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This is just too good not to share:

In Meme War terms, this is like taking two torpedoes amidships 😆

(Hat tip to Ignacio Wenley Palacios)

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  • Laird

    You’re right: too good not to share. What is the backstory here? Are these recruiting ads for Apple, or just some extremely clever street art, or what?

  • John Galt III

    It is not only the Gleichschaltung that exists at Google that is so bad – you don’t have to work there, but that Google’s search engine is becoming biased as well. Yes, there are other search engines, but they are not as good. Bing is virtually useless. The company is rotten to the core.


    Apple? I was an owner of Apple’s first distributorship back in the 1970’s. Apple’s working environment is almost as close minded an echo chamber as Google. Tim Cook would be just as happy running a Cambodian re-education camp or a Gulag.

    For all non-Leftists in Silicon Valley it is “shut up and work.” Really not too much different than 95% of what passes for education in the US whether the unionized child abuse industry variety (government schools) or the colleges and universities with their enforced groupthink where it is “shut up, swallow the propaganda and repeat it back on tests and exams to get your “A”. Oh, and pay up to $500,000 for 4 years of this shit.

    We live in interesting times. Time for a mega-dose of Joseph Schumpeter’s creative destruction.

  • Alisa

    Apple’s working environment is almost as close minded an echo chamber as Google.

    I am imagining the same thing.

  • Laird, they are street art by Sabo. Teh awesome, as we say on teh internetz 😆

  • Thailover

    I assumed it was photoshop. Oh well. I especially like the second “not so much” one. BTW, this is horrible and racist because Sundar is Indian and Jobs was White. LOL, I can imagine some snowflake saying that.

  • Alisa

    Wow, great stuff there Perry.

  • Mr Ed


    I believe that Steve Jobs was half-Syrian by his father, FWIW, and adopted, so let the snowflakes blow in the wind, no two snowflakes are the same, yet they are all alike.

  • Google’s search engine is becoming biased as well. Yes, there are other search engines, but they are not as good. Bing is virtually useless.

    Google’s search engine is becoming more useless as it becomes more biased. The market will provide, moving Google out of advertising and mobile will take longer though.

  • Stonyground

    As a grammar pedant I feel that I have to point out that it should read ‘think differently’.

  • Julie near Chicago

    So there is a law that Syrians can’t be Caucasoid? *tease*

    OTOH, excellent point. 🙂

  • DP

    Dear Mr de Havilland

    I have stopped googling and started ducking.

    I haven’t noticed a difference.


    PS Just now, after ducking “bang bang duck” and googling the same, bhangbhangduc is first item on google and quite a way down on duckduckgo – there are differences, obviously. Hooray for google, a bit, this time. DP

    PPS Bhang was the name for a weed in East Africa when I were a lad – probably Weed. DP

  • DP

    @ Stonyground August 12, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    “As a grammar pedant I feel that I have to point out that it should read ‘think differently’.”

    It’s American. They don’t do grammar.


  • Cal Ford

    I was always suspicious of Google when it had the slogan ‘Don’t be evil.’ It’s like going a date with a guy who assures you over and over that’s he’s not violent domestic abuser. Why even mention that at all?

  • Fraser Orr

    > As a grammar pedant I feel that I have to point out that it should read ‘think differently’.

    FWIW, I am not sure you are being entirely generous here. You are assuming “different” is a modifier to an intransitive verb, but another possibility is that it might be an adjective standing in for a noun and be the object of a transitive verb. Essentially “think different thoughts” with “thoughts” omitted by ellipsis.

    For example, were he to have said “think innovative” this does not quite mean the same as “think innovatively”.

    Plus I believe there is a little bit of self referential irony in the statement, namely that it uses grammar “different” than one would expect with the additional benefit (as a headline and byline) that it is jarring enough to make you stop and think.

    I am not fan of Apple, but their advertising is bleeding edge innovative, in fact stunningly good. I assure you they left off the “ly” by careful conscious choice, not, as DP suggest, because they are ignorant Americans.

  • Eric

    As a grammar pedant I feel that I have to point out that it should read ‘think differently’.

    Millions pointed that out when the ad campaign started. But Apple wanted to be, you know, “edgy”.

  • Eric

    Apple’s working environment is almost as close minded an echo chamber as Google.

    Might even be worse. I have a sibling who works there, and the old Apple culture of “anything goes” is long dead, buried, and the monuments defaced.

  • Onkayaks

    This may seem unconnected with the topic, but I read yesterday an extract of Julian Assange’s book ‘When Google Met Wikileaks’. The chapter is about Eric Schmidt, and Google’s role as an agent for the State Department -Assange’s bête noire- through Jared Cohen, and a string of think-tanks. some as old and reputable as the Council on Foreign Relations.

    It is a gripping tale that starts with the meeting that Schmidt requested with Assange while he was under house arrest in Norfolk, and then goes on explaining the natural ease between Google -already a main player in industrial defense-, lobbies, and liberal government officials in the U.S. in a process that lacking in representation, it is much maligned, but I believe that in North America, it is not as shady as commonly believed.

    It is a good read.

  • Regional

    The Left’s biggest enemy is themselves.

  • bobby b

    August 13, 2017 at 2:53 am

    “The Left’s biggest enemy is themselves.”

    Mostly because the Right is so damned ineffectual and self-defeating.

    (Sorry. I’ve been watching the festivities in Laird’s part of town. Coalition politics suck.)

  • bobby b

    Hey, admins:

    Something wrong with the site.

    If I click my bookmark to the site, the Recent Comments list is out of date. If I click Refresh, it remains out of date. If I click on the Samizdata title (top left of home page) the Recent Comments list updates.

    I have no problems with any other site, which leads me to believe I’m not having a refresh problem.

    (It’s been this way for a week or more.)

  • Regional

    bobby b,
    In Sinny high rise residential tower blocks are set are set to become the norm, just like every big city the world over and the sheeple aren’t happy, forgetting they elected Krudd who promised to grow the economy buy increasing immigration and building housing for them.

  • Jacob

    it’s not just Google, it’s the whole US. It has gone nuts.
    This “diversity” thing is deep mental disorder or madness that grips all of the US.

    The symptom of Google’s madness was not the firing of Damore (it was too) but the hiring of a diversity czar – Danielle Brown

  • Jacob

    The correct and logical thing for Google would be to declare: “We do technology, not diversity. We hire people based on they technical competence or ability. We don’t ask employees for their race or gender or religion and don’t know, don’t wish to know and don’t record such data. Therefore we cannot produce a “diversity” report, since the data is unavailable and we refuse to register it, gather it or publish it.”

    Such a reasonable approach would probably be illegal in the US. The Gov. (Labor department) obliges you to register and publish race and gender data.

  • Jacob

    I was quite surprised by the non-PC (or politically incorrect) David Brooks article in the NY times which called Google’s Pichai to resign.
    And then – another anti-Google piece in the NY Times today. “Google doesn’t want what is best for us”.

    And then it dawned on me: Google ate NY Times’ add revenue. They are competitors. So, of course NY Times would do everything to harm and denigrate Google, even write politically dubious articles.
    Don’t believe in anything the MSM writes, it’s all fake news. It’s Pravda.

  • Alisa

    Brooks has been the NYT token “conservative” for many years, so his piece is not all that surprising.

  • Runcie Balspune

    What this debacle has shown me about the world today is that a typical engineer thinks he needs 10 pages to press his argument, whereas a typical social justice warrior thinks they only need 140 characters to press theirs.

  • Jacob

    Even the house conservative has to play (and does play) by the house rules…
    It’s not that the NYT suddenly and inadvertently stumbled upon the truth. It’s more funny. It’s that they value their income more than truth (according to their ideology).

  • Jacob

    Note the NYT headline:
    “Google Doesn’t Want What’s Best for Us

    Who is “Us” ? The NYT ? Or everybody? The NYT is not aware that there may be different “Us”es.

  • “Mozilla had its Brendan Eich, Google had its James Danmore and Apple — may learn from their example. If this be ‘inappropriate’, make what you will of it.” 🙂

    Personally, I’m not expecting Tim Cooke to learn much, but hope the sign-writer will not soon be proved explicitly wrong.

  • Alisa

    Wow, everyone does seem to have forgotten about Eich, including myself…

  • William O. B'Livion

    @Alisa, not everyone. I haven’t used Firefox by choice since then.

    I’ve been trying to use Brave as my primary browser (his new company), but it’s not ready yet.

    Then again, neither are Palemoon, Waterfox, or most of the others.

  • bobby b

    William O. B’Livion
    August 13, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    “I’ve been trying to use Brave as my primary browser (his new company), but it’s not ready yet.”

    As have I. I’m afraid that the price we pay to stop supporting evil is reduced functionality. I just keep telling myself that many people in the past have paid somewhat higher prices while fighting the fight, and “not having intuitive bookmarks” seems a bit petty compared to “and then they killed me.”

    (Brave really needs to work on its bookmarks. It’s fast as heck, and easy on memory, but still needs some bells and whistles.)

  • bobby b

    The artist, Sabo, has now been banned by Facebook, for “hate speech.”

  • JS

    William O. B’Livion and bobby b,

    Pale Moon looks worth a try. It’s a fork of Firefox and uses many of the same add-ons.

    I’ve downloaded but haven’t had a chance to tinker with it yet.


  • Alisa

    William, I guess by ‘everyone’ I meant everyone I’ve seen currently discussing Damore 🙂 I also quit FF a couple of years ago, but mostly because it stopped functioning the way it used to. I have been using Opera since then, but am keeping an eye on Brave all the time.

    Thanks for the pointer, JS.

  • Alisa

    It is indeed a very good read, Onkayaks – thanks for posting it. I for one had no idea about any of it, and so it gave me a fairly new perspective on that company.

  • Paul Marks

    But is Apple really more tolerant of “incorrect” (by the standards of the Frankfurt School of Marxism – their fake “Diversity” that does not include diversity of opinion) political and social opinions?

    Still, if Apple is not more tolerant, this “meme” campaign may encourage them to be so – to give themselves a competitive advantage over Google (they directly compete in relation to some products).

    That would indeed show the “power of memes”.

  • William O. B'Livion


    Using Palemoon on my cell and one of my lapdogs, but it doesn’t seem to support the Mac all that well.

    And yeah, I’m thinking of off Mac with my next computer and just going straight Linux again, but that’s not this month.