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The edges of the Old World

IMGP5516Kiev, Ukraine. January 2013

yr_kutaisifebKutaisi, Georgia. January 2013

IMGP5982Batumi, Adjara. January 2013

yr_abkhbridge_febInguri Bridge, January 2013

yr_abh1Sukhomi, Abkhazia. January 2013

yr_yerevanfeb5Yerevan, Armenia. February 2013

yr_alpsfeb38,000 feet. February 2013

yr_belgradeFebBelgrade, Serbia. February 2013

yr_sarajevo3marchSarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. March 2013

yr_eastsar1Istočno Sarajevo, Republic Srpska. March 2013

yr_vismarchVis Island, Croatia. March 2013

yr_aljadidaaprilAl Jadida, Morocco. April 2013

yir_warsawmayWarsaw, Poland. May 2013

yr_uhguli7Ushguli, Georgia. May 2013

yr_vistulaspitNowa Carczma, Vistula Spit. June 2013

yr_poland1Chełmno, Poland.  June 2013

yr_budapestjulyBudapest, Hungary. July 2013

yr_ljubjulLjubljana, Slovenia. July 2013

yr_bari_julyBari, Italy. July 2013

yr_albjulKsamil, Albania. July 2013

IMGP4681Kerkyra, Greece. July 2013

yr_greecealCorfu Channel. July 2013

yr_skopjejulSkopje, Macedonia. July 2013

yr_sanctSanctuary Cove, Australia. August 2013

yr_asEdinburgh, Scotland. September 2013

dargDarial Gorge. October 2013

yr_noravankNoravank, Armenia. October 2013

yr_gamlaGamla, Georgia. November 2013

yr_katowiceKatowice, Poland. November 2013

yr_sabrosanovSabrosa, Portugal. November 2013

yr_france2Saint-Gingolph, France. November 2013

yr_swizzVillars, Switzerland. November 2013


Inezgane, Morocco. December 2013

yr_laayoune1Laayoune, Western Sahara. December 2013


20 comments to The edges of the Old World

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Mike, next year you are going to have to go into space. (Grin). Happy Christmas.

  • A picture of Photo Kunz in Villars on Samizdata !

    My cup runneth over.

    Madame Kunz was one of the nicest people I knew in Villars.

  • You spent time in Villars, Taylor?

    Lucky you. It’s a beautiful place.

  • Paul Marks

    Impressive as always Michael – well done!

  • Paul Marks

    Skopje is a interesting effort – to try and build new buildings in historical styles.

    The entire international establishment say they are wrong – that the place should be built as a series of modernists concrete blocks instead (like everywhere else new).

    And, no doubt, as the old traditions of building are lost, trying to build in historical styles may often go wrong (very wrong) in terms of taste.

    But it is a brave effort.

    They are basically sticking two fingers up at the entire international cultural establishment.

  • Snag

    Look forward to these every year.

  • RAB

    Bugger me sideways with a sausage roll Michael! You’ve been to places this year that I didn’t even know existed and couldn’t possibly spell. The best we did this year was a drive across France to the Alps and back. Keep on Truckin sunshine! Happy Christmas and New Year… And where, one wonders, will the New Year take you to? It really should, as Johnathan says, be the Moon. Where else is left?

  • Michael Jennings, Samizdata’s One Man Global Warming Machine! 😉

  • Somebody needs to get out more. 🙁

  • By developed world standards, I doubt that my carbon footprint (whatever that means) is all that high, actually. I do fly a fair bit, true, but I know many people who fly more. (These are generally people with a job that requires regular commutes by air, including long haul commutes by air. I typically only fly long haul a couple of times a year). I live in London, I don’t own a car, and I get around by public transport. I live in a flat (apartment) rather than a house. When it gets cold, my first thought is to put on a sweater rather than turn on the heating. (This is to save money. People who want to turn on the heating and/or own large cars are welcome to).

    This can be surprisingly entertaining when one talks to middle class guilt mongers decrying motorways, cars, fossil fuels, etc. Asking “Do you own a car?” usually gets the answer “Yes”, along with the observation that they live in a world where it is impossible to do without one. (This statement is largely true if you want to have a middle class lifestyle. It’s not true in London, though). Answering with “I don’t” puts them on the back foot.

  • Paul Marks

    Does Michael have a private jet? I doubt it.

    So the aircraft would fly anyway – just with an empty seat.

    That should keep the Global Warming Mafia off your case.

  • Michael

    I went to school there and in 1977 my father bought my mother an apartment there. Over the years I spent a lot of time there.

    The local white wine from Ollon is excellent.

  • I saw a lot of vineyards there, and I was certainly curious as to what kind of wine they make, given the climate. I shall look for the Ollon wine if I can. I didn’t have time to do so when I was there, unfortunately.

    Also, I once offered to open something interesting from my cellar for you if you are ever in London. I hope that you will eventually take me up on this.

  • Michael

    That would be great and if you’re ever in New York I shall do likewise.

    N.B. The Swiss have a curious habit of drinking white wine from shot type glasses.

    These glasses are often made with local labels, I’ve got some from Villars and other places and one set from a Church in the Valais where I attended a wedding.

    There are some vineyards in the southeast of Switzerland whose vines have remained pretty much the same since Roman times.

    Swiss wine is generally delightful, as is Swiss ‘Poire’ but that’s another subject.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Thanks very much for the pictorial travelogue, Michael. The photos are interesting for sure. Why haven’t I gotten around to travel outside of North America yet? 🙁

    I have to laugh, though — the new building in Batumi instantly called to mind a pair of plaid flannel trousers!

  • Patrick Crozier


    You didn’t go to the rather swish place a little further down the mountain by any chance?


  • Patrick

    Well I was an Aiglonite. Which means I went there before a Headmaster with a bad case of Eton envy changed the designation to Aiglonian.

  • Julia: Many Turkish people love to gamble. Gambling is illegal in Turkey, however. Batumi is a Black Sea resort in Georgia, just over the border from Turkey. Essentially, a Las Vegas for anyone who wants to come but mainly the Turks has been and is being built there. The architecture is somewhat flamboyant in places.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Michael, if they want to gamble in plaid flannel trousers that’s OK with me! LOL