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Let us put to bed the idea that Labour voters are well meaning people who just happen to have different ideas about economic policy, or are voting Labour out of habit (“my father voted Labour – so I am voting Labour”). People who vote Labour THIS TIME are voting for someone, Jeremy Corbyn, to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – and they are doing so in the full knowledge that he is an enemy of Britain (and the West in general) and an ally of the terrorists – both Marxist and Islamist terrorists.

Paul Marks

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  • Mr Ed

    The popular musician Mr Noel Gallagher described Mr Ed Miliband in 2015 as ‘f***ing Communist‘.

    Leaving aside the gerund, I think that he was spot on. In what way is Mr Corbyn less of a Communist than Ed Miliband?

  • Jacob

    So, the question is: Being a communist is bad because you are “anti Britain” or because you are anti-mankind?

    Augusto Pinochet (or the media he inspired) denounced communism as a “foreign” ideology, i.e. un-Chilean. That’s a wrong argument.

  • Jacob

    I mean: Corbyn (as a communist) is an enemy of mankind, and not only an enemy of Britain.

  • – and they are doing so in the full knowledge that he is an enemy of Britain (and the West in general) and an ally of the terrorists –

    Paul Marks has remarkable confidence in the informedness of the British voter.

  • Watchman


    I’d expect a lot of voters to hear about this in the next few days – it’s becoming the media narrative, despite the media’s reluctance.

  • Mr Ed


    Wilful blindness is constructive knowledge in my book.

  • Which is why I’m a Marksist.

  • NickM

    I shall never vote Labour and I never went down on Dianne Abbott.

  • I’m actually beginning to believe that Corbyn (and Abbott) is/are being paid (or leant on) to throw the election… Interview after interview of cringe-inducing incompetence. Nobody is that exactly wrong by accident!

  • CayleyGraph, May 30, 2017 at 2:25 pm: “Paul Marks has remarkable confidence in the informedness of the British voter.”

    This is an annoying but undoubtedly relevant fact, and does need to be remembered, especially if you find yourself talking to the kind of Labour voter who could, if tactfully handled, be persuaded to think again (or perhaps I mean, to think 🙂 ).

    Ignorance is not just as regards not knowing specific stuff (like not knowing Corbyn mourned the death of a Munich-massacre jew-killer). What you notice can depend on what you chose to notice much earlier in life – or were guided to notice. I’ve talked to a Labour voter who felt that Corbyn “told it like it was” – because he didn’t talk like other Labour politicians. That guy was not evil – just someone whose choices of what to approve earlier in life had pushed him to a particular place where some things got noticed and others very much not.

  • Andy

    Corbyn has kissed the arse of more terrorists who wish to destroy Britain, than he has met members of the British armed forces.

  • Roué le Jour

    There quite literally millions of people in the UK who depend upon the state for their sustenance. They will vote Labour regardless of which mong is “leading” it because a vote for Labour is a vote for the state.

  • Laird

    Over a century ago Upton Sinclair wrote: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” That remains true today, and applies to Labour voters as much as anybody.

  • Bogdan the Ausssie

    Because Corbyn is certainly against HUMANITY, he can be considered an INHUMAN. Being such, he is being voted for by both species that could, or rather should be described as SUB-HUMANS; PARASITES and MORONS.
    A parasite votes for INHUMAN because “IT” promises free stuff.
    A moron votes for INHUMAN because “IT” promises moron that it will be relieved from obligation of THINKING.
    In the end a MORON is also a PARASITE because if a moron refuses to think, someone has to think for him and that means that someone has to work double as hard.
    “It is a blessing for the rulers that the masses don’t think” Adolf Hitler.

  • Derek Buxton

    All true but Mrs. May is her own worst enemy. I cannot recall a single Conservative policy that she has carried out. She is not really up to speed on just how the EU works and how, which means she has no real world idea of how to get out. She listens to her civil service, bureaucrats to a man, who will not tell her the truth about the equally bureaucratic EU. It is a lovely life being paid by the People you are trying to destroy to carry out the policy.

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    Great quote, Laird, thanks!

    I think the core of the problem is that so many of the UK public depend, whole or in part, on their fellow taxpayers for their income. And we are at the point where the ratio of those pulling the wagon, and those sitting on it, is now dangerously tilting to the passengers. Couple that with the shocking and shameful ignorance of basic economics (the way that political candidates go on about “free healthcare” etc being a case in point) and you have this situation.

    Remember, while his parliamentary colleagues are rightly appalled by his terrorist associations and association with Jew-haters, etc, most “moderate” Labourites share Corbyn’s underlying political philosophy: a communitarian belief that the State has a prior claim on our lives and and abilities; that no-one really owns anything outright; that the needs of X are paramount and that the violence-backed power of the State is rightly to be used to rearrange the patterning of wealth in ways that fit their prejudices. Heck, even significant numbers of Tories subscribe in part to all this, so deep has socialism sunk into the mental processes of the public. Yes, Corbyn is by any standards a dreadful individual, but he is part of a continuum, not a complete break with what has gone before. His economic views would have him on the moderate end of the Attlee cabinet of 1945.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Ed – Mr Corbyn is worse, Ed Milliband did not go to the terrorist groups on the planet (like a love sick teenager) for decades.

    As for the various people who have said the public just do not know…..

    Let us hope you are right and I am wrong.

    In your view very large numbers of people are just very thick – they do look at newspapers (forget buy them – a lot Corbyn stuff has been on the front pages, so just looking in the direction of the newsstand would tell people) or listen to people on free television and radio.

    Much though I hate the leftist bias of British television and radio, I can not claim that they have not had people on who have told the truth about Mr Corbyn – they have (often) including members of the Labour Party.

    So either about a third of the population can not understand human speech (possible I suppose) – or they do not CARE, which is my belief.

    By the way the nearest house to me with a “Vote Labour” poster in the window has two nice cars outside it. They are not poor.

  • jim jones

    Labour voters are driven by greed

  • Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    Laird, this Uppity Sinclair character- Would he be a dead white male? Why are you even bothering with such a person?

  • Charlie Suet

    I have seen a number of posts on my Facebook wall recently where people have decided to vote Labour because a website has told them that Corbyn voted for gay rights while May did not. If you pointed out that Corbyn’s chums in Hamas and Hezbollah are not pro-homosexual then you’d be accused of racism. These trivialities are all low-information young voters seem to care about.

    I am in complete despair. Much as I despise Nick Timothy this goes way beyond May being a bad candidate. Millions of educated (or rather, credentialed) people have decided that Corbyn is a kindly old man who has been ‘on the right side of history’.