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Sad Puppies are taking back Science Fiction

Many thanks to Rand Simberg who has been covering this ongoing battle…

The Elites fight tooth and claw and with whatever lying, cheating, libel and threats they can get away with… and the more you shine the light on them while they do so, the more they self-destruct.

I suspect the Sad Puppies have been having the time of their life giving these people all the rope they need to make total idjts of themselves. So bring out a bag of popcorn, sit back and watch the battle.

21 comments to Sad Puppies are taking back Science Fiction

  • Jane Simons

    Now where have I heard that before? Oh yes! 😀

  • Paul Marks

    I wish these rebels against the Death Star of “Social Justice” (the collectivist doctrine that all income and wealth rightfully belong to the collective and should be “distributed” by an all powerful state) every success in their rebellion.

    The forces of Frankfurt School Marxism have been active, trying to dominate this area (like all areas) of culture for a long time.

    At first it seems easy enough to appease them.

    O.K. use the female pronoun not the male pronoun.

    O.K. make the lead hero black.

    And on and on.

    But the demands never stop.

    “The rich” and “big business greed” must be shown as the baddie – in all fantasy and Science Fiction.

    Because (surprise surprise) “sexism”, “racism”, “homophobia” (and so on)is caused by “capitalist society” and only by the establishment of “Social Justice” (i.e. slavery – tyranny) can they be banished.

    People involved in science fiction and fantasy culture – books, video games, role playing games (and on and on) have tried to appease the “Social Justice warriors” for a long time, it has not worked.

    They keep coming back and demanding more – and they demand absolute control of everything (freezing out everyone else).

    It is time to tell the Social Justice Warriors to…..



    That is what they are now saying to our side actually. Which is great 😉

  • Edward

    SF fandom had all but fallen to the SJWs. They moved on to their next target; computer games. But here, at #GamerGate, in spite of all the force they could bring, they were met, fought, defeated and driven back. Because computer gamers knew of old the tactics the SJWs have used previously. Knew ’em better than they did, and turned those same tactics back against them. Victory on the computer games front encouraged the SF fans to rally, use the gamers’ tactics and the SJWs are on the run again. Now to liberate those territories long occupied by the enemy. On to Berlin! 😉

  • I hadn’t even heard of sad puppies until yesterday, when this popped up on my Google Now (which is scary and wonderful in and of itself, but that’s another story). It’s a pretty good introductory read. More power to them, when does the television reclamation start?

  • As it happens, wh00ps, we have Monster Hunter Nation in our sidebar under “Arts, Tech & Culture”. Yes, it is a very good reply. And all of the links in that section are also “GamerGate” friendly, which explains why I will never link to ArseTechnica, Gawker, Polygon, Kotaku, Gamasutra or any of those people: I will not give them the clicks.

    If you do visit the people I linked to under that section, consider turning your AdBlock off for them: support the good guys in the culture wars.

  • Tedd


    With any luck, FOALUA will become as widely known as TANSTAAFL.

  • Edward

    @Perry, I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but given your link in your reply to me; are you related to those de Havillands?

    As to the Hugos, the battle isn’t over yet. The Sad Puppies (and their rather more ferocious cousins the Rabid Puppies) have got their slate onto the nominations. However, it’s possible in the Hugos to vote for No Award. If that comes top in the award poll, then there’s no award, just like it says. And that’s what the SJWs are banking their hopes on now. Interested in stopping them? Read on…

    To vote in the Hugo Awards you need to be a member of this year’s WorldCon, that’s the SF convention that owns the Hugos. Unfortunately, it costs money to be a member, but you only need to have a Supporting membership at $40 to vote. Here’s the link to join if you think this fight worthwhile and can afford it.

    Once joined, you’ll get a ballot for the Hugos in due course. Here’s a list of the nominees. When you do, vote the Sad Puppies slate above No Award. Normally, I’d encourage you to read the works in question and only vote for those you’ve both read and think are worthy. But this year, bugger that, the SJWs are fighting dirty so we have to fight even dirtier. Vote the Sad Puppies slate and be sure to put No Award last, even ahead of non Sad Puppies nominees. That’ll make it harder for No Award to win, which, remember, is what the SJWs want.

    The SJWs are in disarray. We’ve knocked them to the floor; now’s the time to put the boot in 😉 . Join me…

  • @Perry, I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, but given your link in your reply to me; are you related to those de Havillands?


    As to the Hugos, the battle isn’t over yet. The Sad Puppies (and their rather more ferocious cousins the Rabid Puppies) have got their slate onto the nominations. However, it’s possible in the Hugos to vote for No Award. If that comes top in the award poll, then there’s no award, just like it says.

    Yet we STILL will. The video above is a joke but it is actually true in a sense: by getting a No Award, the Bad Guys prove the Sad Puppies were right all along. The SJWs are in a lose-lose either way.

  • William Newman

    I doubt that “having [the] time of their life” is quite right. Correia has written at some length on his blog about how it is no fun being libelled about stuff like racism and violent tendencies (and having it blow around to e.g. people in day to day life being publicly concerned for your wife), and described other unpleasantness like being spat on at conventions, and it rings true to me. However, many of the key figures — Correia, Torgerson, Wright, Hoyt, Ringo, Kratman… — seem to be the sort of people who find themsleves muttering things like “molon labe” or “this isn’t right dealing” or “hier stande ich” and meaning it. If that personality trait runs deep enough (and my guess is that it does, from their behavior so far, and from how historically it would be fairly normal) then “grimly satisfying” might fit rather well even if “time of their life” doesn’t quite.

    (And you don’t need to be a Spartan hardass to feel satisfaction at getting some payback for unjustified scorn or scoffing or lies. That feeling is pretty ordinary: it’s a common literary theme, and it’s even pretty commonly seen in real life in e.g. sports or nationalist rivalries. And it looks to me as though they — and various of the attacks on them — have already proved their point well enough to feel considerable satisfaction on that score.)

  • Edward

    @Perry, good to know. Got the book in my Amazon queue and I wish my granddad had been flying one of Geoffrey’s Mossies to Berlin rather than the Lanc he actually flew there in. I might’ve got to meet him that way.

    And yeah, we win even if No Award comes in, but there’s a difference between “a damn close run thing” and an absolute rout. I don’t just want to win, I want to win big, and that means getting the Sad Puppies slate those Hugos. I want to see them choke on their bile as they have to announce Toni Weisskopf and maybe even Vox Day as Editor Hugo winners!*

    In other words, yes, we’ve already won. But we want the SJWs to know they’ve absolutely lost, that there’s no consolation for them in “No Award” coming up on top. Because it won’t come up on top; the Sad Puppies nominees will!

    If you want to help and can spare $40, see my post above. A bonus is you will get the opportunity to nominate and vote on the Hugos for 2016 as well, and thus consolidate our victory.

    * The most honest lefties in SF agree it’s a disgrace Toni hasn’t won a Hugo already. Ted Beale is something else; he’s a conservative and he’s said some things that stick in my libertarian craw. But if he won, he’d be the first Native American to win a Hugo! So by SJW logic we should vote for him, or we’re RACIST! 😉

  • wh00ps, I saw that in my Google Now, too. I guess you read A&D as well. There is some talk about all this over there, and Eric Raymond has been nominated for a John W. Campbell Award, which is something to do with the Evil League of Evil, as well.

    I hadn’t really noticed SJWs taking over SF and games; perhaps it has come to a head just as I have young children and am getting out of touch with such things. All I had noticed until now was the occasional article about having better female characters in games, or fewer scantily clad models at trade shows, neither of which ideas on the face of them offended me. Then again, I always find it tough to find good SF that I really like. Maybe this is partly why. Then I read the Golden Age books by John C Wright and it was the best thing I had read in ages, and *then* I learn that he has taken a side in all this.

    It’s a shame George RR Martin seems to have taken the other side… I was hoping to get around to Game of Thrones at some point (I know nothing of it but TV trailers and they look fun), and now I am hoping it is not riddled with bad ideas.

  • Rob, FWIW I could not get through more than a couple of chapters of GoT.

  • Laird

    Rob, I couldn’t get into GoT (the book), either, but I have been very much enjoying the TV adaptation. I can’t say that it’s “riddled with bad ideas”, at least not any more than would be present in any other show about a groups of rapacious, bloodthirsty aristocrats. But then, I don’t generally go looking to popular television series for deep philosophical truths (outside of Firefly, anyway).

  • Jerry M

    Note also, that by joining Worldcon for $40 and getting to vote and stick it to the SJW’s, you will also get 3-copies of the nominated works. This is worth much more than $40, assuming one likes to read SF/F. So read and vote!!

  • Snorri Godhi

    WRT George RR Martin i wish to point out, to those who did not read his magnus opus, that it is nothing like what you would expect from an American “liberal”.
    IIRC i have gone on record that, for me, the primary divide in politics is between the Machiavellian and the insane; well, GoT is Machiavellian (though it is difficult to notice from the TV series), while GRRM’s politics verge on the insane, if wikipedia is correct in saying that he is an admirer of Jimmy Carter.
    This is the same dissonance that an acute observer (such as yours truly) can see between JK Rowling’s politics and The Order of the Phoenix.

    I realize that the Song of Ice and Fire is not an easy read. That’s because reading Machiavellian literature involves learning about lots of people with weird names, before the reader begins to understand why we should care about those people. (Just look at the Sagas of Icelanders.) Still, once i got into it, i found it difficult to get out.

    BTW i checked out GRRM’s blog today (following the link from Monster Hunter Nation) and discovered that he is by no means a warrior (as in SJW). Not only he doesn’t want to change the rules, he actually wrote this:

    I intend to consider every story and every finalist in every category, and vote for those that I think worthy of Hugos. I will vote NO AWARD, I promise you, but only where No Award is warranted. (Truth be told, I vote No Award every year in almost every category. Usually not in first, admittedly… but I don’t just look at a category and rank them one to five in order of preference, I rank the ones I think rocket-worthy above No Award, and the ones I don’t below).


  • This is the same dissonance that an acute observer (such as yours truly) can see between JK Rowling’s politics and The Order of the Phoenix.

    Indeed, unfortunately.

    I may just give the GoT another shot some time.

  • Richard Thomas

    It definitely pushes no agenda. I found it a decent read but don’t rank it among my favourites (fantasy is not really my cup of tea in any case). I can see why people like it for sure though.