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No place for hunting

British leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn does not like hunting. He is not happy that the owner of the football team he supports is financially involved with a TV channel that shows programmes about hunting.

As an Arsenal fan I’m disgusted that Stan Kroenke is involved in such a brutal, unethical and unnecessary activity. This is not sport. Kroenke should stick to football if he wants to be involved in sport. ‘Blood sport’ is a contradiction…

He did not add that all this was simply his opinion, that there is room for reasoned argument about the ethics of humans killing animals, that any state sanctions against humans killing animals amounted to favouring violence against humans over violence against animals, or that making programmes about a legal activity is a matter of freedom with which the state should not interfere. Instead he added, “there should be no place on television or anywhere else for it.”

17 comments to No place for hunting

  • The man is a totalitarian who does not think civil society is a thing, so what did you expect?

  • Mr Ecks

    He has no problem with armed socialist thugs shooting 80 protestors in the streets of Venezuela in the last 3 months.

    Can’t be that anti-hunting.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Corbyn is a totalitarian, he hates freedom (hates freedom with a passion – and wants to control television and everything else) – in other news, water is wet and fire burns.

    Sadly much of the population have been convinced that Mr Corbyn is a “nice man” – “Uncle Joe” sorry I mean “Uncle Jeremy”.

  • bobby b

    What timing!

    I just started a 4-pound venison loin in the sous vide bucket.

    I’ll toast Mr. Corbyn as we eat it tomorrow night.

    (He’s probably one of those barbarian vegans. Have you ever really listened to the soft screams when you rip a living broccoli out of the ground? And they’re usually still alive when you drop them in the boiling water. Horrific . . . )

  • Rob Fisher

    Sous vide venison? Save some for me, please!

  • Xenophobia suddenly becomes virtuous when it’s directed at Americans.

  • Thailover

    He’s anti-hunting, yet forces the British people to eat halal meat without being told. That’s the barbaric practice of slitting an animal’s throat so it can suffer and slowly die as it drowns in its own blood.

  • He has no problem with armed socialist thugs shooting 80 protestors in the streets of Venezuela in the last 3 months. Can’t be that anti-hunting. (Mr Ecks, August 1, 2017 at 10:38 pm)

    No, Corbyn is being perfectly consistent here: he doesn’t want the events in Venezuela shown on television either. 😡

    Hunting (for pot, for pest and for sport) is one of many things that is both despised by the politically correct and practised a good deal more by all other cultures than by the western “dead white males” culture they also despise. I’m sure Corbyn will resolve any appearance of contradiction with his usual explanatory skill. Or else demand that documentaries of dark-skinned people indulging in indigenous recreations be banned from British TV, along with David Attenborough-style documentaries of chimpanzees hunting monkeys, and … . I mean, he wouldn’t want to be racist, or even specieist about this. 🙂

  • Watchman


    Does it affect the taste? If not, I couldn’t give a damn how my food was killed (give or take I would like a hygenic environment or a clean hunting kill/the pheasant to be one that I ran over since I’d like to avoid infections). If we start imposing value-systems on how we kill animals for consumption, we effectively cede that ground to vegetarians who are more rightous than us. The Corbyn’s of the world (yes bobby b, he’s a vegetarian) are going to jump on opportunities like that.

  • CaptDMO

    Hey, with the right herbal seasoning, that fox at the end of the fox hunt is GOOD EATIN’
    (Innumerable Asians can’t be wrong!)
    Even with a side of fava beans and maybe a mediocre Chianti.
    And fox fur makes for some toasty gloves against the impending AGW!
    Where IS the best restaurant in London for fresh Metropolitan Squab?

  • James Hargrave

    Paul Marks.

    But ‘Uncle Joe’ was so kind to the children he had made orphans, etc. And the German Chancellor (I mean that charming man with the small moustache) was so kind to animals – he prohibited hunting after all. See, there is good in everyone, etc., etc.


    Not that I eat anything significant in the air – a couple of sticks of shortbread are adequate for 12 hrs+ – but the assurance that all meat on this flight is prepared according to Muslim practice ensures that I eat none of it.

  • Bill S

    Well, I’m sure Kroenke will get his revenge on Corbyn by managing Arsenal like he does the Denver Nuggets: Every time they’re close to having something special, either fire the head coach, or trade the best player.

  • staghounds

    You mean shooting not hunting. He REALLY hates people who hunt.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    I’m not a hunter myself, but those who would prohibit it are volunteering to have their roses eaten by deer or their children eaten by wolves, or possibly both.

  • Richard Thomas

    Let’s not jump to the automatic position that violence against people always outweighs violence against animals. You try to kick my dog and we’re going to come to blows.