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Left wing women threaten to bugger off for a day…

The comedy potential of a day without left-wing women is hard to overstate. It is a bit like malaria mosquitoes ‘threatening’ not to bite anyone for a day. Yup, that’ll show ’em!

Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Any chance of making this a more permanent fixture rather than just one single day off?

20 comments to Left wing women threaten to bugger off for a day…

  • Meanwhile, on a day without right-wing men, criminals run amok, the garbage doesn’t get picked up, the water and electricity go out, and the first housefire burns down the entire city.

  • bobby b

    “As of Monday afternoon, the initial Instagram post had already received more than 17,000 likes.”

    All by left-wing men.

  • Laird

    Somehow, I can’t help thinking of this photo (which is probably fake, but still amusing).

  • Mr Ed

    In the comments in the OP, a ‘Maria Eva’ muses:

    Let it be a day to not spend a penny.

    If she’s not hopping mad yet, she will be by the end of the day.

  • Oh no, quite real. The temperance movement was real, and predated women’s suffrage. In fact, the suffrage movement identified them readily as their biggest impediment, because men (and sane women) assumed that as soon as those biddies could vote, they would set about trying to outlaw everything they didn’t like.

    How about that?

  • From their comments:

    I would be in for this. I think it would also be wise to not go out to get groceries or shop that day. If we want to make an impact we need to not spend any money on that day. Just a thought

    How is that going to make much of a difference with women only making $.70 on the dollar and such?

  • “Date to be announced”

    Darn it, I want to start making plans asap

  • Paul Marks

    Perhaps they can take the Speaker of the House of Commons with them.

    That “man” has been betraying everything he pretends to believe in ever since he betrayed the Federation of Conservative Students.

    Does Mr Bercow believe in Freedom of Association or Freedom of Speech?

    Of course not – which is why in 2015 he was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1965 Act. And if you do not support that Act (and all the other Acts like it) you are, in his book, a “racist”, “sexist” and “homophobe” – the only difference between that sort of “conservative” and a Frankfurt School Marxist is at least the latter know what they are.

    In the “history” of people such as John Bercow – the United Kingdom in 1964 was like the American South under Jim Crow. And the young are being taught to believe this rubbish.

  • Eric

    “As of Monday afternoon, the initial Instagram post had already received more than 17,000 likes.”

    All by left-wing men.

    I don’t think there are that many men on Instagram.

  • RAB

    Laird. That pic looked like a Pantomime Dame’s charabang outing to Blackpool circa 1900.

    Yes I am SO up for it too! Perhaps they can hold it on the same day all our immigrants are going to go on strike and make a proper day of it. No Curry, no Kebabs… Fish and chips all round then.

  • Eric

    I remember when we had “A day without Mexicans” in Southern California. Traffic was lighter than usual, and the people who were supposed to be inconvenienced looked at each other and said “This is great. I hope they stay home every day.”

  • Roué le Jour

    Surely a issue of such importance deserves at least a month?

  • A day or two ago I caught a rerun of that classic episode of Porridge, where Fletcher spends the entire time trying to be alone in his cell on a Saturday afternoon. But he keeps getting interrupted, by guards, by other prisoners, by a Home Office delegation, and finally, after he has prayed to God for some solitude (“It’s not much to ask”), by the prison priest. At the end of his tether, Fletcher assaults the poor man. And, in a classic twist, Fletcher is punished by being given three days of … solitary confinement.

    Final line, Fletcher to the Prison Governor: “You couldn’t make it a fortnight, could you?”

    There are some punishments that are exactly what you want and their only problem is that they won’t go on nearly long enough.

  • Let it be a day to not spend a penny.

    She should call on the State not to spend a penny for one day.

  • Paul Marks

    The argument for “Civil Rights” laws in the United States was to “correct the balance” of many years of laws (Jim Crow) that hit certain groups.

    Leaving aside that this is saying “two wrongs make a right” (and that the first comprehensive “anti discrimination” law was in New York State in the 1940s – a State that was NOT a Jim Crow State), how does this apply to the United Kingdom?

    When were the “Jim Crow” laws in Britain?

    Was the United Kingdom under “Jim Crow” laws before 1965?

    No it was not.

    So the whole argument for the British version of the “Civil Rights” laws (for race, gender, sexual orientation….. the whole Frankfurt School of Marxism list) collapses.

    And the Act of 1965 did not “just” attack Freedom of Association (which must logically include the right to not associate), it directly targeted Freedom of Speech – as did later Acts.

    And this is what Speaker John Bercow and the rest of “enlightened liberal opinion” celebrate.

    Not “just” the attack on Freedom of Association – but also the attack upon Freedom of Speech.

    Make no mistake, it is not just in “Westminster Hall” – people like John Bercow want to utterly exterminate Freedom of Speech.

    As it happens President Trump is NOT a racist – but it would not matter, for the purposes of Freedom of Speech, if he was. After all perhaps the most racist society on Earth is the People’s Republic of China – check out how many immigrants are granted citizenship there. John Bercow, and the red hat women, organise no protests against them.

  • Andrew Duffin

    Well at least they’re saying “the will of the people will stand”, so I guess they’re not protesting against a democratic election or anything like that.

    Oh, wait…

  • Julie near Chicago

    Laird, et al.: There is an ad up, randomly, for “custom posters, $ 17” which shows this exact congealment of sourpussed “ladies.”

    “Randomly”: it comes and goes in the right sidebar, at the top, under “Advertisements” (in very light grey). Saw it once at


    and once at


    . . .

    Phelps, February 6, 2017 at 10:06 pm :

    Very interesting! You mean some folks — of both sexes yet! — brought their brains to the party? I say, Good for them! (Do you perchance have a source?)

  • Mr Ed

    Rather disappointed that Breitbart’s Milo seems to have a faith in President Trump’s purported Messianic powers

    MILO: Trump Slims Down Lena Dunham. Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

    Viewer discretion advised.

  • Laird

    Too bad Trump can’t do anything about her stupid.