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The year is almost gone


We at Samizdata will be onto the champagne soon, but it is gingerbread hippos for now.

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6 comments to The year is almost gone

  • veryretired

    Happy New Year to all.

    Even with all the nonsense and evil in this crazy world, my oldest son and his lovely wife had a healthy new baby boy last spring after a couple of disappointing years trying to start a family.

    That makes grandson number 2 to go fishing with in a few years, and that makes 2012 a success by my very personal standard.

    Maybe 2013 will be better than we have any right to believe.

    One can always hope…

  • Regional

    An alternative view on gingerbread

  • Julie near Chicago

    Congratulations, Very! And, of course, to your son and daughter-in-law also. I hope you are someplace where the fishing is as good as you and your grandsons deserve.

    And, of course, Happy New Year!

  • “It’s gingerbread hippos all the way down!”

  • Mazal Tov, VR!

    The man in the picture looks dangerous to me.

  • Dale Amon

    He is. Be afraid. Be very afraid…