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My personal point of view is that if you hire a backwoods redneck fundamentalist Christian to star in your reality show, you should expect him to say the sort of things a backwoods redneck fundamentalist Christian might say – about gays, ducks, and other subjects.

Likewise, nobody should expect Snooki to start talking like she’s been possessed by Kate Middleton.

Amy Alkon

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  • Paul Marks


  • JohnB

    Don’t know what this is about but I detect the same intellectual integrity as referring to libertarians as fascist capitalistic running dogs.

  • Mr Ed

    I have no TV. I have no idea of the context of this thread, is anyone willing to assist?

  • Mr Ed

    Thank you Alisa, it’s a ‘five-minute hate’, I see.

  • staghounds

    Two minutes hate.

  • FlyingPig

    It’s his opinion and he’s free to speak it. And he did say it in a church to people of like mind. I spent much of my youth and early working years in the People’s Soviet Republic of Berkeley — I learned to smile and nod with the best of them. I was fortunate, as I had been inoculated with free-market thinking at about age 14.

    The Duck-call man isn’t entirely stupid: he’s a graduate engineer who has built his company from nothing into the best in its field. But it is a good example of how expertise in one area doesn’t necessarily transfer to other pursuits. We see this all the time from most “leaders” in both business and I.T. — and the most obvious example of this is Hollywood.

    I think this whole thing is an attempt to raise ratings by A&E. If they are stupid enough to pursue their current line of thinking, it will cost them, as his show is much of their current income.

  • Mr Ed

    Staghounds, my apologies, but socialists like inflation.

  • The problem with this particular tempest in a potty is that some on the right are turning it into a 2nd-amendment issue – which of course it is anything but.

    The delicious part of this same tempest is that Rev. Sharpton must be hysterical looking for a way to get on the bandwagon, but can’t find any:-O

  • Thank you, PFP – this is even more delicious…or something…:-O

  • Thank you, Perry — an honor to be quoted by you.

  • Phil Robertson said nothing about banning people from acting as they see fit.

    He may not like or approve of certain behaviours, but he does not advocate banning them. In other words, he is tolerant of that which he dislikes, unlike those who spew hatred and bile at him for holding views that they dislike.

    Much as I am indifferent to his opinions, Mr Robertson has shown himself to be a far more tolerant man than his detractors.