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How Danes see Swedes?

Ensure subtitles are turned on 😉

12 comments to How Danes see Swedes?

  • The problem with this skit is that AFAICS, it is not a skit – merely a reasonably realistic, if occasionally understated, description of official Swedish police procedure as mandated by their government. I do not know whether a Swedish policewoman would actually arrest or expel a Danish policeman she was working with just because he uttered (the Danish/Swedish for) “breasts” while trying to convince her that a corpse they were both looking at was specifically that of a woman rather than just a “person”, but her refusal to give a description of the suspect lest such description show ethnically disparate impact has, I understand, been standard practice for some time.

  • This is almost the UK. Will be full UK soon.

  • AKM

    I was half expecting the victim to turn out to be a transexual when he looked closer.

  • Mr Ed

    Don’t be too harsh on the Swedish police, they are only following orders.

  • James Waterton

    The Danish word for meatballs sounds a lot like ‘shitball’ – which is a pretty good description of Ikea meatballs.

  • Snorri Godhi

    The Danes also make fun of themselves, for balance:
    Though you might be unable to appreciate the humor, if you have not attended Danish-language classes.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – that does appear to be Sweden (including the mention of Politically Correct newspapers that never tell the truth about the basic news in the country), and the United Kingdom is going that way as well.

    For example, on the day that the Sunday Mirror (a socialist newspaper) has exposed that about a thousand girls have been raped and abused by Islamic gangs in one average English town (Telford), the British authorities have under lock and key two people who might (might) have said something to offend the Islamic community at Speaker’s Corner. Neither the Austrian man or the American woman had actually said anything (or got beyond the airport) – but the authorities thought they might say something to offend the Islamic community, and so detained them.

    Thinking about it we have actually gone beyond Sweden – in Sweden people are arrested for what they say, in Britain it now appears that people are “detained” for what they MIGHT say.

    Meanwhile “Vince” Cable (leader of the Liberal Democrats) has declared that people who voted for British independence are (of course) racists – who pined for the days when there were fewer dark faces in Britain.

    What a charming person “Uncle Vince” must be. I am sure he thinks Sweden is wonderful.

  • Phil B

    +1 for Niall Kilmartin. It was a bit like the first time I watched The Office – I thought it was a documentary, not comedy (which probably tells you more about the offices I worked in than anything else).

  • Dan K

    James W: iHe actually uses the Swedish word for meatballs. Snorri: those two speaking mock Danish are Icelandic. And the skit is from Norwegian tv.

  • Snorri Godhi

    Dan: duly noted. I should have scrolled down on YouTube to read the video description.

    Still, i made fun of the Danish language with my Danish colleagues, and they did laugh; even though sometimes i seemed to detect a faint undertone of bitterness in their laughter.

    I still believe that Danes understand each other better when speaking English. And yet, Sweden seems to have even bigger problems.

  • Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    Who knew that the Swedish language was so booby-trapped? Not this first-person singular entity!

  • Eric

    Sadly, it’s only funny because there’s more than a germ of truth there.