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Everything you ever needed to know about trigger warnings and safe areas


Trigger warnings, eh? Well now you know! You are welcome. This public service announcement was brought to you by samizdata.net

34 comments to Everything you ever needed to know about trigger warnings and safe areas

  • Slartibartfarst

    Very nice. I shall borrow that (with due credit to the source), assuming you don’t mind.

  • By all means educate the benighted masses of little snowflakes, chum 😉

  • Regional

    There’s only one weapon for counter fire, a Cruise Missile topped with a megaton neutron warhead. The newsrooms of the West would be good place to start.

  • mike

    I love non-gratuitous gun porn even more than gratuitous gun porn.

  • William O. B'Livion


  • May I add this advice on children and firearms?

  • Slartibartfarst

    @Tim Newman: Is that because the link gets a 403 (Forbidden)?

  • Slartibartfarst

    @Tim Newman:
    On the subject of children and firearms:
    Imagine a parish vicar keeping a loaded .410 in his garage, readily accessible so as to be at the ready for shooting opportunistic rabbits in his vegetable garden.
    Imagine his son and a friend playing there, finding the gun, and one looking down the barrel to see what happens whilst the other pulled the trigger.
    Speaking as someone whose older brother, at the age of 10, was shot in that stupid and avoidable gun accident, it confirmed what should have been an already-understood lesson, that that all adults and children should be given training in gun familiarity and use, and taught to have a healthy respect for guns and their proper use.
    On the same basis, all children should be taught how to swim by age six or so, and how to cross the road safely by age 7 or so.
    This life is full of avoidable, dangerous risks, and responsible parents need to ensure that their children learn about them before their children fall foul of those risks, out of ignorance.
    The children otherwise are effectively put at risk of being killed because of their parents’ ignorance.
    If my parents had not been separated for some years by that time, I feel sure things would have been different, as my father was a retired Army captain who had seen action in WWII and had kept his old service revolver, and would have ensured his children knew something about guns.

    It’s all about basic survival of the fittest, I guess.
    Reminds me of that island somewhere in the Indian/Asian oceans where the coastal-dwelling islanders had learned a warning – a piece of tribal folklore that had been handed-down for generations – that said something like:

    “If the sea goes out a long way, everybody must run to the hills or they will all be killed.”

    Following the 2004 tsunami, when rescue-boats got to that island, expecting all the natives to have been killed, they were very surprised that there had not been a single fatality or injury. The islanders had all headed for the hills when the sea “went out a long way”.

  • Perhaps this link works better.

  • AKM

    Tim, the first link worked fine for me. I guess Magrathea has a poor internet connection to Earth or maybe their ISP blocks that website.

  • Bravo for the patriotic British gun porn.

  • Schrodinger's Dog


    Thanks for brightening my Sunday morning.


  • Tedd


    Maybe not all adults and children; I’m not a big fan of mandatory training like that. But it would certainly be a good thing if there was a greater awareness of how to handle dangerous things, guns included. Some years ago I helped return a stolen rifle to its owner (a long story involving teenagers — enough said). I quickly learned that I needed to keep my hands on the rifle, since everyone except me (and the rightful owner) couldn’t seem to resist picking it up and casually waving it about as though it were a stick found on a trail.

  • Paul Marks


  • The only trigger warning required:

    Keep your booger picker off the bang switch until you’re sure of the target

  • The Sanity Inspector

    Let the snowflakes have their safe spaces. Just stop calling those spaces “colleges”.

  • Veryretired

    The sad, sad thing about being a snowflake is the spring always comes, the days get longer, and snow melts.

    Reality is a genuine bitch, ain’t it?

  • CaptDMO

    FrancisT, in the interest of poetry, ’round here, we refer to the “…booger hook…”
    Regional colloquium I suppose.
    And why the ridiculously short magazine in that rifle?
    Destined to be a classic, none the less.

  • jsallison

    Could use a higher capacity magazine. But that’s just me.

  • Anyone who designates the area immediately behind the stock as a “Safe Area” has clearly never fired a .577 Nitro Express…

  • Fred the Fourth

    What? No comment from Kim of the Roof? I am sad.
    (and I am so stealing this idea…)

  • LOL Fred IV. As in comedy, commenting is all about timing.

  • Could use a higher capacity magazine. But that’s just me.

    It is indeed just you. Why would you need a larger magazine for a .338 Lapua Magnum bolt action sniper rifle?

  • I dunno, Perry, posting this image is engaging in threatening behaviour typical of Gamergate.

    From the article: “Told students that women could narrow wage gap by changing majors from, say, sociology to engineering. Room erupted. Horrified gasps & jeers.” Wow.

  • Mike Solent

    Trigger Warning; isn’t that what they put on factory Rugers and Remingtons?

  • Julie near Chicago

    @ Slartibartfarst, April 26, 2015 at 7:20 am:

    Excellent comment, excellent point. Will be swiped and cross-posted to Individual-Sovereignty Yahoo Group forthwith. :>)

    To all: Slartibartfarst said nothing about making anything “mandatory.” He simply stated that all children SHOULD have certain kinds of training. There are lots of things that everybody SHOULD do, that nevertheless definitely should NOT be mandatory — such as brushing the teeth immediately after eating. And f’rgoshsakes not walking in the parking lot behind cars that have someone sitting in the driver’s seat, let alone cars with the backup lights on! (Responsible parenting: Didn’t your own mother teach you about this, Grandma?)

  • CaptDMO

    “It is indeed just you. Why would you need a larger magazine for a .338 Lapua Magnum bolt action sniper rifle?”
    Because some varmints,say…lemmings…travel in herds?
    *sigh* In fairness, a longer mag WOULD be in the way.

  • Mr Ed

    Meanwhile in Dallas, Texas…

    Gunmen shot dead outside Dallas conference on Prophet cartoons


    And the BBC’s take

    The BBC’s Alastair Leithead says the event was controversial and provocative

  • …and they ask me why I keep a rifle in the boot of the car…

  • The BBC’s Alastair Leithead says the event was controversial and provocative

    And he is correct. What? You mean it is a bad thing to be controversial and provocative?

  • Mr Ed

    There should be no controversy, and the bbc tone is to blame the event for the incident, rather than the perpetrators of the initial shooting. Provocative? Not to the vast majority of humanity.