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7 comments to Quite

  • Alisa

    Yep – what he said.

  • Now the big story is lots of empty seats. Coe said the venues are packed. TV watchers, and now Coe himself, know different.

    I don’t know which is more ridiculous. Empty seats, or seats filled with soldiers in uniform.

    I predict that by the time the games are over, everything will be running smoothly.

  • Hurrah! Now the cable car across the river has been struck by lightning!

  • Coe actually said that the venues are stuffed. Which is quite funny if you are an Australian.

  • Andrew Zalotocky

    Well done Bob Costas. It’s not a political statement so much as a statement of basic human decency.

    Brian, travelling across the Thames in a cable car while being zapped by lightning sounds a lot more exciting than anything else that’s going to be happening at the games. Might make a good scene for the next Bond movie.

    Michael, I believe it’s the British taxpayers who are going to be “stuffed”, in the Australian sense of the word.

  • Julie near Chicago

    What he said, indeed–especially “tonight, with the world watching, is the true time and place to remember those who were lost–and how and why they died.”

    Thanks for posting, Michael.

  • Paul Marks