be on to something with his anti-Semitic campaign, which may well help him become Prime Minister (although not of an independent country – as the United Kingdom will remain, de facto, a province of the European Union) – although he has a long way to go before equally the antisemitism of Karl Marx (himself from a Jewish family) “the God of the Jew is money, his religion is hucksterism”.

    As Paul Johnson pointed out in his “A History of the Jews” a lot of the anti-Semitic language that Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx used came (sometimes word-for-word) from that master of German prose – Martin Luther (although Luther was drawing a tradition that goes all the way back to the Gospel of Matthew – which has a crowd of Jews publically saying they take the innocent blood of Jesus Christ on their heads “and upon the heads of our children”, and if anyone believes that people talk like that I have a nice bridge to sell you). With Mr Corbyn the language is much more coded – but the implications are the same, the Jews are oppressing and exploiting people (for example the Proletarian “Palestinians”), the Jews are rich and much too clever, the Jews think and use reason too much – rather than feel things in their hearts as “real people” do.

    Income and wealth do not have to earned by human intelligence – they just appear (by magic) and are then are “distributed” by the principles of “social justice”. Knowledge and reason are not needed (indeed they are vile) – work is PERHAPS required, but it should be “hard work” of the hands, no need for thought in how to use those hands.

    Anyone who points out that a plan (in business or politics) does not make sense, is a “selfish trouble maker” who should be got rid of.

    Yes – I think all the above will be a very popular message in the country.

  • Paul Marks

    By the way…….

    People are either shocked by an empty tomb or they are not.

    The Gospels present the women (Mary Magdalene and…) as being grief stricken to find the empty tomb (perhaps thinking it robbed), and having eyes so full of tears that they do not at first recognise Jesus when they meet him alive.

    But in the Gospel of Matthew there is an angel sitting on top of the tomb – it is obvious that a supernatural event has taken place, because there is an angel of light sitting on top of the tomb. There is obviously no reason for grief or doubt. The women would be filled with joy – not with grief.

    So there we are – Matthew makes up dialogue (he has people say what, even if guilty, they would never say) and he makes up visual effects that undercut the basic thrust of he narrative.

    And I am a Christian – just one that who insists on using their God given reason.

  • I do not for a moment believe that ‘most’ people do not like Jews, by which you seem to mean dislike. I think most people are broadly indifferent to most other people, Jews included.

  • terence patrick hewett

    All of my friends are clever people; and my Jewish friends are no exception.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Perhaps somebody can tell me what LBC stands for? (at the twitter link.)

    Still at the link: Owen Jones seems to make an effort to look like an upper-class twit; which says a lot about how much Labour has changed.

  • Sam Duncan

    Snorri: It started as the London Broadcasting Company, a local station in the capital, but since it started broadcasting nationally it now claims to be “Leading Britain’s Conversation”. It’s one of the few corners of the British media that gives a reasonably fair hearing to mainstream opinion, so of course the likes of Jones would think it’s “legitimizing extremism”.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Thank you, Sam!

    WRT this:

    I do not for a moment believe that ‘most’ people do not like Jews, by which you seem to mean dislike.

    There was a Pew poll, about 15 years ago, showing that in the Western countries sampled, people with positive attitudes to Christians, Jews, or Muslims, significantly outnumbered people with negative attitudes to the same.
    Muslims came out worst, though; which i blame on the ruling classes taking them as their mascots: any action by the ruling class generates a reaction from the people equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Paul, the word ‘angel’ simply means ‘messenger’. Missionaries are called Ev-angelists, meaning Good herald. So those angels might have been humans, or they might have looked like humans. Thus the women might not have known they were in the presence of good spiritual beings. Not until later.

  • bobby b

    “Missionaries are called Ev-angelists, meaning Good herald.”

    Cool. I never picked up on that. Thanks.

  • Paul, Perry and Snorri, the left today are naturally driven to a dislike of certain aspects of the typical Jewish experience and history. By repeatedly arriving in a country with little beyond what they have between their ears, and then a couple of generations later being statistically wealthier than the natives, Jews contradict two fundamental tenets of the left: firstly, that wealth possessed by one has been taken from another; secondly, that society’s dominant racial group is solely responsible for any underperformance of other racial groups and no such group can over-perform in the face of prejudice.

    I agree with Perry and Snorri that anti-jewish prejudice in the UK today is not at all a majority thing: it is an alliance of leftist intellectuals with the attitudes of certain of their lately-imported voters. When I was younger, the anti-Israel slant of the MSM had a mild effect on low-information voters as well as intellectuals – the former didn’t care but they also didn’t question – but my cautious and possibly mistaken impression is that, today, our own greater experience of islamic terrorism means the MSM’s if-anything-greater anti-Israel slant is falling on deafer ears.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Nicholas: What bobby Said. Thanks. :>))

  • Mr Ed

    Well the Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn MP should be given some credit for re-making the Labour Party as a broader church (or mosque, let’s be inclusive) than it was recently, it’s now a Party where some people who had drifted or run away from it could feel welcome again, particularly former MPs like Sir Oswald Mosley.

  • Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Thanks, Bobby b, and Julie. And let’s not forget that the 12 Apostles were not the only followers- Jesus once sent out 70 disciples to proclaim the good news. Perhaps family and friends of the 12, or later believers who saw healed people? These would have been called Heralds, which translates to Angel in the Greek language.

  • Runcie Balspune

    Most people do not like Jews

    This is of course bollocks, most people live in countries where they’ve never met a Jew or heard of Judaism. The dislike stems from the later Abrahamic religions who have some kind of guilt over their “parent”, it is restricted to a minor population of the world.

    Brownshirt Left

    I was thinking of this the other day, Antifa and Momentum fit the bill, the ongoing rise in anti-semitism amongst the leftist thugs is only confirmation.

  • Mr Ed

    they do not at first recognise Jesus when they meet him alive.

    And Tolkien, who knew his Scripture, has the same happen when Gandalf the White first appears, fwiw.