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Samizdata quote of the day

The Turkish cab drivers aren’t opposing Uber because it is bent. But because it is honest.

– ‘Chester Draws’ commenting on the Continental Telegraph.

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  • Paul Marks


  • bobby b

    “The Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, has just closed down Uber in that country. In the process he’s shown, once again, that he doesn’t really quite get how market economies work nor why we use them. The aim is to find out what the consumers want, not what the producers do.”

    Erdogan understands that the market system from which he derives his own profit and power is an interwoven, dishonest one, made up of brotherhoods and guilds and associations which hoover up profits from those below them in that system and then share them with those above them so that they can continue to dominate.

    Erdogan understands markets completely. He merely bolsters that one market that best serves him.

    “We don’t say that if GM complains about the competition then Ford should be closed down.”

    Who’s “we”? In the US, that’s exactly what Obama said. Just ask all of the now-defunct auto-parts suppliers, the Ford/GM/etc. non-union pensioners, the equity-holders . . . Then ask the enriched UAW what they think about it.

    The article works as a statement of aspiration, of utopia. But find someplace where life is lived that way . . . Erdogan just prostitutes it in his own way, which coincidentally matches the way of many large American cities, and the US Federal government.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes booby b – but the Islamist President of Turkey has a plan.

    Military alliance with Putin’s Russia (astonishing as these powers have been enemies for centuries – and were shooting at each other’s aircraft in the sky, not so long ago), and economic “alliance” with the People’s Republic of China – indeed essentially selling out his country to China for a few short term gains.

    I hope his plan fails – and that his party loses power in elections. But I do not hold out much hope that the Turkish President and his party will fall from power.