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Put the boot in, Guido!

When I read this

THE country’s top political blogger, Paul Staines – better known as Guido Fawkes – has threatened to sue Tory MP Claire Perry after she alleged he had “sponsored” a hack attack on her website.

… I was moved to say that this Perry is very much in favour of Guido using the courts to kick the living hell out of that Perry, the thuggish ‘Honourable’ member for Devizes.

Put the boot in, Guido!

3 comments to Put the boot in, Guido!

  • I think Claire Perry’s crime here is principally that she is stupider than a brick or even stupider than David Cameron. but yes, sue away and I will cheer.

  • Mr Ed

    I see no moral wrong in attacking a foe of freedom with any lawful means. Such people will not stop before extinguishing many freedoms, and if their situations can be made weaker, then good!

    Remember, there is no cure, nor palliative, for stupidity.

    Stupidity, or malice, combined with vigour must be stopped.

  • Antoine Clarke

    Claire Perry illustrates perfectly why the Conservative Party (especially its women members) would not select many female parliamentary candidates. Until silly men decided to make it compulsory to select more women.