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Culture ‘War’ – in the Lebanon – Mayor hires ‘sexy’ police officers

News reaches us, via the BBC, of a small-town Mayor in the Lebanese town of Broummana, where the Mayor has hired traffic police, who appear to be only young women in shorts. This seems to have gone down fairly well, but not all are happy, as one vox pop showed. Some of the quotes ‘It’s a free country‘, ‘Everything is allowed in Lebanon, why not?‘ do make me wonder. Closer examination suggests that this is a marketing stunt involving hiring University students. And the blatant discrimination against men would not be allowed anywhere in the EU.

As the Mayor said ‘Do you want them ugly?.

Now, we are not told if this is a Christian locality, but the Wiki page above suggests that it is predominantly Christian.The BBC found one woman who objected, but didn’t want to show her face, and she had covered her legs. I feel her pain.

Everything is allowed in the Lebanon, why not?‘. You can’t imagine a British politician saying something like that any time soon. You can almost hear the feminist cogs turning, thinking of air strikes.

8 comments to Culture ‘War’ – in the Lebanon – Mayor hires ‘sexy’ police officers

  • CaptDMO

    Somebody, somewhere MAY find SOME solace from misery that doesn’t involve adoration of ME!
    THIS CAN NOT BE!!!!!!

  • While half of the feminists will insist that the girls in shorts are being exploited by the patriarchy, the other half will insist that all complaints about ladies showing their legs in public have their roots in the patriarchy trying to control women’s bodies.

  • Eric Tavenner

    CayleyGraph, I’m quite sure that 90% of the feminazis will say both, more or less at random.

  • Paul Marks

    This town does seem to have a more pro freedom attitude than modern Britain – where “equality” (although demanded by millionaires) is mandated by regulations and “policies”.

  • Paul Marks

    The modern Western attitude is that “using” pretty girls is evil – but sex changes for children (pumping young boys with chemicals in preparation for cutting off their penis) is fine.

    It is not that I “do not understand” the modern P.C. attitude – I do understand it, and I DESPISE it.

  • bobby b

    What a great way to get men drivers to pay attention to traffic control!

  • The annoying thing is, as a student of logic, I know that it’s entirely possible — in fact, common — for apparently contradictory things like the above to nonetheless be true. I can give many examples; I bet you can too. However, despite this,

    1. The activists insist that their assertions are so obvious that dismissing them is not just an error, but a hate crime.

    2. There are many, many possible resolutions to the paradox, and any given one is likely to contradict at least one of the others — or, at least, have side effects that the activists are just as likely to denounce.

    3. My observations suggest that the vast majority of the activists are completely unaware of the paradox at all, let alone have a coherent plan for resolving it.

    The few who are aware of the potential contradictions know a few of these resolutions, and so dismiss my point as ignorance of Women’s Studies, or Gender, or whatever — while themselves being ignorant of how little control they have over the people they count on to make their political goals reality.

  • The Mayor openly declared that they were trying to do some shocking things to attract international media attention. Looks like this plan is working.