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The price to US businesses of NSA snooping

Fears over NSA surveillance revelations endanger US cloud computing industry:

American technology businesses fear they could lose between $21.5bn and $35bn in cloud computing contracts worldwide over the next three years, as part of the fallout from the NSA revelations. Some US companies said they have already lost business, while UK rivals said that UK and European businesses are increasingly wary of trusting their data to American organisations, which might have to turn it over secretly to the National Security Agency, its government surveillance organisation.

Of course it is highly unlikely that GCHQ or its French and German counterparts are actually any less intrusive, but that said, I suspect the budget for these organisation would not keep the NSA’s staff in Cheetos and RAM upgrades, so on that basis alone I suppose your data is probably safer anywhere but the USA.

But the perception that the USA is the very worst option in the First World from a security perspective is now going to be very hard to change, whatever the truth of the matter. I did see this coming.

9 comments to The price to US businesses of NSA snooping

  • M. Thompson

    I’m quite sure every other nation’s ELINT/crypto organization has found it’s way into the corporate e-mail servers in its country.

    The solution might be to start running your own server at home. That’s not cheap is the problem.

  • RRS

    IBM will likely see a leveling off of the departure from its hardware, as some enterprises decide to keep particular data “in-house.”

  • Mr Ed

    Moving my email to Runbox away from well-known US free mail providers, a small dip in advertising revenue.

  • Richard Thomas

    Running your own email server is not so much expensive as a bit technical. The big issue is that many ISPs block port 25 (unless you pay extra).

  • bradley13

    I hope it costs the US a lot more business than that. The affected companies would have the lobbying dollars to actually ensure some sort of change.

    Meanwhile, citizens in other countries ought to be checking their own governments – many of whom have their own domestic surveillance in place.

  • Johnathan Pearce (London)

    Well, actions have consequences. America has been a great and prosperous nation due to its freedoms, so the reversal of said will be damaging.

    Obama’s administration is proving to be every bit as terrible as I feared.

  • Obama is just continuing and expanding what the dismal Bush started. Gawd bless the GOP 😀