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It makes you proud to be British

If you are lucky enough to be permitted to cross the border from Sinuiju in (totalitarian) North Korea to Dandong in (horribly repressive, but at least they have food) China, one of the first things you will see is this.

nk_tescoGod bless Tesco.

6 comments to It makes you proud to be British

  • Pfff, you mean they don’t have Waitrose? How barbaric!

  • Regional

    During Winston Churchill’s second term as P.M. a Guards Officer and a Tory M.P. were caught Flagrante Delicto in Hyde Park on a record cold night and during his morning briefing he is quoted as remarking ‘Makes you proud to be British’

  • Paul Marks

    Michael – nice.

    As for Waitrose.

    My mother’s favourite store.

  • you mean they don’t have Waitrose? How barbaric!

    Until a few years ago there weren’t any Waitrose stores among the round-eyed barbarians of Wales, or so I was once told by an aggrieved Welsh relative pining for pine nuts and similar upmarket ingredients.

    Regarding China, John Lewis were thinking about opening a Waitrose there last year. Suck on that, commies, along with your fresh pasta fiorelli. This would do for a comment to the next post above as well as this one.

  • Michael Jennings (London)

    There is a Waitrose in Dubai, or at least there was when I was last there.

    It’s a Potemkin Waitrose though. (Almost all the branded stores with international brands in Dubai are Potemkin stores). The John Lewis Partnership have no doubt been paid handsomely to provide their branding, and probably also to run it, but they otherwise have no financial stake in it. The employees certainly don’t share in John Lewis’ annual profit share. The sorts of people who do stuff in Dubai also tend to spend time in London, where they shop at Waitrose. Having something that looks and feels the same in Dubai makes them feel comfortable, so it is there. It doesn’t exist to make profits in the way you, I, or John Lewis know, however.

  • Andy Hatton

    (horribly repressive, but at least they have food)

    Are you referring to China or Tesco there? Personally having spent a lot of time in both, I know I’d much rather live in China than Tesco 🙂