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Samizdata tweet of the year

Amen, Jax. Amen.

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  • lemon jellyfish

    Perfect 😆

  • Expatnik

    Oh yeah, that’s a keeper!

  • I hope that’s the plan.

  • Harry

    I’ll do it if I can do it from home!

  • Paul Marks

    The government bureaucracy claim to “serve the pubic” by “serving the elected government” – the President and the Congress.

    That has been exposed as a LIE.

    But the “cynical” response that the government administrators are “only in it for the money and perks” has also been exposed as false.

    The high administrators (and some of the low ones also) serve an ideology – one they were taught at school and university. And they are prepared, if need be, to sacrifice their pay and perks for this ideology.


  • Laird

    That’s what she said, Harry!

  • Andrew Douglas

    Is this the same person who writes for the Observer? Some of her colleagues’ heads liable to explode!

  • It has probably been like a decade now where I got this idea about that game ‘king of the hill.’ As long as there is a hill, multiple idiots are going to want to be king- bad enough to spend their time and money trying to charge up that hill. And the libertarian strategy has been to try and convince everybody not to use the hill. This does not work. People still charge up the hill, and other people seem to like having a king on the hill.

    So, what if you put a king who demoralizes the hell out of all the hill climbers, and then take the hill down while nobody is looking?