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What a truly horrifying thought!

A overtly Marxist Guardianista wants to replace Jeremy Clarkson. The Horror. The Horror! You would think someone with a Russian name would know how well Marxism turned out the last time…

15 comments to What a truly horrifying thought!

  • Pseudonymous

    Wouldn’t they exhaust the supply of Ladas, Skodas, Trabbis, etc to review/trash rather quickly?

  • Frederick Davies

    April Fool’s Day was 10 days ago; The Guardian needs a new calendar.


  • James Strong

    I’m not sure how serious this post is.
    Jeremy Clarkson is a buffoon and bully who committed an assault on a subordinate at work.
    The fact that he is not a lefty does not excuse that.
    As for Alexei Sayle’s name:
    Kelly Holmes and Larry Holmes have the same name.She’d be a lousy heavyweight boxer and I don’t think he’d be blistering over 800m or 1500m.

  • Jeremy Clarkson is a buffoon and bully who committed an assault on a subordinate at work.

    Or maybe he didn’t, apparently it is not so clear.

  • I’d be a lot less sceptical if the alleged victim had decided to press charges. Oh, he wants to “move on”, and no doubt “draw a line under it all”. Which might be understandable if it was a spat between mates down the pub. But perhaps, given the high public profile of this case, he doesn’t want a full police investigation to conclude that the whole thing has been blown out of all proportion, and/or that Clarkson was deliberately provoked in order to produce exactly the outcome that transpired, giving the BBC an excuse to get rid of him. What, if he was indeed assaulted, would he stand to lose by going ahead?

  • Regional

    James Strong,
    So you don’t like Jeremy Clarkson?

  • Edward

    @James Strong

    North Yorkshire Police did investigate the alleged assault, and decided not to proceed further. Make of that what you will.

    Other things:

    Alexei Sayle is a card-carrying Commie, a member of the Maoist Communist Party of Britain(Marxist-Leninist). His parents were both members of the Moscow-controlled Communist Party of Great Britain. He’s also a Jew through his mother, who was from Lithuania. If that wasn’t enough to clue him in to the true nature of Communism, nothing that’s happened in the past quarter-century would be likely to work. He absolutely still believes wholeheartedly the bullshit doctrine of his Party.

    IIRC the revived Top Gear format actually belongs to a company part-owned by Clarkson? Only the name actually belongs to the Beeb? If true, then we can expect the show to emerge somewhere else pretty much as it was, and likely with Hammond and May on board too.

  • JohnK

    Alexei Sayle is, I think, writing tongue in cheek, though it is true he is a car guy. I think he even owned a Triumph Stag, which can be an exercise in despair. It is sad that he has some sort of cognitive disorder which renders him blind to the inhuman insanity of Marxism-Leninism, and also disappointing that he does not know the difference between “fortunate” and “fortuitous”.

    Anyway, he stands as much chance of presenting “Top Gear” as he did of becoming Dr Who. However, I imagine the BBC will try and keep the programme going, if only because they have deals in place to sell a programme called “Top Gear” abroad.

  • pete

    It’s a horrifying thought that the state funds and makes huge amounts of down market light TV entertainment at all, never mind who presents the rubbish.

    I find it odd that so many on a libertarian blog seems to be a bit miffed that their favourite establishment, Chipping Norton set, public school presenter has been booted off one of their favourite state funded TV programmes.

    Surely they should be demanding that the state gets out of making such programmes altogether.

  • JohnW

    First up for review – the Envia Discord.

  • Laird

    Thanks for the link, JohnW.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    You would think someone with a Russian name would know how well Marxism turned out the last time…

    Well, but it’s never been given a fair trial…. ;^)

  • One would have thought that even the most committed Marxist would shy away from any kind of car show, because in any analysis of the virtues of capitalism vs. communism, the old exposition comes to mind:

    Germans — same people (engineers, anal-retentive, etc).

    Capitalist West Germans: Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen (and by extension, Porsche).
    Communist East Germans: Trabant.

    Winner by a knockout: Capitalist West Germans.

  • Henry Crun

    Alexei Sayle, just another in a long line of Scouse gobshites

  • Cal

    Sayle can never seem to make up his mind whether he’s a Marxist or not. And he still writes like a third-year English Lit student from 1985.