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Unfortunately, the Portman Group is a gloomy gaggle of killjoy jobsworths, funded by navel-gazing international drinks giants


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  • Rob Fisher (Surrey)

    Ah, so “controversial” has come to mean “stating the obvious”. Time to try some of their beer, I think.

  • Greg

    Thanks for this posting Samiz Illu! I love Brew Dog. First stumbled across them by finding “tactical nuclear penguin” online–an awful sounding brew (36% alcohol, so definitely NOT a brew anyway), but an incredible name. So, I looked at the company’s wares–at the time they were an online business only, unless you happened to live near the brewery which I do not. I wanted to order something, but the cost to get a 12 bottle case of their cheapest brew ($20US at the time) delivered to me in the Pacific NW US was ~$100. I wasn’t that curious.

    Then I found a nice 25 oz bottle of their Scottish Ale in a strip mall beer outlet here in West Richland, WA. Then I found the rest of their beers available locally, albeit at a hefty price, ~$14 for just four 12 oz bottles. But I splurge once in a while and get some.

    Nice to now know a bit more about who I’ve been supporting with my business. You should definitely try their beer, especially if you can get it fresh.

    My reasons for visiting Scotland are growing.

  • I must say I like the idea of tangling with regulators to court publicity. As long as we’re all forced to pay for these monstrosities they may as well serve some useful function.

  • Mr Ed


    I don’t think that we pay for the Portman Group, they are a voluntary group of drinks producers who appear to swallow the whole ‘nanny state’ ethos of the Left, but prefer to try to nag us not to drink. They fawn and grovel to the State and the ‘pressure groups’ in the hope of fending off more regulations I suspect, but they increasing sound as if they believe all the propaganda and wish to apologise for producing alcoholic beverages.

  • CaptDMO

    From the U.S.
    “Drink responsibly”
    But…but….taxes (state run gambling, alcohol, and tobacco, as well) are “for the children”!
    Why do you hate educating, feeding, clothing, and “protecting”, “our” children?

  • Brewdog make good stuff, as well as their beers they also have a few bars round the country and the ones I’ve been in were great.

  • In more controversial matters, Mr Watt and Mr Dickie have also regularly – and enthusiastically – attacked regulators and industry bodies. Their critics say they do so simply to garner publicity, but Mr Watt says they are merely sticking up for themselves.

    I suppose I cannot in all good conscience object to the Portman Group then, on free association grounds.

  • I suppose I cannot in all good conscience object to the Portman Group then, on free association grounds.

    What does that have to do with anything? Lots of loathsome pro-statist lobbies are technically ‘freely associating’ groups.

  • Ian Bennett

    The objective of the Portman Group is to persuade the state to regulate small and independent producers out of business. I believe this is called “rent-seeking”.

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    Having read the linked article, I like those two guys. We need more of them.

  • Rob

    Brewdog do good beer, interesting stuff. If you live in London a shop called (I think) ‘Bottledog’ on the Grays Inn Road (just north of jct with Clerkenwell road) sells lots of their stuff.

    Also Waitrose sell their “Punk IPA”.

  • Does Natalie have anything to do with this? Natalie P. I mean.