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Aunty Agatha dispenses useful advice…

Agatha offers sage advice to another worthy:

I think you should undertake a single-handed voyage around the world. I know you have no experience of sailing, but that’s never stopped you taking on other jobs. Just think of the advantages. It would put a tan on that pasty pudgy face. It would take you out of circulation for a year, which would do wonders for your reputation and the quality of your newspaper. You could easily get sponsorship from some of your Russian friends, and announce you’re doing it unpaid for charity, maybe the Clinton Foundation? Go on, do it!

Oh boy, who can this person be?

4 comments to Aunty Agatha dispenses useful advice…

  • Prunella Reptile Scales

    LOL I grok that clue. This fukker would take the first prize for ‘worthless establishment traitor’ but that goes to May.

  • Long ago, there was a Tory leader who did know something about sailing – more than he knew about being either a Tory or a leader. He took us into the EU in the first place. Had Heath instead sailed round the world, leaving his country for his country’s good, how very good that would have been. So, while I take Prunella’s point (July 25, 2018 at 10:13 am), I think that competition for first prize in the ‘worthless establishment traitor’ stakes is keen.

    Heath of course, was succeeded as Tory leader, and then as PM, by a woman who, to his never-concealed annoyance, demonstrated how it should have been done. Alas, history is not yet repeating itself here – indeed, one must hope (and, from the latest polls, one may hope) the sex-reverse of it soon will.

  • Paul Marks

    Gideon “George” Osborne, ex “Conservative” Chancellor – and now editor of the “Evening Standard” because various rich people put him a job for which he has no experience or talent, in return for corrupt favours he did for them whilst in office.

    Why Mrs May “booted him out of office” I do not know – as she has kept his policies.

    The “northern powerhouse”, the (demented) “HS2” railway, the massive “overseas aid” budget, the wrong headed P.C. politics of sucking up to various groups of Frankfurt School activists who would never vote Conservative this side of Hell freezing over, and above-all total surrender to the European Union.

    Still Mr Osborne did do one good thing – he kept the lid on government sector pay, Mrs May has ditched the one good policy of Mr Osborne.

  • Sam Duncan

    “Mrs May has ditched the one good policy of Mr Osborne.”

    Maybe that’s why she booted him out, Paul.