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A media that taught us to mock authority and culture was unprepared for the day when the audience would mock their authority and their culture.


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  • This is always a problem for authoritarian revolutions. Socialists (Communist or National or otherwise) want to create a world where everyone obeys their all-controlling state, but get into power by causing (or exploiting) a major breakdown in respect for the state, the law, etc. This is one of the lesser reasons why such revolutions quickly turn violent. Having destroyed all historical justification and cultural deference to authority, they have to use a lot of force to establish deference to their authority, let alone the extreme deference their plans demand.

    The modern method of trying to arrange a “civil war that can be won without firing a shot” delays the onset of the problem, but eventually they have to start flogging the people they conned into chasing the ever-faster-moving goal posts, to keep them running.

  • JadedLibertarian

    To undermine the apartheid state, the ANC taught their supporters to steal electricity from junction boxes. Oddly enough, once they got into power they couldn’t make the buggers stop. Even today, after nearly 30 years of ANC rule, they need to periodically send an electrician (under armed guard I might add) into the townships to remove all the illegal hookups. They still get put up faster than they can take them down.

    Once respect for the rule of law is destroyed, it is very hard (impossible perhaps?) to restore.

  • pete

    Different rules for different people.

    That’s how the world works.

  • Paul Marks

    I hope this post proves to be true – I know some people mock the left-culture of the media, but do MOST people? Democracy is about the rule of the majority.

    Still I just do not know – so I will hope the post turns out to be true, at least about the United States (where there is actual choice of television stations – unlike here were all television is, de facto, leftist by law).

  • Fred Z

    The right always makes the same mistake, over and over and over, of forgetting we are hairless monkeys with a taste for trouble, bad women (and bad boys) and gin.

    We ain’t got much higher nature to appeal to, and the left always appeals to naked self interest.

  • bobby b

    Fred Z
    May 30, 2018 at 4:32 am

    ” . . . with a taste for trouble, bad women (and bad boys) . . . and the left always appeals to naked self interest.”

    I like how you tied the two statements together. 😆

  • Mr Ecks

    Jaded L–It’ll stop when the power goes off Venezuelan style.

  • bob sykes

    The obtuse self-satire on this site is astonishing.

  • Fred Z

    Sykes: fact free insults are childish virtue signalling, empty posturing.

    Who has got what wrong, and how?

  • NickM

    Well, exactly Mr Ecks. As stuff to steal tends to zero, theft tends to zero. In fact why not just kill everyone and that takes care of the murder rate.

  • Paul Marks

    Fred Z – you are mistaken. What the left normally does is to appeal to COMPASSION – it is very seldom “vote for us and I will give you goodies”, it is normally “vote for us and we will help the children, the old, the sick and the poor”. Of course leftist policies make poverty WORSE (not better) than it otherwise would be – but the public are NOT told that (neither by the education system, the schools and universities, or the “mainstream media”). For example, “Social Reform” (code for ever more government spending and ever more regulations) is a central part of British education (and the education system of all Western countries) and is treated as an historically good thing by even Conservative Party supporting newspapers (let alone the BBC and so on).

    People vote for the left out of COMPASSION – horribly misguided and actively harmful compassion, but compassion nevertheless.

    As for your social point about humans being “hairless monkeys with a taste for trouble, bad women and gin” – if that is inevitably the case then the left are CORRECT. After all it is their argument that ordinary humans can not handle freedom (that we have no moral self restraint) and you have just, de facto, agreed with them Sir. If ordinary people are savage animals then the case for tyranny (sorry I mean “Progressive” government) is made.

    Prime Minister Gladstone argued “of one thing I am certain, it is NOT from the state that there will be moral improvement of the people” – the hairless monkey – unable to control themselves line, rather undermines the view of Classical Liberalism that ordinary people are capable of moral self improvement and mutual aid – it makes the case of the “New Liberals” that free will (moral agency) is an “illusion” and so the state must take charge of human life, for-our-own-good (as we, the ordinary people, can not think long term – and so on).

  • Bulldog Drumond

    The obtuse self-satire on this site is astonishing.

    He’s just upset this site isn’t doing nothing else but “Free Tommy” articles 😛

  • Mr Ecks

    “Well, exactly Mr Ecks. As stuff to steal tends to zero, theft tends to zero. In fact why not just kill everyone and that takes care of the murder rate.”

    Nick M: The ANC are working on it as we speak.