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Aunt Agatha is in roaring non-diet extra added salt form today!

Undoubtedly you are a prima donna, but this is a good thing. Imagine if we had to depend for harmless entertainment on the likes of your mates, Nicola Sturgeon, Anna Soubry, and other pompous assholes. At least you are unashamedly a figure of much merriment. My advice is that you should trade on this. Start dressing up as some of the cartoon characters you want banned from cereal boxes. And imagine the fun if you burst into a Parliamentary Committee Room dressed appropriately and shouting, “The Milky Bars are on me!”

Agatha Antigone

5 comments to Aunt Agatha is in roaring non-diet extra added salt form today!

  • Northern Light

    OMG I fucking loath Jamie Oliver with a wild passion, that self-important moon-faced mockney git!

  • terence patrick hewett

    Celebrity cooks are celebrity crooks.

  • Mr Ed

    For the benefit of our readers less versed in UK affairs, this appears to be a veiled allusion to a well-known chef and entrepreneur from the Essex area with an ‘engaging, cheeky chappie’ manner, who pops up from time to time talking to politicians about how bad school food is in State schools (but not the education), and lambasts schools for serving food that the lower classes seem to enjoy, and trying to change what the lower orders eat. I am not aware of his nutritionist qualifications but he talks about this a lot. He also has been a spectacular businessman, building up a vast chain of restaurants helping the under-privileged into work, but, like many fiat-money financed restaurant chains in the UK, actually making money seems to be a problem.

    I noticed at the time of the ‘credit crunch’ in 2008, most UK businesses we heard from seemed to have gone into business to borrow money, not to make it, and when the easy borrowing stopped, so did a lot else.

  • Bruce

    I miss Keith Floyd and Paul Bocuse.

    Floyd could whip up a nice dish on a heaving trawler, whilst knocking back a prodigious quantity of wine. His book, “Floyd in the Soup” is pretty good reading.

    Bocuse appeared to drink less on camera, but there was “a little dash” of booze in seemingly EVERYTHING.

    Then again, today on our screens, we have Gordon F,,ing Ramsay and the Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson.

    Cooking shows have become big business and are a far cry from their wobbly black and white beginnings of the early 1960s.

  • Bruce

    And now, another interesting TV foodie is gone.

    Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide in France at the age of 61.