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Presumably this is part of an adverting campaign for home schooling?

Er, hang on, what’s that grinding sound I hear?

23 comments to Presumably this is part of an adverting campaign for home schooling?

  • bobby b

    I had a motorcycle transmission that did that once.

    The difference was, once I picked myself up off the ground, mine was an educational experience.

  • Eric

    The School of Mechanical Engineering at my college had a logo like that. I laughed every time I saw it on a t-shirt for four years.

  • Stonyground

    They presumably should have consulted an engineer before going to press. Who is ‘They’ by the way? Which department of which government came up with this one?

  • Brian Swisher

    Which department of which government came up with this one?

    The same one that came out with the creepy “Safe Under Watchful Eyes” poster?

  • Not sure where it came from, Brian, but for some reason it looks American to me, I am uncertain why.

  • JadedLibertarian

    So parents are the smallest, most insignificant part of this machine, and all you have to do to make it work smoothly is remove them altogether?

    Very SNP.

  • fs

    Those cogs won’t turn. They are in opposition. More ignorance and carelessness on display!

  • CaptDMO

    I’m just not seeing the “administrators”, Unions, and School Board, parts for that IQ test question example.

  • Molly

    Those cogs won’t turn. They are in opposition

    An absence of faeces, eminent fictional detective! 😆

  • Brian Swisher

    Perry, I’m pretty sure it’s American, due to the “little red schoolhouse” iconography. I was referring more to mindset.

  • This is actually one of a series by Robert Jacobson Design from Moscow, Idaho (home of the University of Idaho), they produce educational propaganda posters (hard to describe them as anything else) for use in schools.


    I’m going to guess that Moscow, Idaho is a bit of a lefty town…

  • bobby b

    “This is actually one of a series by Robert Jacobson Design from Moscow . . . “

    Amusingly, they’re on sale now, for an appropriate 1/3 off.

  • Bruce

    “What’s that grinding sound?”

    The sound of hundreds of thousands of corpses being bulldozed into trenches by the sort of murderous cretins that produce posters like this.

  • Rob Fisher

    I am so far resisting the urge to copy and paste JadedLibertarian’s comment into the comments section of the web page for this poster.

  • Michael Taylor

    It really is absolutely unbelievable, isn’t it.

  • Jacob

    This is supplemented by another poster: “Let’s all move in the same direction” on the same site.
    You see – it’s the intention that matters, not the technical details.

  • Indeed, Jacob, clearly the same direction is more important than the right direction.

  • Laird

    Rob, why resist? These people need all the ridicule that can be heaped upon them.

  • Runcie Balspune

    I think most engineers agree that the better system is the one with fewer moving parts.

  • Peter Melia

    Runcie, perhaps we need some sort of trade-off between, say, a hammer (=zero moving parts, therefore best, ) and , say scissors, with 2 moving parts, therefore half as good as a hammer, but actually supreme in it’s job.. We could go on, but scissors and hammers do differing things, and they are not interchangeable. How about adopting as a motto ” ‘orses for courses is always bestest’ “

  • Julie near Chicago

    Agree with Peter: It depends on the context.

    Although engineers and sensible people take the general attitude that IF the design of an implement can be simplified with no loss of usability or inefficiency then that is great, the idea that’the fewer moving parts the better’ is another of the zillions of “blanket rules” that aren’t.

    I do not see any improvement whatsoever that could be made to the piano without destroying its particular, and wondrous, musical character. But the piano is famous for being “low-tech” — all those moving parts, don’tcha know.

    (The “electronic keyboard” has never been devised that can better a truly fine piano. Something that is defining to the sound is lost in going from analogue to digital aural signals.)

  • fs

    An absence of faeces, eminent fictional detective! 😆

    That’s not nice. We slow-witted folks are persecuted so much, and it takes us a while to respond when we are/were/have been.

  • Josephus Pacman

    Many years ago, the management of the department for which I worked, in a major petro-chem company, thought it would be a team-building sort of thing to have a departmental tie, (for the chaps), and chiffon scarf (for the ladies). The rank and file…..on the ground/practical folks had a tie or scarf with two cogs in mesh. The senior folks’ emblem was three cogs in mesh, as per the above illustration. These items were duly handed out at the annual dinner. To much applause and hooting from the lower orders. IIRC, no-one ever admitted to designing the management logo, but we all suspected the top man had signed-off on it. Still brings a smile to these old chops.