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Wishing our readers…

… a prosperous and subversive new year.


Expect some new voices and views here soon.  And some confusion over names…


12 comments to Wishing our readers…

  • Regional

    Wishing you all a happy new year and remember there’s always a positive to be found in misfortune.

  • RAB

    Come on, Smite me please, just one more time, like Max Mosley, I kinda got to like it!

    Love to all and a happy New Year.

  • the other rob

    A very happy new year to all.

    As it’s past midnight Babylon time, I am given to understand that I have now fallen off a cliff. I shall now cease wondering why I spent much of today looking to see whether politicians had found a “solution” to an imaginary problem of their own manufacture and learn to enjoy drinking in free-fall.

  • Julie near Chicago

    And indeed, I hope that 2013 brings health and happiness to every Samizdatist and friend who roams round these parts.

    Happy New Year to everyone! :>)))


  • Happy new year all! I must post more this year.

  • What Julie and Rob said:-)

    Happy new one, everyone.

  • Laird

    Prosperous and subversive! I don’t know which would be better. Thanks for the fine wish, and the same to you and all Samisdatistas (if that’s the correct term).

  • and the same to you and all Samisdatistas (if that’s the correct term)

    It is indeed the correct term.

  • Julie near Chicago

    –Well, but why was it decided that that is the correct term? I tend to assume it’s a parallel with “Sandinistas.” But if so, why don’t we say “Randistas” instead of “Randists” (I prefer “Randites” or even “Randians” –not quite the same thing as “Objectivists,” by the way–myself, but that’s just me) or “Trotskyistas” instead of “Trotskyists”?

    The owner of Samizdata and his appointed lieutenants, of course, properly have the final say on what their group-name is…so, I’m just sayin.’ And as he has posted the posish above for all to see, from now on I shall behave myself.

    –At least on that issue. :>))

  • Laird

    Julie, I think you would be a “Samisdatistette”. 😉

  • Julie near Chicago

    LOL :>)))!!!

  • CFM

    Prosperous AND Subversive. I LIKE it!

    The Stoopid People now in power in the U.S. will push “change” and create chaos. In change and chaos there is opportunity – we just have to figure out how to profit from the chaos, and where to hide the proceeds.

    Happy Prosperous and Subversive New Year to all.