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Libertarian Solution podcast

I am only just starting to discover podcasts, and the first libertarian one I found that I liked was The Libertarian Solution. Three guys talk about news stories that interested them over the past week and possible libertarian solutions to whatever the problem is that the news story is about.

This week’s podcast [Pocket Cast] featured:

  • An article by a former narcotics police officer on how war on drugs spending is far greater than spending on crimes with actual victims. There was discussion of how this is might be driven by the incentive of police making money from asset forfeiture, and how private police would have a feedback mechanism that public police do not thanks to sovereign immunity: you could sue them for not meeting a service level agreement.
  • An advertisment for an animated movie called Silver Circle about the Federal Reserve.
  • A news story about how undercover police in one state routinely infiltrate protests, presumably to gather information. There was discussion of whether gathering names of protestors is a valid function of the police, and also why an outed undercover cop was holding his gun like that.
  • Discussion about a survey that revealed that two thirds of people would prefer it if the full report into CIA torture was not published, and whether this means people would prefer not to know about it and why.
  • The dangers of blindly signing contracts, illustrated with South Park clips, and the benefits to a business of making sure its customers do understand and are happy with a contract.

At least some of the three are members of the Libertarian Party, and while my views were not in lock-step with theirs, I found them reasonable and thoughtful enough to be interesting, with just a little banter and rhetoric to keep it from being too dry. Not a bad listen while doing the ironing.

5 comments to Libertarian Solution podcast

  • pete

    See here for some good ones.


    Radio 4 has lots too.

    For light entertainment purposes there are also lots of paranormal/UFO/conspiracy theory podcasts out there. Try Mind Set Central, Alex Jones or Truth Frequency for some real nuttiness about the illuminate and false flags.

    James Delingpole does a good podcast here


  • CaptDMO

    Well, the “full report” of CIA torture was NOT put fourth.
    IMHO, Only select, cherry picked, and “edited for clarity” bits, as a revenge measure from “certain” folks, on their way out of the forum by virtue of those DARING to exercise “We the people”.
    Timing, and “cover” for other misdeeds, are great tools in projection of “Fool me twice, shame on ME…”.
    I’m fairly sure there’s no official edict that “certain” estranged members of our legislature be afforded tax based “welfare” that will support them , “In the manner to which they have become accustomed…”
    Ginning em’ up for that “lucrative” reward, post “law maker”, no-show job resume!

    I’m ALSO fairly sure that (ie) Janet Reno’s vast expertise in third world cellular telecommunications isn’t what placed her where she is today.

    I could be wrong of course.

  • CaptDMO

    Depending on who one may believe, and who has a “history”.
    Washington Post-
    “Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who chairs the Senate intelligence committee, launched a six-year, 6,000-page, $40 million investigation into the CIA interrogation program, with the goal of convincing Americans that a) the program did not work and that b) enhanced interrogations were wrong and should never again be permitted.

    She failed on all counts.

  • john malpas

    No mention of the social benefits of the Gestapo or like minded groups.